Page 8, 4th June 1937

4th June 1937
Page 8
Page 8, 4th June 1937 — Church Teaches a Lesson to Europe

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Church Teaches a Lesson to Europe

The coincidence of Germany's coup in Spain with the Vatican's refusal to bend to Dr. Goebbels in the matter of Cardinal

ndelein's recent speech, should present a startling lesson to those who hold that the Vatican's policy is Contprotnise at any Price. The world has accepted Germany's taking the law into her own hands for the dozenth time in international affairs, in the very week in which the Vatican has in effect challenged Germany to do her worst. Careful study of the policy of the Vatican in regard to Germany should indeed prove a wholesome task for European statesmen. In the Concordat the Vatican cooly and reflectively set out the conditions under which peaceful relations between herself and the Reich could he maintained. Rather than provoke a clash which would bring untold suffering on a large proportion of her children, she has tolerated a large number of actual breaches of that Concordat, hut with growing impatience, until she judged that the time had come to admit to herself that the very minimum upon which peace could he built had been eaten away.

She then took the offensive with a masterly statement in a Papal Encyclical in which the logical end of German policy towards the Church was clearly stated. and the complete change between the conditions obtaining when the Encyclical was signed and those of today made clear, In other words, instead of allowing practical concessions to create a new situation. as has been the universal practice of States when faced with Germany's aggression, she returned, when she judged that the right time had come, to the uncompromising Statement of all for which she stands. That is the only way if principle is not to give way to force. Unfortunately principle becomes more and more a monopoly of the Church.

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