Page 3, 4th June 1954

4th June 1954
Page 3
Page 3, 4th June 1954 — Reviewed in This Issue . .

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Reviewed in This Issue . .

Keywords: Cooper, Hardy

SOME of the principal books reviewed in this special issue are:

The Jungle and the Damned, by Hassoldt Davis. Month in Paris, by Mrs. Robert Hen rey. Echoes, by Compton Mackenzie. The Wild Place, by Kathryn Hulme.

In for Life, by Tom Runyan. Jonathan Swift, by John Middleton Murry. The River of Fire, by Francois Mauriac.

More Humorous Tales from Blackwood.

The Devil's Hunting Ground, by Harry Blamires.

The Spanish Temper, by N. S. Pritchett.

English Fables and Fairy Stories, by James Reeves.

Irish Sagas and Folk-Tales, by Eileen O'Faolain.

Retire and Enjoy It, by Cecil Chisholm.

Raft of Despair, by Ensio Tire. Self Condemned, by Wyndham Lewis. The Dandng Bear, by Francis Faviell. No Alienated Man: Hilaire Bello c, by Frederick Wilhemsen.

Fair Greece Sad Relic. by Terence Spencer.

Antonio Perez, by Gregorio Maranon. George Herbert: His Religion and Art, by Joseph H. Summer.

George Herbert, by Margaret Bottrall.

The Seventh Moon, by Francois Gorrec Stanbrook. Medieval Mystical Tradition of St. John of the Cross, by A Benedictine of Stanbrook Abbey.

Saint-with Red Hands? by Yseult Bridges. Fact, Fake or Fable, by Rupert Furneaux.

Yes Matron, by Gladys M. Hardy. Brothers to Dragons, by Robert Penn Warren. The Little Tour, by Giles Playfair and Constance FitzGibbon.

Marxism and Anarchism, by G. D. H. Cole.

Government and Parlhunent, by Herbert Morrison.

The English Medieval Parish Church, by G. H. Cook.

Bowfn the Clouds, by E. Watkin. Life Is Worth Living, by Bishop Fulton Sheen.

The Strange Land, by Hammond trines.

A Passage in the Night, bySholem Asch.

Contango Day, by Barbara Jeff ens. Your Holiday in Spain and Portugal, by Gordon Cooper.

Your Holiday In Germany, by Gordon Cooper.

Your Holiday in Europe, by Gordon Cooper and E. Weisman.

Your Holiday In Yugoslavia, by E. Weisman. Yugoslavia, by Monica Krippner. Speeding Into Space, by Marie Neurath.

The Little Parrot, by Dorothy Craigie.

Your Rheumatism, by Robert D. Potter.

This Merrle English, by Roger Rangemore.

Hospital at Work.

Rivers of East Anglia, by James Turner.

Land of the Memo┬░, by Marcel Le Roy.

West Indian Adventure, by E. W. Swanton. The Art of Ancient Mexico, by P. Feuchtwanger and L. GrothKimball.

The Sword of God, by Rene Hardy.

Married Young, by Dorothy C. n Stapleto.

The Secret of the Burled Tomb, by Clayton Knight.

One Woman's Year, by Stella M. Currey.

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