Page 5, 4th October 1968

4th October 1968
Page 5
Page 5, 4th October 1968 — No schism

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No schism

on this encyclical

I AM obliged to H. P. Hud son (September 20) for drawing my attention to the strong condemnation of coeducation in paragraph 79 of the encyclical Divini Mitts Alagistri published by Pope Pius XI in 1929 (before the encyclical ('asti Contutbii.) However I am not quite clear whether your correspondent is making a point about co-education or about the current controversy over the enCyclical Hutnanae Vitae. The passage quoted from Pope Pius' encyclical by your correspondent is categorical in condemning co-education. In its context the passage appears even more uncompromising. if that were possible. 1 must plead that we have offended against it in innocence, following the example of others. It is not easy to keep in mind the precise terms of all the encyclicals that have been issued.

I remember hearing an American bishop openly advocating co-education in Catholic schools more than 10 years ago—on financial grounds. I have not heard that he or any of his niany supporters has been threatened with suspension, nor has there been any talk of schism. The encyclical appears to have been quietly laid aside.

I feel that our extremely modest experiment in .co-education here has been singled out for an unfair amount of publicity considering that many Catholic schools at home and abroad were already fully committed to a co-educational policy with the tolerance, if not the active support of their respective hierarchies.

Pius Xl`s encyclical offers some instructive parallel for the dialogue over contraception, and pending an up-dating of Divini Mitts Magistrt I would respectfully suggest to Bishop Butler and Karl Rahner that they keep a copy of it on their desks, alongside Humanae Vitae and the COsservatore Romano.

Dom Robert Richardson Belmont Abbey. Hereford.

Catholic Tories

I N view of the "coloured" pronouncements of Mr. Heath on immigration. I should be interested to hear how Catholic Conservatives

justify theitco n t i n ued allegiance to the party of Mr. Duncan Sandys, Mr. Enoch Powell, Sir Alec Douglas-Home and now the leader himself.

M. Eyre (Mrs.) Lytham, Lancashire.

Heath's policy

I ASSUME the vievs (Sept.

27) of Fr. Benignus Donnelly on Mr. Edward Heath's racial policy to be merely his own private opinion. and that they do not reflect the views or the Catholic bishops of England. I believe there is nothing contrary to Christian morality in Mr. Heath's policy.

John Adkins London. E.1.

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