Page 4, 4th September 1992

4th September 1992
Page 4
Page 4, 4th September 1992 — Catholic fairground of distorted coconuts

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People: Michael Walsh
Locations: Salford, Brussels


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Catholic fairground of distorted coconuts

THE article about psychiatry and religion (Catholic Herald, August 29) had a touch of the fairground with distorted coconuts being set up so that they could be knocked down again.

The article did not get to grips in any significant way with the implications of "Catholic guilt". I thought there was a thread running from there to the item on the Church in Belgium where we were told that "Any prayers which plead 'have mercy' seem to be anathema to Brussels".

Has not one of the merits of the Church been that we seek always to love the sinner but hate the sin? Or is sin one of the coconuts due to be set up in order to be knocked down?

A message of moral purity we may well preach but presumably that is based on Gospel values. Do we not also preach love and compassion in full recongition of the limitations of each one of us?

And surely "vale of tears" is an apt description when we are looking at starving Somalia or the Balkans or some of our own city streets.

Fr Michael Walsh

Diocese of Salford

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