Page 18, 4th October 1935

4th October 1935
Page 18
Page 18, 4th October 1935 — TRADE-UNIONS GET TOGETHER Separation And Hostility Forgotten

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Organisations: J.O.C
People: Marcel Cachin


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TRADE-UNIONS GET TOGETHER Separation And Hostility Forgotten

From Our French C'orre.spondent For fifteen years the trade-union movement was considerably weakened by a rift between the reformist C.G.T. (General Confederal:3n of Workers) and the C.G.T.U., which was under communist influence. This rift. in common with the opposition between the socialists (of the Leon Blum colour) and the bolshevists (led by Marcel Cachin), has done much to weaken the extreme Left.

This separation and hostility has lasted since 1920. To-day the past is forgotten. The C.G.T. and the c.a.r.u. have called their national congresses simultaneously, obviously with intent to achieve that " unity " of which there has been a question for some time past.

A representative of the moderate confederation attended the congress of the "revolutionary" congress as bearer of a message of union. The message was accepted in essentials by a special commission of the C.G.T.U. which. while reserving the right to bring up a few points ot divergence, voted unanimously for a common and instant joint-meeting of the two workers' organisations.

Working-class Union The historic meeting was held on September 17. in an atmosphere of enthusiasm. The union of the working-class powers is certainly an important event which will have considerable repercussions, but it must be admitted that the fusion is not entirely open.

On the one hand the rival organisations have wisely ignored the Catholic organisation, the J.O.C.. and the Christian tradeunions. On the other hand. the C.G.T. lays enormous stress on its independence with respect to all political parties, whereas this vaunted independence is really very relative. 11 is this fact which justifies the Imps in writing:

" It is interesting to note that the reconstitution of syndical unity coincides with the establishment of the socialist and communist 'Common Front.' That proves how much the working-class movement in France obeys, even unconsciously. the evolution of the political parties of the extreme Left. It proves, too. that the 'neutrality and the 'independedee ' of trade-unions are all eyewash."

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