Page 2, 4th October 1957

4th October 1957
Page 2
Page 2, 4th October 1957 — The Shrine of Saint Peter

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Locations: New York, Surrey, London


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The Shrine of Saint Peter

SIR' I have only just noticed that in your issue of September 13. a review of "The Shrine of ,St. Peter" is carried, ascribing it to Pantheon Books of New York.

While it is nice to get some fresh publicity for this work, I would point out that it was originally published by ourselves about two years ago. and that you very kindly devoted a goodly amount of space to a review on that occasion. I mention this because some people who may not have seen the earlier review and did see this latest one may write to Pantheon Books for copies a needless expense since the orders would be referred back to us.

Laurence Cotterell Longmans. Green & Co. Ltd., 6 & 7 Clifford Street, London, W.I.

IlguaIninsuraolinsusuonsuirliinliimilitarlluSOU The Editor regrets that, owing; to pressure on space, a number,i of letters are held over. He -would be obliged if readers: t would keep letters as short as --possible (peter user 400 words!, =without special arrangement): rand write very clearly on one iside of the paper only 4 'swots vs r vil . tills s,1,1,isarl have developed in Europe and the U.S.A.

Art and religion were once inseparable but today one could easily conclude that this was true only of bad art; yet surely there are sufficient Catholic artists willing to work for the organs of mass circulation and to stimulate the critical faculties of the Catholic population.

I believe that these should he the main functions of the religious publications and yet they seem to be the most neglected. There is sufficient evidence that a magazine on these principles can be successful-" Jubilee " in the U.S.A. is an outstanding example

Antony D. Barber. 15. Spencer Road.

East Molesey.


Is not our correspondent somewhat inconsistent ? Ile pleads that religion and art should not be separated. Flow right he is. But this is because religion should never be entirely separate from all secular aspects of life. Why then should a Catholic magazine be uninterested In " touring Scandinavia on a scooter, cooking, raffia and papier nulche work"? It depends, of course, on how they are related and on how the religious and the secular are related. But the principle is .surely right.EDnoR C.H."

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