Page 3, 4th March 1983

4th March 1983
Page 3
Page 3, 4th March 1983 — Fight goes on to save Hopwood Hall

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People: Thomas Holland
Locations: Salford


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Fight goes on to save Hopwood Hall

Bishop urges Salford to petition ministry

CHURCH-GOERS in the Salford Diocese were asked to sign a petition on Sunday to save De La Salle College of Higher Education, Hopwood Hall, Middleton, from closure.

Under present Government proposals, De La Salle College will cease its teacher training programme this year. Effectively this means the closure of the college.

In November, 1982, the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales rejected the proposals of the Secretary of State for Education and Science and resolved to fight the proposed closure. The Bishops gave as their main reasons for rejecting the proposals: • Lack of previous Government consultation with the Catholic Education Council.

• A cut in the 'historic share' of places given to RC training establishments.

• The provision De La Salle makes for 'shortage' subjects.

Support for the college has come from all over the country. This latest move is intended to show the Government that feeling is high in Salford, the diocese most immediately affected.

Only persons over the age of 16 were allowed to sign the petition. Bishop Thomas Holland of Salford wrote a letter read in all churches of the diocese on Sunday. He wrote: "The Government has not yielded! We have challenged their decision at law. Whatever the outcome, we must fight on.

"Our beloved diocese stands to suffer most if the Government's decision is not reversed. But all the other dioceses in England and Wales are with us. All our bishops voted to reject this decision.

"We see a common peril in the bureaucratic way it was devised and released on us — with scant regard tor the decencies we have come to expect in our Government's treatment of the national position we hold in the Dual System of Education."

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