Page 2, 4th May 1945

4th May 1945
Page 2
Page 2, 4th May 1945 — THE HEALING OF THE SPIRIT •

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Keywords: Religion / Belief

SIR,—It would be presumptious for me to imagine that I could improve on your footnote reply to Dr. Letitia Fairfield in the issue of April 22, but I should like an opportunity of poirga log out to her that healing generally follows the-sword. even if it is not strictly a sword at combat. Thus there stoned be ample scope for both eocieties within the sphere of Catholic influence.

Ever since the first year of the war I have been waiting for some movement which would realise the need for healing the maladies arising from intensified and prolonged war mentality. Dr: Downey has stared that the world is in a very sick state of soul after

well-nigh six years of warfare. It is indeed in a sick and sorry state, unfor tunateiy, more sorry for itgelf than for its sins, and that in itself is the most Serious symptom of all.

Since the brotherhood of man is inextricably bound on in the Fatherhood of God. moral logic should show us something of who' Cod desires of us at this stage,. for He lover all mankind with an everlasting love, and will not despair even of the hardened sinner where He perceives that an appeal for saving grace is made by those who with the finest gesture of spiritual charity, are ready to immolate themselves to some extent in/reparation. A wise father of the temporal order does not continue to scold and punish where the child ot his reproof is observed to be sick

Surely the time has arrived for the phinnine of the Heating of the Spirit. The Holy Father, whilst himself enduring a martyrdom in spirit. is persevering in hie efforts as a dispenser of the balm that is needed in Gilead, hut the clemour that is raised by those Christians who are minded to "chastise one another with scorpions," makes it difficult even for the faithful few to heal the voiee of the Shenherd. and those whose 'need is the soreet, continue uneleansed. unhealed and unconsoled, because they know neither the hour nor the character of their visitation.

E. A. ELottsteris.

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