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4th October 1968
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Page 2, 4th October 1968 — 76 LAYMEN QUESTION ENCYCLICAL

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Organisations: Catholic Education Council, Churchill College, Social Administration, Univ. of London, Holy, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Univ. of Leieestei, School of Biology, Catholic Hewing Aid Society, Oxford and Cambridge Education Board, Apostolic Church, Diocesan Pastoral Council, Plymouth Diocesan Catcchetical Commission, Berlin Univ., Alcuin College, National Council for Lay Apostolate, Department of Adult Education, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, National Hospital for Nervous Diseases, Univ. of Kecle, DCNelupnient Commission, Univ. of Birmingham, Univ. of Newcastle-uponTyne, Catholic Univ., Univ. of Birrnineham, Catholic Marriage Advisory Council, St. Vincent's School for the Blind, Psenhmke College, Bedford College, Notre Dame College of Educe, Faculty of Law, College Hospital, Flospitai Management Committee, Royal Society of Medicine, Translation Committee, Ecumenical Commission for England and Wales, Laity Commission, Diocesan Ecuminical Commission, Trinity College, Univ. of Liverpool, Archdiocesan Ecumenical Commission, F. H, University of York, Cambridge Univ., Univ. of Southampton, Department of Religious Studies, Catholic Association, King's College, Hierarchy's Commission on Social Welfare, International Committee on English, Jesus College, Vaughan College, Centre for Mars Communication Research, Hierarchy Committee on Seminaries, Catholic Federation, Univ. of Cambridge, Newmark Association, National Board of Catholic Women, Univ. of Leicester, NewMan Association, Catholic Chddretes Protection Society's Adoption Committee, Family Apostotate Committee, London School of Economics, National Liturgical Commission, Westminster Cathelie Evideece Guild, British Army, Notre Dame College of Education, National Commission for Mass Media, Catholic Training College, Department of Higher Educalion


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BY A STAFF REPORTER SEVENTY-SIX lay Catholics signed a statement

this week saying that they found the Pope's distinction in his encyclical Humanae Vitae between the rhythm method of birth control and others as "untenable and the arguments to support it unconvincing."

The statement is their "considered reaction" to the encyclical and was made before the Bishops of England and Wales issued their own statement on the document.

They have given their professional status, degrees and titles with their signatures, as well as the parts they play in specifically Catholic activities, "in order to help emphasise the serious and responsible character of their statement."

FULL STATEMENT The full statement reads: The men and women whose signatures are appended to this statement are lay members of the Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church in communion with the See of Rome. We fully accept that Church's authority to proclaim the gospel of Christ and to administer the sacraments. On matters of faith and morals we look to no other teacher than the Holy Spirit declaring itself through the Church as its appointed mouthpiece.

"'Lately, in the encyclical letter Hutinanae Vitae, Pope Paul VI has restated the Church's doctrine of sexuality and marriage. in doing so he has expressed the general consensus of Christians both inside and outside our own cornmunion. We desire to record our gratitude to .His Holiness for this authoritative and inspiring re-affirmation.

"Among other things, the encyclical declares that married partners may legitimately, in certain physical, economic, psychological, and social conditions, decide to avoid for the time being, or even for an indeterminate period, bringing new children into the world. By thus authoritatively affirming the principle of responsible parenthood, the encyclical has rendered an important service to the Church and to humanity, which again we gratefully recognise, "In the same document, however. the Pope has recommended one method of birth. control to the exclusion of all others except total abstinence from marital relations. This distinction sets aside a large body of responsible theological and lay opinion co,neerning a subject on which there is at present no consensus. We purposely refrain from discussing whether in the absence of such consensus the teaching authority of the Pope has been rightly exercised, but with great respect, we feel it our duty to state that we find the distinction untenable, and the arguments used to support it unconvincing.

"We hold that: (1) the adaptation, as a method of birth-control, of the rhythms inherent in the generative function is as artificial as the use of a chemical or mechanical device; (2) the choice of method is one to be made by husband and wife, not in an arbitrary manner, but in the conscientious exercise of their responsibility before Ciod to uphold and foster a creative love; (3) the choice thus conscientiously made is not a matter for confession.

"We feel bound in conscience to make this statement and to advise in the above sense any who look to us for counsel." THE following 76 lay people signed this week's statement (reported on Page Two) on Iftimanae Vitae:

Francis M. ANDREWS, M.R.C.P. Consultant Physician. Reading and District Flospitai Management Committee. A. H.

ARMSTRONG, M.A., Professor of Greek,

Univ. of Liverpool: governor of Notre

Dame College of Education; member, councit for Catholic-a in Higher Education and I Nerpool Archdiocesan Ecumenical Conimission. (Mrs.) D. P. ARMSTRONG. J.P. Governor, Notre Dame College of Educe-don, St. Vincent's School for the Blind; chairman, Liserpool Catholic Chddretes Protection Society's Adoption Committee.

THE COUNTESS OF ALBEMARLE, D.O.E., chairman of the DCNelupnient Commission and National Youth Employ. mem Council.


M.D.. Y.B.C.S.. Cunsultant

obstemician and gynaecologist; member. Guild of SS. Cosmas and Damian. E. BEAUMONT, M.A., Ph.D. Reader in French. Univ. of Southampton. F. m. BENNETT, M.A.. 5Th. Principal Lecturer and Head of Department. Catholic Training College. tMrs.) Joan BLACK. L.R.C.P.I., L.R.C.S.1. Assistant County Medicaj Officer of Health; mmnber. Guild of SS. Cosines and Civilian.

Thomas John BLACK, M.D., Ch.B. Genteel practitioner; chairman, Wakingham Committee Lf Churches; member. Guild of SS. Cosmas and Damian. A. J. BOYI.E, I.L.M., S.J.D. Barrister-at-Law, Lecturer. Faculty of Law, King's College. London, Joan BROTHERS, Ph.D. Research Officer, Department of Higher Educalion, Univ. of London. G. H. nitrci-not. solicitor. tr. M. BUTLER, M.A., Ph.D., F.S.A. Civil Servant: sometime Gen. Secretary, Westminster Cathelie Evideece Guild. Geoffrey CHAPMANN, LL.B., publisher. (Mrs.) Suzanne CHAPMAN, BA,. publisher.

L 13 CLOU'D, M A.. B.LITT. Lecturer in Classics, Linty. of Leicester: member, Translation Committee, National Liturgical Commission. Anthony COADY, MB., M.R.C.F., D.T.M., and M. Medical Advisor, Catholic Marriage Advisory Council. Briice COOPER. J.P., M.A. Mammas-le Training Officer: author and broadcaster; member, committee of National Liturgical Commis

won. Adrian CUNNINGHAM. Lecturer, Department of Religious Studies. Univ. of Leicester Ray WS. B.Sc., Ph.D. Lecturer in Biochemistry, Univ. of Birmingham. John L. DOBSON. M.A. Lecturer; t:hairman, Guildford Circle, NewMan Association.

1. P. DOUGHERTY, M.A., Ph.D. Fellow of Psenhmke College. Cambridge: Univ Lecturer in Mathematics. Letitia FAIRFIFA.D, C.B.E., M.D., to.P.rt. Barrister-at-Law. Lt.-Col. R.A.M.C.

Sometime senior M.O.. London County Council. C. Brian FERRY, Ph.D., B.Sc., B. Phami.. F.P.S. Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology. Univ. of Newcastle-uponTyne, parish organiser. Grail Family Circle.

H. P. R. FINBERG, M.A., D.LITT., F.S.A.. F. R. HIST. S. Professor Emeritus of Fnelish Local History, Univ. of Leicester: member. International Committee on English in the L it WRY '.secretary. St. Joseph's Grove Park, parish council. J. B. FINEAN, D.Sc. Reader in Molecular Biology. Univ. of Birrnineham. Michael FOGARTY. M.A., D. pot. SOC. SC. Consultant, Political and Economic Planning; Sometime Professor of Industrial Retaliops, Univ. College, Cardiff, Past President of Newman Aksoe elation. and chairman, Catholic Social

P R. GLAZEBROOK. M.A. Fellow and Director of Studies in Law, Jesus College Cambridge, (Misa) Hilda GRAFF, graduate of Berlin Univ.; Lambeth Diploma in Theology; author. Graham GREENE,

Hon. Litt. D. (Cambrichte), lion. D. Litt. (Edinburgh). Author. (Miss) II. M. HALLAWAY. M.A., fl Phil , A.R.T.C. Lecturer in Biochemistry, Univ. of Liverpool; member, National Board of Catholic Women, 1.iverpoul Archdiocesan Ecumenical Commission, executive committee' of Newman Association. James D. HALLORAN. B.Sc. (Econ.). Director of Centre for Mars Communication Research, LIMY, of Leicester; convener, Catholic Soctoloey Group: member. National Commission for Mass Media (Radio and 1'V subcommission); sometime. chairman, Leicester Circle, Newmark Association.

(Mrs.) Bernica. HAMILTON, M.A., Ph.D. Provost of Alcuin College and Senior Lecturer in Politics, University of York; member, Bishops' Committee Far Higher Education. C. J. HAMSON, M.A., LL.M. Professor of Comparative Law, Univ. of Cambridge: Fellow of Trinity College; sometime President, Cambridge Univ. Catholic Association. (Mrs.) Rosemary HAUGHTON. author. lecturer, broadcaster. (Miss) D. K. T-1AYE9. M . A . , Senior Lee t kner in Divinity.

Major the Fart of IDDESI LIGII, M.A C.E.R. INCE, CR., C.B.E. Brigadier (recd.) British Army; sometime chairman. Sr. Erchwald's parish council. C. H. LAWRENCE. M.A.. D.Phil., F.R. susr. S. Reader in History, Bedford College, Univ. of London. Robert A. /1.. LEAPER, M.A. Senior Lecturer in Social Administration, Univ. College, swansea: member. Catholic Social Welfare Cornmission, (Mrs.) Eve LEWIS. M.A..

Psychologist: member. Plymouth

Diocesan Catcchetical Commission.


Fellow of Churchill College. Cambridge;

Secretary. Cambridge Univ. Catholic Association, F. H. miK1 I NTOCK, M.A. B.Sc. (Been). Fellow and Director of Studies in Law, Churchill College, Cambridge; University Lecturer in Criminology; member. Third Order of St. Dominic. R. A. MARKUS, M.A., Ph.D. Senior Lecturer in Mediesal History. Univ. of Liverpool: member, Council rue Catholics in Higher Education, Liverpool Archdiocesan Ecumenical Commission, and Hierarchy Committee on Seminaries and Universities

MILLEN, D.J., Ph.D.. Pro fessor of Chemistry, Univ. College London. Michael T. MONAGHAN. B.Sc. Tech.. Ph.D., A.M.I. Ch. E., A.M. Inst. F. Member, Ecumenical Commission for England and Wales: Portsmouth Diocesan Ecumenical Commiesion. A. R. MOORE.. L.R.C.P. and S.L. MC. Path. Consultant Clinical Pathologist. Margaret MUNRO, M.B., Ch.B., M.R.C.P.. D,P.M.. D.C.H. Consultant Child Psychiatrist; Medical Director, Bexley Child Guidance Clinic. K. P. MURPHY, MA., Ph.D. Consultant Audiologist. (Mrs.) M. A. MURPHY. M.A., Dip. Ed. Schoolteacher.

Sir John NEWSOM, C.B.E.,

LL.D. (Mrs.) K. Creme PARRY. Hon. Sec., P. Teilhard kle Chardin Association; someime Refugee Resettlement Officer, Catholic Relief Services, New York. Erie S. POYSF.R. M.A,. F.C.A. Chartered Accountant. (Mrs.) tenth° PRATT, family caseworker: author; chairman, Family Apostotate Committee, Newman Association. Oliver PRATT. B.Sc., Ph.D., M.C.B. Senior Lecturer dinorChemchiacainnl aPnathoilloceL, aUnnivA.

Trust and N.A.heoloeical Studies Com T

ssoore iaLioionn

Trust and N.A.heoloeical Studies Com T

ssoore iaLioionn

mime: member, National Council for Lay Apostolate; member. editorial board. New Christian.

Manin REDFERN. MA. Publisher; member of Laity Commission. Denis I. RICE, M.A. Warden 01 Vaughan College. Univiesity of Leicester. M. A. ROSE. S.R.N. Member. Catholic Marriage Advisory Council .(counselling and

education). Melia RYAN, M.D., Ch.B. Physician and Psychotherapist; chairman, local ecurnenikal group. John RYAN. E.R.C.S , F.I.C.S. Gynaecologist, author, and lecturer. Roy SHAW. Director of Adult Education, Univ. of Kecle; member. National Commission for Mass Media (Radio and TV subcommission). 1. A. B. SPALDING. M.B., B.S., D.C.H. Principal in general medical practice; vice-chairman. Catholic Hewing Aid Society, Manor Park.

Walter STEIN. Lecturer, Department of Adult Education, Univ. of ,,Leeds. Bruce STEWART. Playwright and TV script-writer. Noel TIMMS, MA. Lecturer in Social Scheme, London School of Economics: school manager, member. Hierarchy's Commission on Social Welfare. Tulin M. TODD, author and Publisher; chairman, Catholic People's Weeks. BernardTOWERS M.A., MIL. Ch.B. Fellow and Director of Medical Studies, Jesus College, Cambridge; member, Oxford and Cambridge Education Board; author. lecturer, broadcaster.


.of Ed TUC:icaKEtiRon, sScountiho_r Lecturer in English, La Sainte Union College

amoton Newman Circle: member. Portsmouth Diocesan Pastoral Council, Portsmouth Diocesan Ecuminical Commission. Sir Francis WALSHE, M.D., D.Sc., F.A.S. Hon. Consulting Physician, Univ, College Hospital and National Hospital for Nervous Diseases; sometime President, Royal Society of Medicine.

J. M. WALSHE, F.R.C.P. Reader in Metabolic nutcase. Univ. of Cambridge. (Miss) Elisabeth WANGERMANN. M.Sc., Ph.D. lecturer, School of Biology, Univ. of Leieestei. member. Catholic Univ. Teachers' Grime. (Mrs.) D. E. WFS-TOW. J.P. Teacher. T. L. WF.STOW. Author and Lecturer. W. B.

WHALLEY. D.Sc., F.R.I.C. Professor of Chemistry: Head of Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Univ. of London; President, Univ. Catholic Federation: member, Catholic Education Council. (Mrs.) Patricia WORDFN. Persnort Officer: Hon. Sec.. Newman Association, Peter WORDEN. Oil Company

L. I. F. YOUT.TEN, M.B., B.S. Senior Lecturer In Physiology, University or London; member, St. Vincent de Paul Socieis.

Note: The above sign in their private capacities without committing the organisations to which they belong.


.of Ed


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