Page 4, 4th May 1945

4th May 1945
Page 4
Page 4, 4th May 1945 — IN A FEW WORDS

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A Time's Revenge OF whom was this written? " Tide has shown that he was neither violent nor absurd. Time has shown that he is both wise and humane. It takes the world a long lime to see what has been dronped into the pan of its old scales. in terms of permanent and fundamental effect upon the largest number of human beings—whether one approves or detests him—he is now the greatest figure of this sphere and time." Yes, it is: the Duce! And written by the American Ambassador to Italy. R. W. Child. about twenty years ago. Yes, it takes the world a long time Haw-Haw's Punishment

APPARENTLY was in too much • ul of a hurry last week about the German propaganda radio. It was heard again broadcasting nominally from " Bremen and Hamburg." Apparently " Haw-Haw ' and his friend left Berlin to set up elsewhere. I hope " Haw-Ilaw " is not hanged or shot, He is brilliant at his job—one of die world's best broadcastere. We need to have more imagination in suiting the punishment to the crime 1 suggest that "Haw-Haw " be condamned to thirty years' BAC news announcing. Nothing could possibly annoy him more than having to sponsor the views of that grea: institution.

A Good Precedent MRS. A. M. Griffin, a reader ot this paper, has started what seems to me quite an exoellent precedent in kindly sending me an autographed copy of her thrillet novel, The Man Who Called TOO SO011 L was free and excellent entertainment or use for' two nights on my way to sleep At one time I was a very regular reader of thrillers, but one day I reached the eonelusion that in the great majority of stories I didn't really care who the murderer was, because I couldn't distinguish him or her from anyone else in the book. Refreshed by my

holiday I did ,enjoy 'this one. Still.

I hope my writing readers who degide to imitate Mrs. Griffin will not exclusivcly he thriller writers. For their information 1 like a good novel, good memoirs, good politics good philosophy, good history and devotional books with an occasional original idea in them.

Berchtesgaden THIS is the time to illustrate Bercht esgaden, and here is my

picture It is .the war memorial. created long before Hitler chose the spot as his retreat It happens to be one of the few memorials in Germany wholly Cath• olic in spirit. I hope it has escaped the bombs and endured to illustrate the lesson that the Cross will live where even Hitler is forgotten. 1 ewe the picture to Miss Cicely Hamilton.

Early Treatment AMONG the evil effects of war in

killing, maiming and destroying, I wonder how much weight we attach to the inculcation of vice as a deliberate policy Here we are dealing

with a harm GI destruction that penetrates the soul. I am reminded of this by a few lines in a letter from an officer in Africa. He writes:

" I ask you help in quite another matter—' Contraceptives.' It is the policy in the Army not to teach men to' abstain from promiscuous intoeourse but to educate ' them to use F.T. (Early Treatment) rooms to pre

vent infection. Now this policy has spread to West African. units and men who have never before seen contra. captives are being issued with them prior to having a day-off,' and E.T. rooms are established in all units," Lunn Versus the Left THE debate arranged by the Society of Individualists in Alliance Hall. Westminster. should be an interesting and entertaining contest. It is to take place next Thursday between Arnold Lunn and Mr. John McNair, of the Independent Labour Party. But do I detect a Machiavellian tactic against the Right? The Independent Labour Party above all parties betrays no consciousness or a party line in its policies. It is undeniably democratic. Its few representatives in the House are so democratic that even the Prime Minister has been moved to say that if they didn't exist they'd have to be invented, They voted for the amendment during the Crimean debate and in their dual and isolated glory voted against the Government on the division. But it will be a better debate fpr the fact that a representative of perhaps the only democratic Left-Wing party meets Arnold Lunn, who is among the Rightest of the Right, and the toughest, San Francisco COD grant these men clear vision now to see

The evil of the hates that lead to war, And turn their hearts and steps unfalteringly Towards the gentler paths of peace once more

Inspire our Statesmen when they meet each day

With justice, mercy. and with charity; Not for ourselves alone, we humbly Pray, But for the sakes of children yet to be I When friend and foe have laid their arms aside, And time has healed the sorrows and the pain, Their children and ours walking side by side May fill the world with happiness again: if this be so then those who fought Will not have made their sacrifice in

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