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4th May 2007
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Page 14, 4th May 2007 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Anglican Church, Council of Priests, Archbishop's Council, Venerable College, Si Alban's College, Catholic Wornen's League, Guys Hospital, Baptist School, College of Consulters, Liverpool University, Standing Committee of Bishops, St Patrick's Church, Saunton Sands, Guild of St Stephen, St Richard Gwyn High School, Board of Catholic Vvromen, Lancaster Homeless Action Service, South London Council, AGM, Oratoty School, National Council, Ministry of Defence, Hall Committee, Biehop's Council, Fadeigh School, Pastoral Centre, Sheffield University, Cateniant Annual Golf Society, English College, Committee for, Alan Shearer Centre, GatesheadCanon Law Society, Scottish Parliament, Deanery Pastoral Council, Oscolt College, Aithhishop's Council, Union of Catholic Mothers, Oxford University, Scotus College, Legion of Mary Mass, All Hallcnvs School, Catholic Children% Society, Gillis Centre, St Helens Church


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Bishops' Diaries

Page 14 from 28th April 2006


May 6 to May 11

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor INVestininster) Sim. Celebrates Mass of Confirmation. Eiling Abbey. Chadbay Grove,3pm. Mon: Celebrates Mass fa Migrann. S'i'estrninsier Cathedral. Mann Tim Reaches as Mass fa 'The Association of the Venerable College', Rome. Droinvich, 12pen. Wed:Celebrates Mammal Mass for Lord Cater. Westminster Cathedral, I lam. Fri: Meets with Archbishop's Council. Wanninster Cathedral. 9.30am.

Aichbishop Kelly (Liverpool) Sim: amnia) Mass Holy Family, Cronton 10am. Preaches at Si Faith's Anglican church Great Crosby Sipm. Tues. I mint of 100 heads portrait exhibition at the Walker art gallery, Liverpool 630pna. Wed: Executive board rneetingofthe Naticmal Board of Catholic Vvromen. bw.2pu. Pn: 2tO8' meeting at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, 10ani, Sae Mass for the Liverpool Aritheliocesan pilgrimage to Ladvewell shrine of Our Lady and manses ef LadyeWell. 12 rzoon. We give you praise arith anniversar.. service. Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. 3pm.

Archbishop McDonald (Southwark) Mon: Migrants' Mast. Westminster Cathedral. Mam Wed: Council of Priests, Amigo Hall, 11am. College of Consulters, Archbishop's House, 230pne, reception to mark 10th Anniversary of the Establislunent of the Three Faiths Forum, National Patrait Gallery.630prin The Meetiem, Ardhishop's Housepra Conn:mations, Sidcup, 730pm. Sat Married C.ouplee* Day, St George's Cathedral. 3pm.

Archbishop Nichols (Birmingham) Mon Fri SintatiotiValladolid Sat DIMCS.La


Bishop Arnold 'Auxiliary 133 shop of Vs'est ---seinster kceinsconfirmatioaselSaeori. Tees: Confirmations, Willesden, 7pm. Thurs: Cnnfirmations Burnt Oak, 730pm Fri: Archbishime comacil, Archbishop's Howe giOarn. Confirmations. Barnet 7pm.

Bishop Brain (Salford) Sun: Celebration of Confirmation, Our Lady of Mount Cannel. Blackley. 230pm. The: Meeting of Biehop's Council,Wmlley Hall. 11.30enn meeting of the Diocesan SCIN)01.S. CORTMiSSi011, Gerald Road. 2pm; celebration of Confirmatiom St Thomas of Canterbury, Bolton, 7pm. Wed-FM National Council and AGM of the Union of Catholic Mothers, Swanwic-k. Sat Celebration of Coate madam Si Arne's, Ancoats, 1030a.

Bishop Budd (Plymouth) Sum Confirmation. St Mary's. Barton:mile, 930am; Confirmatien , St Boniface, Okehampton. 6pm. Mon: Lourdes Reparation Day, Cathedral.Tue: Visit St John the Baptist School. Dartmouth:2pm; Exam Deanery Camshists Mass ,Ottery St Mary.7pm. Wed: Liturgy Comnuesion meeting. Exeter, 6pm.Fri: Seminar, Exeter. 9am: Corrfirrnation. St Mass's. Aarminster. pm_ Sat: Catfirmatian. St Antony's, Lesvexton. I lam; Confirmation, Sacred Heart. Dieter, 5 31)pm. Bishop Burns (HM Forces) Sum Chaplains. meeting and Pastoral vise to Church House, Luhecke. Gemiany, Mass, Catholic Chaplaincy, Oxford University. Tue: Visit meeting Ministry of Defence , Landon, 10airs Wed: Meeting Headmistress, All Hallcnvs School. Aldershot. 2pm. Thu: I'vleettng with Archivist. Fri Sat: biternational Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Bishop Conry (Arundel & BrIghtcm) cathedreldeanety ennfumanone. Arundel Cathedral. Meets with Wonhing deanery Confirmations. St Peter S. Hove. Toes: Brighton deanery Confirmations, St Mary's Preston Park. Wed: Golden Jubilee at St Anne's convent, Btugess Hill. Theis: Brighton deanery Confirmations. St Mary's Reatnn Park. Fri: St Leonard's school. Mayfield Confirm:arms. Redhill deanery Confin imams, Catedum. Si: Woking deatery Confirmations. Arundel cathedral.

Bishop Doyle (Northampton) Sim: Visitation. St Paul's, Thrapston, gam. The: diocesan Vocations' loam. Hain. Wed: CES Nation! Conferare, Nottingham, am; Deanery Pastoral Council, OL of Light. Long Crenclon. 8pm. Thu: Pastoral Strategy Group, Coffee Hall. Milton Keynes, llam 4pm; Curffirmatione, OL of Loundes, Coffee Hall. Milton Keynes. 7.30pm Fri: Cnuncil of Deacons, Bishop's Howe. 1 lam: Confirmations. Si Aden's. Northampton, 7pm. Sat: RHS Mass, Fly Cathedral, 10302m; Man at stan of Visitation, Oundle Parish, 6.15pm, Bishop Dunn (Meehan and Neneasde) The: IVIsss.Swallow Hotel, GatesheadCanon Law Society, 930aun. Fn: Mass, St Mary's Cathedral for Gateshead Deanery, Key Stage I Pupils, 10am; Opening of The Alan Shearer Centre, I 1 30ant Mass, St Penick's, COSMIC, followed by formal opening of Chtnch Hall.630pm. Sat: Meeting with Episcopal Vicars for Religious, Bishop's House. 4pm, Bishop Evans (East Anglia) Sun: Parish visitation to Berths. Man: Diocesan pilgrimage to Wal sit igham, 1 pot. Tun: talk to Petethorough ecumenical clesgy group 12 noon. Confirma tions at Buckden, Wed: Discussion day on mews and Irish travellers in Cambridge. ThanFri: Committee for tinny in Leeds. Sat: diocesan council of lady at Poringland.

Bishopliendricks (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sun. Confirmations , Chessington. 10ann Confirmeta ens , New Malden, 5.30pm. The Meeting with Prayer for London Mission Teem, Sutton, lists: Confirmations. Links Road, Tooting, 730pm. Wed: Council of Priests meeting .Amigo Hall, limn College of Consulters,Archbi shop's HOUge, 2.30prin Chtuthes Together in South London Council, Waterloo, 7 30prn. Thu: Head Teachers' mecting,Wimbledon.1030am Cathedral Deanery meeting. Walwurth, 7pm. Fri: Deans' meeting. Wimbledon, 1030am Deaf Chaplaincy meeting, London, 3pm. Sat: Legion of Mary Mass: Edel Quinn Day,Aylesfcrd, 11 am.

Bishop Hine (Auxiliary Bishop of Southwatt) Sun: Celebrates Man far Cateniant Annual Golf Society, Saunton Sands. Mon: Celeames Mass for the Guild of St Stephen at their Thirtieth Annual Rally of Mar Servers, Aylesford. 11.30arn.The: Attends Chatham Deanery consultation meeting on the Diocesan Plan, 730pm. Wed: Church Leaders' Breakfast meeting, West Malling,8ane Cmuncil of Pants merting.Amigo Hall. I lane meeting of College of Consulters, Archbishop's Howe. 230pm: Confirmations. St Theodott,Cranbrook, 730pm. Thu: Meeting of Marriage and Family 1,ife.Eccleston &mare. Oann attends Catholic Children% Society meeting, Purley. Re Attends Dover Deanery consultation meeting on the Diocesan Plan , 7pm. Sae Visitation, Westerharn.

Bishop Hollis (Portsmouth) Sun: Our Lady Queen of Apostles. Bishop's Waltham, parish visitation and Mass 930am. Tua,There Dublin Diocesan Conference. Fri e Confimmtious, Fadeigh School, Andover 11120am.

Bishop Hopes (Westminster) Sun Thu: Knights of Malta Pilgrimage to Lourdes. Fri: Aithhishop's Council meeting, am: Contemntions. Our Lady Queen of the Apostles. Welwyn Garden City East. 7.30pan. Sae Confirmations, Most Sac-red Heart, Ruislip, 1130arn Conte mations, Holy Trinity, Brook Green. e3Opm.

Bishop Emmy illemingilam) Sun: Cantumaims. Msher Hnuse. Cambridge. I I arn. Mon. Mass for Immigrane arid Asylum Seekers, ST Catherine's, Binnineham, I lam. Tue: Warwick Deanery Day of Recollection , Wootton Wawen. 1030aun. Wed: Confamatiote.Kinetan7prn. Fri Seminar an European Values, Bishops' Conference. Vdnies,1 itteenne yam, sat ossemianass. St Marie, Rugby. 6pm.

Bishop Lang (Clifton I Sun: Celebrates Mass Co mark parish 40th anniversary. Our Lady and The Fngtiah Martyrs, Bumharn-on-Sea, 11 am Tie: Celebrates annual Mass for secondary schools, Clifton Cathedral, Bristol, I tam. Thu Deans meeting.Bristol. 1130am: Confirmation for Holy Family, Swindon, 7 30pm. Fri Sat English ARC meeting. Chater.

Bishop Langley 'Westminster) Sate Celebrates Confirmation.The Oratoty School. Readmg, liars: attends Romanian Day, Kingsbury. 5prn: celebrates Confirmation, Saseed Heart, Kilburn. 7pm. Mon: Concelebrates Mass in support of Migrant Watklaa, WeStalanter Cathedral. 10am. Man Sat May Cultural visit to Lithuania.

Bishop Lynch Auxiliary in SouthwanS) Sun Confirmations, St Matthews, West Norwood, lions. Mon: Migrants' Mass. Westminster Cathedral, 1Dam. Tue: Confirmations, Our Lady of Sorrows. Peckham, 730pm. Wed_ Council of Priests. Anugo Hall, lions College of Consulters, Archbishop's House, 230pm meeting to Clergy and Laity of the Bexley Damery. 730pm. Thu: Visit to St Joseph'sAead

y. Blackheath, [lam; Confirmations, Sacred Heart. Camberwel1,7pm. Fri: Mass far Catholic Wornen's League and the Union of Catholic MotherselsiottingliatrinHenri3eariererneering-Mr Cagy and Lady of the Greenwich Deanery. St Peter's. Vvirolwich , 730pm. Sat: Annivasary of Profession for Sr. Bernadette Davey, 12pm: Confirmations . St Mark's. West Wickham 630pin

Bishop McGough (Birmingham) Mon; Mans for Old Boys. St Wilfnifs. Comm 1130am. followed by Reunion at Altai CaS4C.Itur Meeting of Trustees. (Dutton Abbey. 10.30arn; Ecumenical meeting, Leek RUC. 730pm. FriCelebration of Foundation of PeMitive Methodism, Hanley. I lam. Sat: Mass, Sr Joseph's Convent, Stafford, I lam.

Bishop McMahon (Brentwood) Sun: pancral visitation. Canvey Island. Mon: Mass for migrants' day, Westminster Cathedral. 10am. Tact: meetings/interviews, Cathedral House. Wed; pastoral visitation and Confirmation, Chelmsford, Our Lady Immaculate and Holy Name parishes. Thus: meets with recently attained priests.Abbotmick, 1030atn. Meetings, Cathedral House. pm. Sat attends plenary meeting on diocesan pastoral conned.

Bishop McMahon (Nottingham) Sun: diocesan pilgrimage to Beauvale. 3pm. 'Ries: intercammissions meeting, diocesan centre, Mackworth, 230pm. Wed: Notts and Derbys, church leaders meeting, 10um. Thurs: CASE advisory hoard. London, 11 am. Fri visM Holy Rosary primary school. Burton-on-Trent. Contemn:1m Holy Rosary, Burton-on-Trent, 7pm.

Bishop Malone (Liverpool) Fri: Annual general meeting of Convocation, Liverpool University, 6prn.

Binhop O'Donoghue (Lancaster) Sun: visitation, Holy Family. Morecambe. The Lancaster Homeless Action Service meeting, 730pm. Ph: ecumenical meeting, %Milt, 7pm. Saes diocesan Our servers' Mass, Cathedral, 12.15pin. Visitation, St Mary's and The Good Shepherd Morecambe.

Bishop Pargeter (Birmingham) Sun: Catholic Fellowship Mass, Oscolt College. The: Most Hall Committee meeting, 1130am.

Bishop liosysthoroe (Hallam) Mon: CAFOD/Chrinian Aid May Day walk. Ties: Good Shepherd presentation, Edlingen, 1030am. Confirmations, St Joseph's, Walls, 7pm. Wed: 10am Notts and Derbyshire church leaders. Nottingham 7pm Candidacy, St Paul's, Cawley, Thum: UCM rational meeting. Swanwick 10am. Lecture at Sheffield University 5.15pm. SatSun: Wilbeeforce Walk, Hull to Beverley.

Bishop Roche (Leeds) Mon Truatees meeting and visitation, English College, Valladolid.

Bishop Stack (Westminster). Sun: Confirmation, St Joseph's, Stevenage 6pm/ Fri: Arthbishops creased meeting 930em. Confirm:dials at SS Alban and Stephen 730pm. Sat Confirmation at church of St Bede, Creaky Green 12 noon. Cantraannts at SS Alban and Stephen 730pm.

Bishop %imams (Liverpool) Toes: Launch of -Keeping the faith' Guys Hospital, Landen, I lam. Wed-Thurs, Bishops hospital chaplains advisors meeting, Wistastort Half, CILSVC. Fri: 2008' meeting Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Main. Mass with Liverpool city group. Ipm. Celebrate:inns at St Augustine of Canterbury high school. ST Helens, 2pm. Confirmations at St ntary's Leyland, 7pm.


Archbishop Smith (Cardiff) Sun: Confnmation, St Patrick's Church. Grangetown, Cardiff. I lam. Tue Meeting with the Pontypridd Deancry, St Helens Church. Caerphilly,730pm. Wed: Dedication Anniversary of the Foundation of Tinian Abbey, Hetefurd, 12prn, Leavers MASS, St Richard Gwyn High School, Bony. 730prn. Thu: Reception for Syrian Delegation, Archbishop's House, 9.30arn; Diocesan Cooped of Priests meeting. Pastoral Centre, I lam: Confirmation. St May's Church. Dines Posen, 73(pcn. Fri, Confirmation, Holy Family Parish, Cardiff. 730pm. Sat: Rehearsal for BBC Broadcast. 6Pm.

Bishop Satiate (Menevia) May 6-12, Si Alban's College. Valladolidtrustees visitation. Bishop Regan (Wrexham) Sun: Contianetons, Saks I lam. MonFri: Diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes. Sat CAFOD day, Panasaph LICMW annual diocesan Mass. Buckley.

SCOTLAND Cardinal O'Brien (St Andrew's & Edinburgh) Tee: Meeting of Standing Committee of Bishops' Conference of Scotland, St Bennet's, I lam: meeting of Directors of SC1AF, St Bonnet's. 2pm: Itirlcing of Scottish Parliament, St Giles Cathedral. Edinburgh, Spm. Wed: Meeting of Bishops' Coufasece of Scotland, Scotus College. Glasgow, 9am. Thu: Meeting of Council of Priests, Gillis Centre , F,dinhurgh 12.30pm. Fri: Handing oser Si the old registers to Natiotal Archives, Cathedral House ,Edinburgh, II 30arn; Apostleship of de Sea Icon received before Mass, St Mary's Cathedral. Edinburgh, 12.45pm. Sat: First Communion and Confirmations. St Andrew's, Livingston, on occasion of 40th anniversary, I lain: Mass marking 85thAnniversary of St Andrew's Children's Society Lid, Gillis Centre, Edinburgh.. 3pm.

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