Page 3, 4th June 1948

4th June 1948
Page 3
Page 3, 4th June 1948 — A7Cii7iC WORKERS' NOTEBOOK

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People: Len White


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ACTU IN ST. HELENS MY remarks concerning the re

jection at a meeting held in St. Helens, Lanes, of a proposal to form an Association of Catholic Trade Unionists, has been taken up by the local paper, the St. Helens Gazette.

They interviewed local Catholic councillors and civic leaders, who seem to be divided on the matter. Some still seem to think ACTU is aiming at controlling unions. This is nonsense. It is simply to help Catholics to be good trade unionists. That cannot be too often repeated.

RAILWAY DINING-CAR WORKERS ISAID a few weeks back that the railway dining-car workers would refuse to accept the new surcharge on meals which was levied in place of a service charge for meals on trains.

They threatened to strike last week, and the Railway Executive therefore withdrew the surcharge, which the workers stated would discourage passengers from tipping. The Railways won't lose in the matter, as the extra cost of wage increases will now be borne by the passengers. The eternal sausage and mash will in future cost 4s. instead of 3s. 6d.


THE remarks made by Len White, General Secretary of the Civil Service Clerical Association. concerning the " dictatorship of the Catholic Chulth," at the annual conference, which ended last week, were given prominence in the national Press. However, the truth of what really happened was hot published and, in fact, shows that although there were 150 Catholic delegates present, in many debates they opposed one an other. It meant that they were carrying out their mandate as delegates from their branches as it their duty as good trade unionists.

The much condemned Conference Campaign Committee, which the Daily Worker so glibly Implied was composed of reactionary Catholics, in actual fact only had one Catholic member.

The delegate who announced that he was a Catholic who was ashamed of the policy of the Catholic Church, was not seen by my informant at any of the special Masses arid services. held for the Catholic delegates at the conference.


HEAR that Bermondsey Council

is to tell its housing sub-contractors to see that, BS far as possible, all men who are sent to 'work on Council housing sites are trade unionists.

The reason given by the Council is that it will lead to smoother working and prevent disputes and delays in building progress. Whilst I myself believe In workers belonging to trade unions, I think it unjust that they should be forced to join. One convinced trade unionist is worth ten who join simply to keep their job.

We hear a lot these days about the Four Freedoms. and I hope that Bermondsey Council has read all about them.


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