Page 3, 4th May 1945

4th May 1945
Page 3
Page 3, 4th May 1945 — ANSWERS

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People: James Moffatt
Locations: London


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atecv Is 'therapeuticterminetion of preg juIn English law induced abortion is called therap;utie when brought about in order to prevent a mother's death or to prevent very serious injury to ter health. It is called criminal when produced by herself or by others, for any other reason. The Church in Her legislation regards the human person lirsi of all and consequently considers all abortion, when direct and volun tary, to be intrinsically wrong killing

it is the direct and voluntary in

of an innocent person. The child, once conceived, has an inalienable right to life. It should be noticed that this holds 10k direct abortion. The matter is different when the embryo is incidentally destroyed because of an imminent and grave operation other than immediately Connected with pregnancy, for instance. in

the case of cancer For complete discussasit see Fr. Bonnar's The Catholic Doctor, London (Burns Oates. 75. 6d.). 1939. pp 72 ff.

Did English Catholics ever use the word worship" when expressing veneration due to the 11.V.M.?

Quite prooahty. The exclusive use of this oh! English wool as only applicable to Almighty God is quite modem, Relics of earlier usage as applied to veneration and respect remain in the unchanged vernacular of the Marriage Rite in which the bridegroom says to he bride: " With my body I thee worship," and in the title " youl worship.given to a Mayor. To `quote the word in its older meaning from an old prayer-book in proof of Divine worship to Our Lads is an ignorant quibble.

Does Clerical Celibacy Imply contempt of Matrimony?

No, indeed. The Church which re

}uires celibacy as a sublimation " of human affection in the love of God and humanity, is the Church which maintains shat matrimony is a sacrament, and which gives to the contracting parties a nuptial blessing intimately associated with and inserted into the Liturgy of Holy Mass I Coventry Patmore, a distinguished Catholic writer, says boldly that true " lovers arc nothing else than priest and priestess to each other." To nnply that a priest " looks down " on the .parents who gave him birth, OT on the Christian married-folk to whom he ministers is absurd

Does not the Bible itself tell tie to I. search the Scriptures"?

No, it does sat The Anglican " Revised Version " gives the words of Our Lord (John 1, 39} correctly: " Ye watch the Script nes because ye think that in them ye have eternal

life." The rest of the phrase clearly indicates that the search had been in

vain ! The Scripture seekers would not come to our Lord 'Himself that they might " have life ' Dr James Moffatt. a Scotch Presbyterian, translates, " You search the Scriptures imagining that you possess eternal life in their pages." Thus honest neinCatholic scholars have amended the incorrect imperative which is misunderstood by so many simple " Bible Christians."

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