Page 4, 4th March 1983

4th March 1983
Page 4
Page 4, 4th March 1983 — Disservice to the cause

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Locations: Reading, Leeds


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Disservice to the cause

FR DENIS FAUL'S articles on Northern Ireland are so biased that they do a disservice to his cause. To compare a prison wardress (of whose %en, existence even he seems unsure) the infamous Klaus Barbie vsould be laughable were the subject not so serious.

As an Englishman and a Catholic I hope and pray that a way of ending the conflict can be found.

The enormous task of reconciling two communities that seem to be the prisoners of their history can hardly begin before the killing stops.

But if it is the wish of the overall Catholic majority to transfer Ulstery eal rl from British to Irish rule, surely they must be made to see that they have got to persuade the Protestants that this is a better idea than the present arrangement.

What do they think would happen if the transfer took place without the Ulster Protestant's agreement?

Fr Faul would command much more respect if he wrote constructively instead of indulging in crude propaganda.

Martin Kirkham Kent. YOUR REPORTof the Church of England General Synod, February 18, stated briefly that the Synod had rejected my Motion to amend the Act of Settlement. While 1 have little respect for the way in which the Synod treated this Motion, they neither accepted nor rejected it but voted that it 'be not now put'. In otherwords, they evaded saying either 'yes' or 'no'. I shall pursue this matter further.

Rev Brian Brindley Holy Trinity Presbytery, Reading. Berks.

MANY YEARS ago I was given a CTS pamphlet — a life of St Gemma Galgani. A year or so after this. I got hold of a large book on this saint. think it was some kind of psychopathic explanation of her extraordinary religious experiences. I have tried to find a life of St Gem ma but have failed. Can any readers help.

Denis Leyden Essex.

I WROTE last year appealing for maths equipment for a school on Union Island (St Vincent) West Indies where my daughter and son-in-law are VSC teachers. The response was very good. I thank you again. There are no daily papers, periodicals etc. on these islands. consequently the children have nothing to read. I am therefore appealing for comics, Beano's. Dandy's etc. This is to try and improve the literacy of these children. (Please no horror comics). My second

request is for drugs, antibiotics, pain killers, chest tablets, blood pressure tablets. These can be sent to the following address.

WHf Welford

52 Montagn Gardens, Leeds LS8 2RW.

COULD THE Mr. Derwentwater mentioned as having been executed in the eighteenth century have been the Earl of Derwentwater executed for his part in the Jacobite rebellion of1715?

Mr. A L Bongard West Yorks.

WITH EVERY good intention, the Poor Clare editorial Feb 11, gives a very misleading impression of the true nature of the Blessed Virgin. It is to the Magnificat we must turn for a complete picture of her attitude to life. Clearly this outburst is that of a truly free woman. It is the prod of the Immaculate Conception. No-one but an unfallen being could have expressed humility to God in such an absolutely genuine manner. This is the valiant woman who stood by the Cross and surely her relationship to man, as distinct from God, was unusual to say the least. Yet certainly she is our real model. We must try to get over the consequences of the Fall and fight the curses which folk:aved upon it, while turning them to as much good as possible.

Deilree Hirst Department of English University College Swansea Swansea THE CRUSADE is a registered Chird Care Charity. We need toys and gifts in good condition and volunteers to help with publicity, flag days and fund raising for our Handicapped Children's Home. We would be very glad to hear from any readers who can assist.

Miss Shirley Augustus Public Relations Officer. Crusade of Rescue, 73 St. Charles Square, London W106EJ.

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