Page 2, 4th October 1974

4th October 1974
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Page 2, 4th October 1974 — Catholic Parliamentary candidates

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Organisations: St Augustine's School, Bishop Goss School in Liverpool, Society for Mentally Handicapped Children, Liverpool City Council, European Economic Community, Labour Party, Hull University, army, London School, Royal Agricultural College, La Sagesse Grammar School, Columbia University, New York, Church of Scotland, Bow Group Council, St Osmund's Church, Salesian College, Xaverian College, Oxford University, Conservative Northern Ireland Committee, Conservative Defence Committee, Council of Europe, Holy Family School, King's College, London, Camden Council, St Joseph's Irish Christian Brothers' School, Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, Conservative Parliamentary Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Committee, Bedford School, London University, Magdalen College, Select Committee on Race Relations and Immigration, Richard Challoner Secondary Boys' School, Islington Borough Council, Yale University, Finchley Grammar School, Downside and Christ's College, St Mary's College, Scottish National Party, National Union, Cardinal Vaughan School, Clifton College, Sorbonne and Balliol College, St Bonaventure's Secondary School, London School of Economics, Local Government, Leeds City Council, Christ Church, Conservatives
People: Anthony I.iverpool Kirkdale, Stephen Paddington, Humphrey J. North Fylde, Gerry Wandsworth Putney, Francis Glasgow, Hugh Stafford, George Enfield Southgate, John Murphy, Christopher Edinburgh, James Bothwell, David Toxteth, James Coatbridge, Cap, Brian H. Westhoughton, Eric Birkenhead, Brighton Kemptown, Barney B. J. Hounslow, Michael Tooting, Hyde, Leonard Halesowen, Timothy Richmond, Ronald Bell, Ian Bayne, Robert Liverpool, Williams, Shirley V, Paul Johnson, Ile, Brian Kevin Rotherham, Norman Chelmsford, Robert J. Bermondsey, Richard Glasgow Springburn, Anthony James Hampstead, David Eastleigh, Peter Epsom, James Anthony, Joseph K. Hull, Albert E. P. Sheffield Attercliffe, Basil Harlow, Hugh J. Thurrock, Edward Heath, Andres S.Surbiton, Thomas Michael, John Aldridge-Brownhills, Margaret J. Crosby, Wade, Leigh Christchurch, Gerald Wallasey, Hugh A. L. Haringey, Simon Bootle, Mackinlay, Michael Abingdon, Lynda Chalker, Patrick Haltemprice, Denis Raymond Romford, Kevin McNamara, Albert St Pancras North


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Catholic Parliamentary candidates

Among the candidates in Thursday's General Election are the following Catholics:


BUCHANAN, Richard Glasgow Springburn. MP for that constituency since 1964. Former tutor in economics and tool-fitter. Special interests: Transport. education and finance.

COHEN, Stanley Leeds South East. MP for that constituency since 1970. Worked as clerical officer with British Railways. Member of Leeds City Council for 18 years.

COX, Thomas Michael Tooting. MP there since February 1974, and for Wandsworth Central Constituency 1970-74. Educated at London School or Economics. Specially interested in education, industrial relations, care of the elderly.

DELARGY, Hugh J. Thurrock, Essex. MP there since 1950. Former teacher, free-lance journalist, labourer and insurance official. Educated in Paris and Rome. He served as a staff captain in the army.

DEMPSEY, James Coatbridge and Airdrie. MP there since 1959. Educated at Holy Family School, Mossend, and the Co

operative College in Loughborough. A former clerical worker.

DUFFY, Albert E. P. Sheffield Attercliffe. MP for that constituency since 1970. Educated at London University and Columbia University, New York, he is a former university lecturer.

DUNN, James Anthony I.iverpool Kirkdale. MP there since 1964. Won a scholarship to the London School of Economics. Specially interested in general community welfare. youth welfare and old age pensioners, consumer affairs, hospital services and rate reform.

HAMILTON, James Bothwell. I.anarkshire. MP for the constituency since 1966. He has worked as a constructional engineer and joined the Labour Party in 1946. Special interests: Housing. health, education and trade unionism.

McELHONE, Francis Glasgow, Queens Park. Educated at St Bonaventure's Secondary School. A fruit merchant. he has served as a magistrate and takes a special interest in helping young people.

McGUIRE, Michael T. F. Ice, Lancashire. MP for the constituency since 1964. Born in Co Mayo, Ireland, he is a former runtime branch secretary of the National Union of Mineworkers.

McNAMARA, Joseph K. Hull Central. Born in in Kirkdale, Liverpool. and educated at St Mary's College, Crosby and at Hull University. A member of the National Union of Teachers since 1957, he is a former assistant editor of the Hull Sentinel.

MAHON, Simon Bootle, where he has been MP since 1955. He was educated at St Joseph's Irish Christian Brothers' School in Bootle. Later he became a ship repair contractor. During the war he served in the Far East, Became Mayor of Bootle in 1962.

MELLISH, Rt Hon Robert J. Bermondsey. MP for the constituency since 1950. He has been Government Chief Whip since February. From 1967-69 he was Minister of Public Building and Works. O'HALLORAN, Michael Islington North. MP there since 1969. He is. a former builder's manager and became a member of Islington Borough Council in 1968.

O'MALLEY, Brian Kevin Rotherham. Ile has been MP there since 1963, and Minister of State for Health and Social Security since March.

PARRY, Robert Liverpool Scotland Exchange. He was educated at Bishop Goss School in Liverpool. Worked in the building trade. and in 1963 became a member of Liverpool City Council. Special interests: Industrial law and industrial relations, housing, aged and handicapped persons.

PENDRY, Thomas -Stalybridge and Hyde. MP for that constituency since 1970. Born in Broadstairs and educated at St Augustine's School, Ramsgate, and Oxford University. Ile was appointed a Government Whip in March. Special interests: Industrial relations and industrial law reform,

STALLARD, Albert St Pancras North, MP there since 1970. He is a-technical training officer who became a member of Camden Council. London in 1965.

WILLIAMS, Shirley V. B. HertFord and Stevenage. Secretary of State for Prices and Consumer Protection since March, 1974, Mrs Williams was educated at Oxford University and Columbia University. New York. Special interests: Economic policy and foreign affairs, education, underdeveloped countries and European communitY and monetary policy.

HATTS, Leigh Christchurch and Lymington. A writer, he is a governor of Cardinal Vaughan School. Kensington.

• MACKINLAY, Andres S.Surbiton. He attended Salesian College. Chertsey, and became a Local Government Officer. Special interests: Local government, development of the social services. constitutional reform. Cammonsvealth affairs, Ireland, mental health, Mr Mackinlay is a governor of Richard Challoner Secondary Boys' School, Malden.

HIGNETT, Margaret J. Crosby. She was educated at La Sagesse Grammar School. Liverpool, and is now a Fleet Street journalist. The seat has long been held by the Rt Hon Graham Page. who at the last election had a majority of 15,570. One of his sons is a Jesuit.

1VIcNAMARA, Gerald Wallasey. A teacher, he is the brother of Kevin McNamara who has represented Hull for more than six years. He is contesting the seat against Mrs Lynda Chalker, who held a majority of 2,492.

JOHNSON, MarigoldBeaconsfield. She is a liaison officer of the Child Poverty Action Group. She contests the seat against Ronald Bell, who holds a majority of more than 11,000. Mrs. Johnson is married to Paul Johnson, former editor of the New Statesman, and Catholic Herald correspondent.

O'FINNN, Denis Raymond Romford. Born in Cork, he is a moulder who needs only a 3-1. per cent swing to win the seat. Among his special interests he lists disarmament, housing and the Common Market.

CI.ARKE Anthony James Hampstead. A postman. He needs a swing of only 2f per cent to take the seat, BERKELEY, Humphrey J. North Fylde. An author and writer he has been a member of the Labour Party for four years. He is former Conservative MP for Lancaster.


BIGGS-DAVISON, John Alec Epping Forest. Majority of 8,167 at last election. Been an MP since 1955. He went to Clifton College and Magdalen College, Oxford. He is chairman of the Conservative Parliamentary Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Committee.

FRASER, Rt Hon, Hugh Stafford and Stone. Educated at Ampleforth, the Sorbonne and Balliol College, Oxford, he became a merchant banker and was elected MP fur Stone in 1945. He was Secretary of State for Air from 1962-64.

FELL, AnthonyYarmouth. He was educated at Bedford School and in New Zealand. An art dealer and former engineer, he was first elected MP for Yarmouth in 1951, HAYHOE, Barney B. J. Hounslow. Brentford and Isleworth. A narrow majority last election of 726. A mechanical engineer. Since June he has been Opposition spokesman on employment. Ile went to elementary and technical school in South Norwood, From 1971-73 he was a member of the Select Committee on Race Relations and Immigration.

JAMES, David Dorset North. Majority of 6,883. He went to Eton and Balliol, and was first elected MP for Brighton Kemptown in 1959. Since March he has been Secretary to the Conservative Northern Ireland Committee, KITSON, Sir Timothy Richmond, Yorkshire, Majority of 15.267. A farmer and chairman of a printing company, he was educated at Charterhouse and the Royal Agricultural College. Cirencester. This year he has been PPS to Mr Edward Heath, PRICE, David Eastleigh, Hampshire. Majority 10;110. Educated at Eton, Cambridge and Yale University. He is an industrial economist.

RAWLINSON, RI Hon Sir Peter Epsom and Ewell. Educated at Downside and Christ's College, Cambridge. Majority 16,924. Attorney General from 1970-74.

ROSSI, Hugh A. L. Haringey llornsey. Ile is a solicitor who was educated at Finchley Grammar School and King's College, London. Deputy leader of the delegation to the Council of Europe in 1972, he has been opposition spokesman on the environment since March, ST JOHN-STEVAS, Norman Chelmsford, Essex. Majority 6,63 I. Educated it Ratcliffe and College. Christ Church, Oxford, and Yale University. He is a barrister, author, broadcaster and journalist. in May. 1974, he became Opposition spokesman on the Arts and the following June he was appointed Shadow Spokesman on Education.

TUGENDHAT, Christopher S. City of London and Westminster South. Majority 8,427. A company director. he was educated at Ampleforth and Cambridge. He was a member of the Bow Group Council from 1962-65 and was elected MP in 1970.

WALL, Patrick Haltemprice. Majority 11,824. He was educated at Downside and served as an officer in the Royal Marines from 1935-50. Since March he has been Joint Secretary to the Conservative Defence Committee.

TETLOW, Brian H. Westhoughton. An estate agent and insurance broker,. he is fightine against a Labour majority of 12,66. He is a former pupil at Xaverian College, Manchester, and an active member of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. Special interests: Education, housing, planning, compensation and taxation.

BALDWIN, Roger -Newton. A barrister and a parishioner of St Oswald's, Padgate, he is contesting a large Labour majority.

GEARING, Eric Birkenhead.

He is seeking election against a Labour majority of 6,994. He is a solicitor and former chairman of the local Society for Mentally Handicapped Children.

WADE, Gerry Wandsworth Putney. Fighting a Labour majority of 1,439, Mr Wade is a former chairman of the Greater London Young Conservatives. He is a corporate public affairs adviser and contested this seat unsuceessfully in the February election,


ALTON, David Edge Hill. A member of the Sacred Heart parish. he has been prominent in the Young Liberals and in the Liberal resurgence in the city which brought them overall control of the local council.

MAIION, David Toxteth. He is a parishioner of' St Thomas of Canterbury, Waterloo.

CAPSTICK, William Leicester East. A parishioner of St Osmund's Church, Barnes, Mr Cap' stick is a senior law lecturer at Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham, and holds a degree in criminology. He is a former secretary of the National Union of Students, d

s, and

h as worked in z National Union of Students, d h as worked in z


CROFTON, Dr John Aldridge-Brownhills. He is a technical adviser and a part-time lecturer.

GOLDSTONE, Basil Harlow, A hospital catering officer, he fought seat unsuccessfully in Feb FOGARTY, Michael Abingdon. Contesting the seat against a Conservative majority, he is a Professor of Social Policy. SCOTr , Christopher Edinburgh Central. Lecturer and farmer. He faces a Labour majority in this seat.

BRIDGE, George Enfield Southgate. A produce merchant who fought the seat in February and lost to the Conservatives, EDEN, Leonard Halesowen and Stourbridge. Educated at the Oratory in Edgbaston, he is contesting a Conservative majority.


ALLMAN, Stephen Paddington. Standing on a platform for the end of internment, the creation of a United Ireland and a phased withdrawal of British troops from the North, he may well eat into the Labour majority of only 872 in this highly marginal seat.

In Belfast West, Gerry FITT will he defending his seat for the SDLP. while across the water in ticotiana Ian BAYNE, John MURPHY and Lain MACCORMICK are three Catholics standing for the Scottish National Party.

In an interview published in the Scottish Catholic Observer last week John Murphy, who is contesting Bute and North Ayrshire, denied that the SNP was under the sway of the Church of Scotland or the Masonic Order, or was infiltrated by "Orange Loyalists".

On nuclear weapons Ian Bayne explained that a primary aim of the SNP was to remove Polaris bases from the Clyde Estuary and rocket ranges from the Hebrides. Scotland under the SNP, he said, would be a declared non-nuclear power,

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