Page 2, 4th May 1945

4th May 1945
Page 2
Page 2, 4th May 1945 — AUSTRIA Ste.-1 have read the article " The Tragedy of

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AUSTRIA Ste.-1 have read the article " The Tragedy of

Austria " in THE Comonec HERALD of April 13. It contains so many errors and misstatements that it is impossible to analyse them in a shprt letter. I just pick out one paragraph: " This group holds that the economic unity which Germany, for her own purposes, created among the Austrians and the occupied satellite states should be preserved in liberated Central Europe. In itself it is good. Austria and her neighbours in a customs union could flourish. Under German occupation the country has developed as never before. Good second-class petroleum has been discovered. The industries of the Danubian basin have been placed on a sound pan-European basis. New ones have been set up. Federation -is the way out."

This paragraph alone. in its misrepresentation of facts, is proof that the writer of the article has become the dupe of sonic agent. If it were possible to investigate that interesting intrigue it would be very easy to find out what and who is behind it. The quoted paragraph. together with others. for example, that about the Austrian resistance which is also misrepreronted, permits to conclude unmistakably where the inspiration for this article comes from. The article gives a confusing view about Austria. past and present—which, of course, is the intention of the false informer. '

LEOPOLD PCMHRADY 7, Lansdowne Road, Holland Park, London, W.1 I.

[Our reporter did not obtain his information from any one source, but by collating information derived from Austrians of very different otitlooks.— EDITOR C.C11

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