Page 7, 4th October 1957

4th October 1957
Page 7
Page 7, 4th October 1957 — 'Charity' is not always Christian

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Locations: Cardiff, London, Ald, Rome


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'Charity' is not always Christian

THE difference between true Christian charity and the mere act of " giving " was emphasised by Bishop Petit of Menevia when he addressed the 32nd annual congress of the knights of St. Columba at Cardiff last week-end, Bishop Petit is Ecclesiastical Adviser to the order.

" Do not let us mix up charity and humanitarianism," said the Bishop.

" In the words of a great predecessor of mine, Bishop Hedley:

"The philanthropy of the day, which has no motives higher than this earth, is not a Christian virtue. Its radical defect is that it does not love men and women as God loves them. God loves their souls; philanthropy loves only their bodies. God wishes theta to have His Holy Faith to guide them to Him; this philanthropy despises faith and extols religious indifference. God would prepare them for the next world; this philanthropy would make them content with this. God would have them live in the practice of that religion which alone can strengthen them to gain the eternal kingdom; this philanthropy would substitute for definite religious duties a vague and shallow sentiment of little more moral value than health or good spirits.


" . Whilst it is perfectly true that to relieve pressing human wants and miseries is a primary duty of individual man, irrespective of the spiritual condition of those whom we are relieving, nevertheless there must always be present in our minds the fact that the spiritual works of mercy are greater by far than the corporal acts of mercy and that to relieve our neighbour's wants, no matter how slight, merely because of human kindness and sympathy which we possess is not charity.

" . . This is the age of man's self-glorification. He is the allpowerful wrestler with the secrets of nature, he sees in his discoveries only the gratification of his senses the improvement, if you will, in his standards of living.

" His attitude to the millions on the edge of starvation and destitution is governed by political considerations-he helps them because not to do so is to imperil his own safety by driving them into the arms of the professed materialist.

" Fear, sometimes acknowledged, more often not, controls and directs his loves and his hatreds and man is set against man by what in plain language is sheer covetousness and lust for power.

"Against all this the members of this Order must rebel as must all Christians and the virtue of charity must become the inspiration and driving force of every action of every member."

A reception for the delegates was given in the City Hall by the Lord Mayor of Cardiff, Ald. J. H. Morgan, J.P., on Fricity evening. At the banquet on Saturday evening the two chief guests were Mgr. P. F. Gavin, V.G., representing Archbishop McGrath, who is in Rome, and Ald. Sir James Collins, representing the Lord Mayor. Lady Collins was also present.

Bishop McCormack

Throughout the Hexham and Newcastle Diocese last Sunday prayers were asked for Bishop McCormack who is in hospital for a course of treatment.

To raise funds for the information kiosk to he erected at Victoria Station, London, by the International Travellers' Aid Association, a dance, assisted by the Catholic Action Group of The Little Club, is being held on Tuesday at the New Emerald Ballroom, Hammersmith. The Association assists young girls arriving from overseas in search of work and accommodation in London.

11,300 was collected on the Flag Day for Nazareth House in Nottingham early in September.

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