Page 6, 4th November 1938

4th November 1938
Page 6

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People: M. C. Duncan
Locations: Liverpool, London


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SM.,—Apropos of your Educational Correspondent's remarks about the forthcoming attempt of the University Federation to organise graduates, may I be permitted to call attention to one way in which Catholic graduates could help?

At the present moment, there are eight graduate societies of the Federation with a total membership of about 500. This represents only a small fraction of the Catholic graduates in Great Britain, who must number 5,000 at least. These men and women have had educational advantages denied to the vast majority of their fellow Catholics, and they have a distinct duty to take their place as leaders in the Catholic life of their diocese and of the country as a whole.

As the Federation grows stronger as a result of its intended reorganisation, it is hoped that " graduate circles " of the Federation will be formed throughout the whole country.

Such " circles " will be of definite value to student-members taking up appointments away from their university-town, for it is precisely in this connection that there arises the danger of leakage and the consequent need for some " after care." But it is hoped that such circles will further justify their existence by placing their members at the service of the Bishops for the undertaking of educational or other work within their competence, as for instance the organisation of a Catholic Action College, similar to that recently founded at Liverpool and entrusted to local graduates.

Some of your Catholic graduate readers may thus be willing to come forward and offer to act as " conveners " or founders of such " graduate circles," particularly those of them who are residing in a nonuniversity town and can count a number of Catholic graduates among their friends and acquaintances. They might write, offering their services in this capacity when the time comes, to the Honorary Secretary of the Federation, Miss S. M. C. Duncan, 73, Norfolk Avenue, London, 13, and their names will then be included on the register of " conveners " which is being prepared.

Many of your graduate readers will, feel sure, be glad of this opportunity to share in the effort that is being made to encourage the Catholic graduate body to play its important part in the lay apostolate,


51, Roxbro' Avenue, Osterley, Middlesex.

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