Page 8, 4th May 1984

4th May 1984
Page 8
Page 8, 4th May 1984 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: Nicholas Brakespeare School, Visda Si Albans SChool, Archbishop's Council, Gabriela School, Laity Commission, OA, Hospital Chaptaincien Council, Bradford Notre Dame Leeds Steering Committee, St. George's Council, Board of Administration, ECuMeniCal Commission, Opens Youth Centre, Diocesan Pastoral Council, Cardinal Newman School, Fuloourne Parish Church, Schools Commission, Overseas Weenen'S Club, Civic Service, Attends Senate of Priests, Rector's Aavisory COMmittee Liverpool, Merseyside Churches Ecumenical Council, Vicariate Meeting Upholland Northern Institute, Katherine's College, Congress, pm. Friday_ LeicS_ PTA N. Blessed Sacrament Church, Pastoral Council Standing Committee, C. Douai School, White House, Confirmancit Si Albans School, Council of Dioceean Affairs, Josephian Society, Pastoral Council, Hull Schools Consultative Committee, Opening Service, PTA Committee, Diocesan FinenCe Board, C. New Hari School, Catholic Eoucation Council


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Page 8 from 1st February 1985

Bishops Engagements

0 Ordleallea, C Confirmation, M •lams V .


Cerdina Hume, Archbishop et Wessminster Sunday You Gatheri,g. Glastonbury Monday Opening of Chelsea Methodist Church Comptes 3 TueSday: Day ol Recollection. Under-re-OW Reed 11 am. Council ol Diocesan Affairs 5 pm Wednesday: Council of Dioceean Affairs 10 am Overseas Weenen'S Club 12_30 pm LOndon University Service St Pours Cathedral 6 pen Thursday Westminster Medical Sc hoot Service 5 30 pm. Friday Opens Youth Centre. Istryworth pm. Saturday Ordination of Antony Dwyer, Greeniord 5 pm Arehbfahop Bomar, of Sonthererk Sunday: C Anerley 3 Orn. Tuesday: Meetinga. Archbishop, House am C. ToolIng 7.30 pm. Wednesday Diocesan Satiate Meeting. Amigo Heil 11 30 am_ FridayLaity Commission meeting. Archbishop's 'louse. 7.30 pm Areribisheo Cane is MmHg* of Birmingham

S uncley. Good Sheitherd 51_ Chad's Cathedral 3 Pm

Archbishop Warlock of Liverpool Sunday Service for opening et Liverpool international Garden Festival. 3.30 ore Monday Celebrates Workers Day M Metropolitan Calhodrat 11 am. Briefing meeting tor Iona Pitgrimage 7 30 pm Tuesday_ Archbishops Council Meeting Curial Offices 10 ant Josephian Society Lunch, Upholiand 1.30 ran NBC T.V. Cathedral House Meeting of Merseyside Churches Ecumenical Council 7 45 pm WertheSday Merseyside innovation Centre 2 30 pm Consecration e l Church and Altar OUT Lady of Waisingham 7 30 pm. Thursday Meeting of Wipe. Deanery Pastoral Council B pm. Friday Williams 8 Glyn's Bank Lunch Meeting t pm, Diamond Jubilee celebrations St. Mary's, Lowe HOuSe. SI Helens 7_30 pm.

Bishop Alesander 01 CliftOn Sunday."Go and Reouild My Church ' Youth Festive, at Glastonbury Bishop Brewer. Cosputor of Lanced., Sunday V kl, Bolton-le-Sands 6.30 pm. Monday Celebrates NI for Josephian Society. Upholland CelebrateS N. Si Bernadette's. Lancaster Tuesday Meeting of Diocesan 130arti of Finance, Lancaster 1045 am. Wednesday Visits Preston Polytechnic 11 30 am ThursdayOpens Cardinal Allen High School Summer Pete, Fleetwood 2 pm Memo &Irks, Auxiliary lot Stilted Wednesday Board of Administration 10 30 am Friday Speaks in Confirmancit Si Albans School, Oldham Bishop Clark of Lam Anglis Sunday Continues V at Englisn Manyrs. Cambridge Preaches at all SA Concelebrates 10 it5 am NI Vises Convents Monday C N for Polish Community, Cambridge, 12 Noon Visits St. Vincent's, Dutton 7 30 pm Tuesday Visda Si Albans SChool. Carnbridoe am Wednesday' Nuclear Debate, U R.0 PrIncess SI Norwich 730 ren ThursdayC he King's Lynn 7 pm Friday Diocesan Social Welfare meeting: the White House. Peringiend 7 30 pm. Saturday. Begins V of St. Philip Howard. CarnOndge om Celebrated M Fuloourne Parish Church 6 pm Reception tor parisreOnerS 8 Pm.

Ihthop Orgy ol SIvewsbery Sunday. Celebrates N. St Edward's Macclesfield 10_30 em Suring Carnival, in aid of St John's Hospice. in Birkenhead Perk 230 pm Monday Chief Concelebrant at ht on occwsron of Meres Rally Ou Lady,. Stockport 730 pin, Tuesday: Josephian Society Meeting. Uphollenti 12_30 pm Reception, Shrewsbury Castle 8.30 Pm. Wednesdey: Confers Sacrament el C, St. Pius 5, Ameney Edge 7 30 pm Thursday Council 01Mawr Rettrpos Subenois. Marina House, Birmingham 10 30 ten Friday: Concelebrates Chapter M. St Laurence's, Birkenhead 31 am Saturday: Celebrates IN In SI Peter 8 Paul's. New Brighton on ocCesion of Golden Jubilee ot Sr. Aquinas 12 Noon Annual kr tor Catholic Teachers Si Nicholas Hanford 4 ran Bishop Jukes. Auxiliary ler Souriverark Monday to thursday Canon Law Course Aylesford Precry. Friday. Lahorern Exercene meeting 1 pm. Saturday

ECuMeniCal Commission Meeting 10 am 4 pm

B ishop Kelly of Salford SundayYCW Rally SI. Gabriela School, Bury Tuesday Hopwood Hail College Governors, Middleton 11 am, WednesdayBoard of Administration 1t.361 am installation of Dean ot Manchester In Cathedral 7.30 pm, Thursday Begins Stonyhursl V 10 am, FrIday' Begins V St Anne's Oldhern. Saturday' interview Care:Mates for the Priesthood. Cathedral House, Sarlord Bishop Keestant. Auxiliary tee Waaterikuser -Sunder Glastonbury Festival ior Young Aduita. Tuesday. Merylebene Deanery Meeting 11 am CDA Meeting 5 pm, Wednesday: CDA Meeting 10 am, Saturday' V St Mary's Chetarte Bishop McGuinness al Nottingham Sunday: C, Holy Rosary, Slapenhill 3 pin, Monday. SA for Sanctification of Labour. Cathedral 11 am ea for Lourdes Helpers, Rearsby Convent 330 pm, Tuesday.' Chapter Meeting, Cathedral 10 mm C, Melbourne a pm. Friday_ LeicS_ PTA N. Blessed Sacrament Church, Leicester 7.30 pm, Saturday. M for Presentation Sisters, St Albans, Derby 3 pm. &shop McMahon of Brentweod Sunday' Youth Event Glastonbury, Tuesday Celebrates 21, Felsteact 6.45 pm, Wednesday V St Teresa's. Rochlord, Thursday. OA and C. New Hari School, CheIrrielord 6.30 pro Friday: Attends Civic Service. Chelmsford, Cathedral il am B ishop Guerseill, Auditory for Westminsier Sunday. Youth Pilgrimage to Glastonbury, Monday: Meet Conthmandt, Haverstook MK 6.30 ore Tereld4WEcumenical Meeting. Church Hauge 10 eM 00A. ArchbishoP'S House 5 pet, Wednesday' CDA. Archbishop's House 10 am St. George's Council meeting, Windsor 6 pm, Thursday: Pastoral 'Workers' group. Eden Grove 30.3.0 am, Friday: Deena Meeting .Pope John House 11 am. Saturday. Pilgrimage to Ayiesforcl, kr 12 Noon SlIshop Hannigan of Merurrie Sunder V a. C. Llandrineod Welts, Monday Leolon of Mercy Congress In, Mold A, Friday' Catholic Eoucation Council, London i ¶ am, Saturday. APFM Rhyl 2 per Catholic Education Course Bangor A pm alishop Hervey, Auditory ID, Viestlielneise Monday Deans' Meeting 11 30 am, Tuesday_ St Michael's Grammar School North FInchley 2 pen CDA 5 Per Wednesday CDA 10 am C. Our Lady Of Lourdes. New Southgate 7.30 pm, Thursday Meeting, Hospital Chaptaincien Council 11.30 am C, Our Lady of Lourdes. New Southgate 7.30 eel B ishop Henderson. Aualtlery let Southwerk Sunday. Pastoral V Beeleyheath II 8 pin to II Prn, Tuesday' Aleerrng Sr Ever-remise,. BCC H 0. 930 • ii ern, Continuing V Bekleyheath II 12 Noon. Wednesday. Canton of prinele 11 30 3-36 pm Meeting at Abbey Weed 5 pm. Thursday nservice Course at Ayteslord. Saturday: Legion ar Mary Pilgrimage Ayiesford 12 Noon IA SELWiC0 1 (lit AnniueiSary VI al Peckham Rye at 7.30 pin lishoes Ithelims Amillary for Liverpool Sunday Opening Service lea Garden Festival, Tuesday Archbishop's Council Meeting. Curial Offices 10 mm. Wednesday Rector's Aavisory COMmittee Liverpool 12.30 pm CM. Joseph's. Penketti 7.30 pm, Thursday.' Definers Clergy meeting. St. Mary.S. Wootton. Friday. meeting Aretterithotra Meuse 12 Noon C. SaCred Heart Wearingtor, 7_30 pm_ Bi shoe lishoe. Auxiliary kw Welerfrielter Away Item diocese unit June O.

Bishop Moverley el Hallam Sunday: at RossImalon 11 arm Meeting of Diocesan FinenCe Board 10.45 arn,' Wednesday: School IA at Ross/n(10th 1010 am. Thweder Meeting wen Mania Religious Supenom el Birmingham, Friday. Leads diocesan pilgrimageto Lourdes B ishop Mullins Ana Illalusp In Swinges Sunday The Glastonbury Festival of Youth 11 am ebrn, Tuesday: Si. Album's Pontypool. Governor's Course 7_30 Pen. Thursday Schools Commieston, Cardiff 2 prin St Cadoe'S Barry. PTA Committee 7.45 pm Friday Council 01 Priests, Cardiff 2 per Bishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel B Brighton Sunday Festival tor Young Adults, Glastonbury, Monday Celebrates IV or Altar Servant, Cardinal Newman School, Hove, WednesdayCelebrates M for CWL. Arundel Cathedral 11 am. Thursday Meeting of Co-uncli or Adrelnistostion. Storrington am. Feiday Meeting of Schools Commission. Christian &rotation Centre Crawley pm, Saturday' Epsom Deanery C, Arundel Cathedral 3 pm.

Bleep.' O'Brien Audlimy for Warminster Tuesday: Watiord Priests Deanery Meeting Ii m COA Archbishop's House 5 pm. Wednesday: CDA Meetng Archbishop's House. 10 on. Thursday_ NI at Nicholas Brakespeare School t2 Noon Commissioning of Catechists, Friday Heeling of London Bishops, Archbishop's House 10 AM C SaCred Heart, BuShey 730 pm. Saturday.' Festival Of Town Twinning St Albans Abbey Bishop K O'Brien Auditory hi haisicarratorough Sunday. C at Our Lady or Perpetual Help, Merkel Weighton. Monday: Speaks on radio Humberside. Tuesday.CaleprateS Centenary M at English Martyrs School Tod, 2 pm C al St. A bang Review 7 pm. Wednesday. Receive Good Shepherd Offerings at St Peters Scarborough 11 am Receive Geoid Shepherd Offesingt at St sinifids. York 2 30 per preside at hi for the Installation of Canon Coughlan al Sr. Bede's, Hull 730 pm, Thursday' Day of RecolleCtIOn EndStelgh CC:invent Hull Meeting of Hull Schools Consultative Committee 7.30 pm, Friday.C at Sacred Haeff, Reader. 7 Ora, Seturday 0 Reverend John Loughisn at Sacred Heart. mIdotesbrough Malmo It O'Connor Auxiliary for Liverpool Sunday V Si Bootie. Tuatday ArchbIshop'S Council Meeting Curial Offices 10 am. C Holy Family. Southport 7,30 pm. We:Meadow: -Beller World" Retreat St John Fisher. 7 pm. Thursday: NO Governors' Meeting 4 30 pm. Friday' C SI. Mary's Birchley 7.30 pen. Saturday: Altar Servers' Holy Cross, SI Helens 10 am Bhilukp Rawethorne. Auxiliary for Liverpool Sunday V St. Cynts Netheney. Monday: Forces Vicariate Meeting Upholland Northern Institute, Tuesday Archbishop's Council Meeting Curial Oft ICeS 10 am Upholland Reunion I mei C Si. Mane's, Southpon 7.30 pen, Weldneaday. Schools' COmMIsSiOn Meehng Curial Offices 10.55 arn Thomas Worden Memorial Lecture Upholland 7 orn, Thursday V Continued St Cyril's. Netheney. Saturday Chaplains in FE Meeting S Katherine's College 10 an 12 30 pm Sishop Restheaus at Plymouth Sioneay Attencla Festival for young Adults Giaslonbury II an, Ti pery Tuesday: Attends. Exeter Deanery Conlerence SI am, SaturdayAllende. Plymouth DIOCellan ChIldren's Society Function, Bucklest Abbey Bishop Thomas of Northampton -• Youth Event Glastonbury, Tuesday Chapter Meeting are C. Si Auguetine's. Milton Keynes pm. Wednesday Choetran Heritage. Thursday M.K.0 C. AG14 7 30 pm. Friday V Rushlen, Saturday' V continued MOW Tripp, Auxiliary tor Southwark Sunder Atropos Southern Province Youth Event at Glastonbury Abbey. Tuesday: V Sr Phriornena's School. Carshalton Blehep Walninley, &Shag ei the Fames MondayiWPVPS Meeting, UM Llonolland. Wednesday Pastoral Council Standing Committee 3 pm Saturday C. Douai School 3 pm.

SBIsolhopNi,in Whaelki c.ertu.,001 ,Lweeds,, Mayo'a and Lady Mayoress of Leeds, Eitafts Monday 'Mende Celebration t e. St Maly's. Selby 7 om, TuesdayAttends Senate of Priests. Wood Hall, Wedneadar Attends lecture by Bishop of Ripon 7.30 pre, Thunder Allende Len, Mayor's luncheon. City Hall. Bradford Notre Dame Leeds Steering Committee. Diocesan Pastoral Council 7 pm, Friday Meeting 0 FIE. Temn enrolls 11 am C, Wel herby 7.30 ph", Saturday' Leeds Diocesan Pilgrimage to Waisingham.

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