Page 7, 4th March 1977

4th March 1977
Page 7
Page 7, 4th March 1977 — There i r s e a l in "ev id ently" g e n v .' id ' John McKee

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There i r s e a l in "ev id ently" g e n v .' id ' John McKee

King's Land, Salhouse, , Norfolk.

With regard to the cor respondence over Dr Kiing's latest book, the ordinary layman may wonder what Christianity really means if the author nowhere explicitly states that Christ is God.

However, on the comparison between Kling and Archbishop Lefebvre we can say that objectively they are both in the wrong. The Archbishop is in Schism defined by Canon 1325, para 2 as "refusal of subjection to the Holy Father." Hans Kiing would seem to be a

heretic as defined in the same Canon ... "One who retaining the name of Christian obstinately denies or doubts any one of the truths of Faith which are to be held De fide Divina es Catholics. (the main articles of faith),"

Dr Kiang has denied the infallibility of the Pope and cast

doubt on other doctrines. At one time he would be considered to have been automatically excommunicated by Canon 2314 as also would Archbishop Lefebvre. What bothers many people is that there has been no equality in their treatment.

1 he Archbishop is "suspended,"

admittedly a lesser punishment than excommunication, while Dr Ming is allowed to parade his personal views at variance with Catholic doctrine from within the fold of the Church.

No one denies him the right to speak out on Christianity, but to continue to do so as a Catholic priest ... well times have changed! (Fr) Michael Clifton St Joseph's Presbytery,

Shooters Hill, Woolwich.

" which far

outweighs Kung's "obviously".

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