Page 10, 4th March 1977

4th March 1977
Page 10
Page 10, 4th March 1977 — Petition that never was

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People: Murray O'Hair
Locations: Boston, Washington


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Petition that never was

MADALYN Murray O'Hair is at well known and militant atheist who makes hay in the lush pastures which surround the separation of Church and State in America.

Almost single-handed, she got the practice of saying prayers in State-run schools declared unconstitutional.

She was said to have sent a petition to the Federal Communications Commission a powerful watchdog executive commission which allocates wavelengths on television and radio and generally oversees the airwaves. Madelyn O'1-lair allegedly asked them to forbid all religious

broadcasting as contrary to the Constitution.

The FCC has received 4,8 million letters about the petition, most of them hostile to M. O'H. They come in at the rate of 6.000 a day. The basement of the FCC building in Washington is now full, and they arc starting to destroy letters more than 30 days old. It is a heartening raction from an engaged and aware society. Mrs O'f-tair is alive and well and making a fuss about something else in, I think Boston. But she never sent a petition and the FCC has had none on this aspect of broadcasting. It is literally all a public figment. As u story it has never been born and yet it will not lie down.

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