Page 8, 4th June 1937

4th June 1937
Page 8
Page 8, 4th June 1937 — Finance Beats Nazism in Holland

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People: Colijn
Locations: Brussels


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Finance Beats Nazism in Holland

Fascist and Nazi " ideologies " are under a cloud in the Low Countries. The defeat of M. Degrelle in Brussels has been followed by a severe reverse for the Nazis in the Dutch General Election. And in each case the victor stands to some extent for financial orthodoxy and the status quo. But M. van Zeeland is an enlightened Catholic as well as a banker, and, in so far as he is suspect to his fellow Catholics, it is as much for his alliance with the Socialists as for his financial associations. Dr. Colijn, on the otheisehands,eeptesents the

extreme.right wing of. that Calvinist finance which nursed irop maturity the whole repellent system of governmental dependence upon private creditors.

As has been needs, eipat in articles in this paper, the strongly organised Catholics are opposed to this financial policy, but it is to be hoped that the growing strength of the Church, which naturally shares the position midway between Nazism and Socialism, will both help to maintain moderation and soften the Calvinistic conservatism of Dr. Colijn. On the other hand, M. Degrelle's movement has hitherto appealed explicitly to the tradition and the social ethics of Catholicism, and its prospects of making a constructive contribution to the political regeneration of its country are to that extent greater than those of Dutch Nazism.

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