Page 3, 4th May 1951

4th May 1951
Page 3
Page 3, 4th May 1951 — ALL SORTS

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Organisations: East Battersea Youth Club
People: Bernard Basset
Locations: Liverpool


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By Fr. Bernard Basset, 5.J.

A Bright Idea

THE East Battersea Youth Club -" showed great enterprise in making their annual retreat the occasion for gaining the Jubilee Indulgence. On Saturday evening there was a conference followed by confessions, on Sunday, Mass and Holy Communion. another conference and then a charabanc to take priests and retreatants on their tour. A few other clubs have staked a similar outing and many more may like to adopt the scheme.

Just For Today

'OR some strange reason the interest in the extended Holy

Year has been flagging. In many parts of England notices only appeared in the churches at the

beginning of Lent. With Whitsun approaching many of us have still to begin. We postpone our effort and promise ourselves more leisure later in the year. One sees the great wisdom of God in hiding from us the day and hour of death. If we had this vital information. we would certainly be half-an-hour late.


"DARLING, would you rather be buried or cremated ? " "Oh, buried, every time ! "


nNE who sells Catholic papers in streets words his criticism thus: " The man selling the Daily Worker next to me can offer the people headlines of topical interest; our Catholic papers so often carry headlines which are of no interest to those outside

the Church." Discuss.

Tribute From France

A CHRISTIAN Brother from " Nantes writes: " I am a regular reader of THE CATHOLIC HERALD, thanks to the kindness of a Wigan Catholic who posts her copy on to me. Her family of four read it, then I get it and I pass it on to a friend, then to our chaplain and then post it to my brother. Eight persons in all."

Whitsun Competition

wE'I.L call it the " What happens to my HERALD? " Competition. Give us the history of your weekly HERALD in as many words as can be squeezed on to a postcard, which must reach us at Loyola Hall, Rainhill, Nr. Liverpool, by WhitSunday at the latest. Say what you like and be as funny as the subject permits. Judges have been appointed and there will be two, even three. prizes of £1 for the best answers.

A Golden Opportunity

THERE are vacancies for thirty -• men at a civilian Leadership Course during August at a Convent by the Sea. The course lasts a week, August 3-August 10. Note that the Bank Holiday is included. Total cost for the week will be three guineas. Write at once to me at the above address if you can come. and all information will be sent. This is an ideal chance for ex-Service leaders to meet old friends.

Tailpiece AN old lady in Cornwall attended ' every funeral for miles around. When someone commented on this she answered: " If I go to theirs. they'll come to mine."

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