Page 7, 4th March 1977

4th March 1977
Page 7
Page 7, 4th March 1977 — Truth of mission murders distorted

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Truth of mission murders distorted

Fr Brian McGarry's article of February 18 on the murder of the seven missionaries in Rhodesia is a classic example of suppression of the truth — by insinuation, distortion and omission. His article leaves the reader with the impression that the White Rhodesians are all devils in disguise while the terrorists are angels.

Fr Isidore Chikore, in his sermon, laid the blame ultimately on the Rhodesian Government while not suggesting that it was other than terrorists who actually pulled the triggers. Fr McGarry goes further and insinuates that somehow the Smith Government organised the whole affair "to frighten troublesome clerics."

He furnishes no proof, of course, and dares not actually say that much, but the insinuation is clear enough. Fr Myerscough certainly seemed to have no doubts as to wise was doing the killing.

Fr McGarry distorts the truth where killings by terrorists are concerned, by saying that they only "shoot informers after several warnings" and that they "know that they cannot hope to succeed unless they win the hearts of the people."

Omissions? How could any article be written about Rhodesia without some mention being made of the extent of Communist training and backing of the terrorists with arms'? Isn't this the nub of the whole trouble? Isn't Rhodesia the next stepping-stone on the way to Communist domination of the whole of South Africa?

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