Page 2, 4th May 1945

4th May 1945
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Page 2, 4th May 1945 — SCHOOLS AND PARENTS SIR.—There would appeal' 10 be aspects of

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Organisations: Catholic School
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SCHOOLS AND PARENTS SIR.—There would appeal' 10 be aspects of

C.P.A. work : first in relation to educational and social questions generally and secondly in relation to a given school.

By definition we say that the authority of a teacher is a delegated one roasting primerily in the parent and that the teacher stands in loco poreirris towards the pupil, therefore them: should be a bond between teacher and parent.

It is difficult to obtain and retain the interest of any bode of Catholics, but more particularly parents, in any of the larger social issues, but the latter, generally, are interested in their children's scholastic careers, their examinations, teachers anti future careers. Might it not he advisable, therefore, that each C.P.A. should be closely allieci with the Catholic School, elementary or secondary 7

In Blackfriars of October, 1943, a Parents' A:sociation working in conjunction with school and teachers was described by a Sister of Notre Dame. Regular' monthly meetings were held With an average of 100 tnothers out of 11 possible 160 present at each meeting. Proceedings opened in the evening with a cup of tea followed by a talk on child-management, psychology, prepaeing children for the Sacraments and so on given by Priests, doctors and others, and ended with a prayer and a hymn. The results were—On parents: an increasing interest in the school, a deepening of their spiritual liver and that of the children a helping of the needy by the better-off. On Maldren more interest in lessons and a better

ment of manners. On teachers: a sympathy and understarding of parents' problems and a fuller malisation of their own position as co-operators in the rearing of the family. The Sister ends " It is of the utmost importance that these (C.P.E.A.0) should not be considered merely as emergency bodies organised to safeguard Catholle rights in the present crisis; it is to be hoped that they will remain in being to provide the machinery for that co-operation between home and school which in principle and practice Is seen to be so neoessary for the attainment of the Christian ideal in education."

Might it not be possible that the work of the Associations would be considerably enlarged and developed if school and teachers were considered an integral and necessary part in that work ?

T. S. lt/Lone. I Greenfield Avenue, Northampton.

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