Page 3, 4th November 1960

4th November 1960
Page 3
Page 3, 4th November 1960 — PARENTS' CHOICE

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WITH the approach of Christmas and the possibilities of a loosening of the purse strings, the time is opportune to consider a more expensive and lasting volume of value. THE WONDER BOOK DICTIONARY edited by Leonard Wise (Ward Lock, 30s.) is in fact cheap at the price; 256 pictures in full colour, 500 in black and white and 25,000 main entries in over 400 large pages give as comprehensive a service as any teenager could wish.

It seems that the editor has taken great care in his entries concerning the Catholic Church, and in general accuracy and detail are good. A present of value in every respect.


ALSO concerned with the reader who shows a thirst for knowledge is THE ILLUSTRATED BOOK ABOUT AFRICA by Felix Sutton (Macdonald, 15s. 6d.) This is a profusely illustrated kind of encyclopaedia about the continent of Africa, its inhabitants, animals. customs. geography, and life.

Africa's importance becomes daily more apparent to us, and so even the younger members

Books for


of the family will tend to show an increasing awareness of its existence.

This book is a series of short and very short stories of Africa. and the young reader who has an opportunity of studying the continent will at least have a background knowledge of this continent's life to give him a fuller appreciation of current affairs. It is written in a lively and pithy fashion giving only a paragraph or two to some headings and rarely more than two pages to anything.


THERE are five new Swift Picture Books (Longacre

One of the illustrations to the Everyman's Library new selection of FAIRY TALES AND STORIES by Hans Andersen, translated by Reginald Spink (Dent, 11s, 6d.). The illustrations are reproduced from paper-cuts made by Hans Andersen and now in the possession of the Hans Andersen Museum, Odense, Denmark.


These books have a matter of fact approach about them. They do not lend themselves to praise about originality, nor can one enthuse about their production, but at 7s. 6d. it would be difficult to find their equal.

If the young reader. and this applies to a wide range of ages, is interested in horses and ponies, then the applicable volume gives them to him in abundance. show jumping, racing high school, polo, circus, mining ponies, royal horses pictures of one and all.

THE HAT by Nova Rock with pictures by Mary Brooks (Warne. 6s,) is the story of Bobo and his wonder

ful large hat. and his adventures with a large snake, suitable for 5-to-8-year-olds.

"MOTHER Goose Nursery Rhymes" illustrated by Esmd Eve were noticed some time ago in the pages of the CATHOLIC, HERALD, and now publish a shortened version: MOTHER GOOSE RHYMES WITH MUSIC (12s. 6d.).

It was remarked previously how superbly Esme Eve had illustrated the volume of nursery rhymes. They certainly caught the imagination. It is an excellent idea to have added the music to some of them.

MACDONALDS are establishing a reputation for publishing attractively illustrated volumes for both young and older children. BEDTIME STORIES by Thornton W. Burgess is intended for the very young who are starting to read but who probably still enjoy having stories read aloud to them.

These stories are the intriguing adventures of animals large and small, and their factual approach skilfully combines the teaching of knowledge with the fascination of fiction.

. . and in brief FAIRY TALES OF INDIA and FAIRY TALES OF ENGLAND are both retold by Barbara Ker Wilson (Cassell. 55. each). Very colourfully illustrated little books suitable for the very young.

THE LOST FISHERMEN OF CARIRIGMOR, by Patricia Lynch (Burke, 12s. 6d.). Another Brogeen book by this charming Irish writer. Ages 8 to 12.

RIVERS OF ADVENTURE, by Ray Bethers (Constable, 10s. 6d.). Brief stories of twenty rivers of the world, historical and geographical. Ages S to 12.

THE TWO UNCLES OF PABLO, by Harry Behn, illustrated by Mel Silverman (Macmillan. 10s. 6d.). A charming story of is Mexican boy. Ages 8 to 12.

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