Page 4, 4th May 1984

4th May 1984
Page 4
Page 4, 4th May 1984 — Czechoslovak slaves

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Organisations: Catholic Church
People: Stalin


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Czechoslovak slaves

YOU DO well to warn readers off purchasing `Jablonecka' Rosaries, crafted by slavelabour in Czechoslovakia.

You do even better to remind them that a common tactic of the regime in all Soviet-occupied countries is to create, using renegades, fellow-tavellers and officials, pseudo-Catholic bodies (such as Pacem in Terris) whose every utterance is subsequently given maximum coverage in the captive media, following classic divide-and-rule lines . . .

I take issue with your cover foundation view that the Catholic Church in Czechslovakia is the most harshly treated of all the countries locked behind the Iron Curtain, as that unenviable distinction is being served for

the Baltic States (where even before the 39-45 War commenced Stalin entirely liquidated in the most barbaric manner imagineabie the Christian elements of those unfortunate countries) but f•ve!.. particular and religious are being appallingly badly treated today in Czechoslavakia and readers working actively to annul them could probably not do better than donate to the 'Church in Need' which keeps the Faith above in that and other Iron Curtain Soviet-dominated countries in the most indomitable fashion (Aid to the CNM 3-5 North St., Chichester) or by obtaining individual names and addresses of imprisoned Priests and Religious and sending them comforts

A. F. Lilley

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