Page 2, 5th April 1940

5th April 1940
Page 2
Page 2, 5th April 1940 — BRITAIN'S POLICY Arab Priest's View

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BRITAIN'S POLICY Arab Priest's View

SIR,—I see the Catholic papers are very sincere, especially yours, so allow me to be sincere myself, with the noble nation I love so much. Great Britain is doing a lot of good, especially in the East. But I like her to be the best nation. So I find, myself obliged to condemn: (1) Her " criminal diplomatic silence" in the Soviet " vandalism" in poor Finland. You declare you are fighting for the freedom of the nations from despotism, and . we really believe that; but, is there a more despotic despotism than Bolshevism?

You did not touch your diplomatic relations with the Soviet, and so you have been not logical! You even left all freedom, in time of war, to your Communist party, when you should be at least as logical as good France. So pool

Finland is obliged now to accept peace with the " Devil" at her own expense, and, who knows, perhaps at the expense of the very Christendom!

(2) Her " superlove " of certain Jews, so as to forget their perfidious nature. and to sacrifice all others to their own commodities. Are they (or do they make you believe that) without land? It is easy! Your money makers given them our own land! Are they without work? It is easier! They make you believe they are more clever than us Arabs, so you give them our own ! It is sour experience, which makes me cry, "Come and see!" We protest—we are hit and despised! They protest—they are kissed and beloved!

(3) Her flattery of -Islam. This flattery is becoming more and more childish, ridiculous (as that of Germany) and exorbitant. It is embracing nearly all Britain's activities in the Near East, especially in the radio, social and political spheres. You soon forget the Christians of the East are a great force; YOU soon sacrifice them to your

"Imperialism." I think Great Britain failed her Divine Mission in the Holy Land.

If Great Britain can free herself of these blemishes it would be happy in the world and (I think) before God.

Louis DIRK (Rev.) Hoeson , Tran ejordan.


SIR,—(1) One of your correspondents in last week's issue asks, " Isn't it silly that if one meets a man in a religious habit he is almost certain to be an Anglican?"

The answer is "It is." Section 26 of the " Act for the Relief of His Majesty's Roman Catholic Subjects" (April 13, 1829) runs as follows:

" And be it further enacted, That if any Roman Catholic Ecclesiastic, or any Member of any of the Orders, Communities, or Societies hereinafter mentioned, shall, after the Commencement of this Act, exercise any of the Rites or Ceremonies of the Roman Catholic Religion, or wear the Habits of his Order, save within the usual Pieces of Worship of the Roman Catholic Religion, or in private Houses, such Ecclesiastic or other Person shall, being thereof convicted by due course of Law, forfeit for every such Offence the Sum of Fifty Pounds."

Has this section been repealed?

(2) Another correspondent asks, " Can it be there are Catholics who can label all Anglicans by the term 'Protestant '?" The answer is " Yes.'

Section 24 of the Act from which I have just quoted runs:

" And whereas the Protestant Episcopal Church of England and Ireland, and the Doctrine' Discipline and Government thereof, and likewise the Protestant Presbyterian Church of Scotland, and the Doctrine, Discipline, and Government thereof, are by the respective Acts of Union of England and Scotland, and of Great Britain and Ireland, established permanently and inviolably."

P. BYRNE. 2, John Street, Kilkenny.

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