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5th December 1941
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Michael, Arehhisho.o of Cardiff.


" The early Christians resembled us in all points but one. They had our Faith, our opportunities. our temptations. But their lives and ours are very different. And this because of one thing alone. Faced with martyrdom at any moment for the Faith, they weighed up the respective merits of time and eternity."

They chose eternity, the Archbishop continued, whereas we " by our lukewarm piety and love of the world," show more care in securing our well-being for our time on earth.

On peace aims and the new order, Archbishop McGrath said: " Any plans for human welfare which leave out of consideration the fact that man is a moral being— any plans which cater merely for his material welfare—are not worth the paper•on which they are written. Such plans would be those which contemplate nothing beyond physical reconstruction and the still further control of human fortunes by Science and the Machine."

Richard, Archbishop of Liverpool.


" This consecration of Catholic Action to Our Lady should not be merely a formal one. If we desire and expect the protection and the help of Mary in our work there must be a dedication of our own lives to her. We must be prepared to empty ourselves of all self-love, self-seeking, setf-gratification, and allow her to fill our souls with grace and make use of us as instruments of divine power. Just in so far as this personal consecration of ourselves to Mary is complete will our work for souls be successful. This consecration to Mary is the consecration of ourselves to the cause of her Divine Son. and our consecration to Him is complete just in so far as we put into effect the promises, made when we became members of His Mystical Body in baptism, to renounce Satan and all his works and pomps."

Peter, ArchbIshop-Bishop of Southwark.


" Many of our separated brethren, good and sincere men. are facing the alarming fact that in a land which was Christian, and which even now thinks that it is fighting for Christian ideals, multitudes have grown up without knowledge of religion. We cannot but lament the pagan outlook of large numbers of our fellow countrymen. The move towards a more Christian England has, as yet, scarcely touched the rank and file.

" The havoc of war has affected every class. Rich and poor have suffered and we must prepare to work together for the uplifting of the nation. The situation will be greatly changed. Some who were rich and comfortable will find themselves poor, whereas the conditions of others will be vastly improved. All must do their part in reconstruction as they have been asked to do in war-time. " There must be no idleness, no waste, no selfishness, but readiness to make sacrifices and to help one another. Catholic Action, so strongly urged by the late Holy Father; the Sword of the Spirit, in which our Cardinal is so deeply interested ; the Catholic Youth Confederation in our own diocese, which we desire should co-ordinate the Youth Movements and all the works for young men and boys; the confraternities in every parish,.and the many excellent societies which are doing good to men and women:

all must do their hest for the uplifting of the nation."

Joseph. Bishop of Ifeshant and Newcastle.


" It is a good thing that there is still a great lot left over to he done for poor people and poor children willingly, cheerfully and gladly by giving our offerings not because we are compelled but because it will please Almighty God. Pray that in our dear country the awful day may never come when the Government or the corporation will take charge of everything that is to be done for the poor. It would be a terrible thing to leave no room for the love of God. Pray that always there will be work left for the kind hearts and unselfish hands of those who will help the needy for the love of Jesus Christ. What we do for them with kind and loving hearts we do for Jesus Himself."

Henry John. Bishop of Leeds.


" You live in the midst of dangers to your Faith. The devil is a clever pickpocket who will rob you of your treasure without your being aware of it until it is too late.

" There is danger to your Faith from within yourself. Carelessness and neglect in regard to religious duties first of all dims the light of Faith and finally extinguishes it ; it happens so easily because it happens so gradually that it is hardly noticed.

" Then there are many dangers around us -first worldliness and sin—the desire to have what is called a good time, to do as others do, to he so occupied with the seeking of pleasure, that there is little time left for the things of God. And if there is one particular sin which is a particular danger to Faith, we would say that it is sin against the sixth commandment. Again, Mixed Marriages, which unfortunately do not grow less frequent, are a real danger to Faith.

" Lastly, there is the danger of bad companions. Choose your friends wisely. As bad companions I would mean not only your human friends, but bad books whether against religion or against morals, certain types of picture shows, certain types of newspapers and reviews.

" Nourish your Faith by prayer and instruction. The more you know of your Faith the more you will prize it. Read about it as it is seen in action in all parts of the world recorded for us in the Catholic Press. Read about it and understand what it means for you in good hooks which explain it ; the pamphlets of the Catholic Truth Society will provide most of you with all you need and at very little cost. Listen to the instructions that are given to you from the pulpit and apply those instructions to yourself. Pray that your Faith may become ever brighter and stronger."

John, Bishop of Nottingham.


After listing the various diocesan activities of the past year the bishop then announced that in order that they may be " kept up to standard and so be capable of producing the hest results, we are shortly issuing to the diocese a Scheme of Catholic Action which will help to correlate and crystallize various works in the diocese through the co-operation of the laity with the Apostolic work of the hierarchy.

" We call upon our people once itgain to become members of one or other of the organizations for Catholic Action in the diocese. As time goes on the lay apostolate must become more and more a feature of our Catholic life. and there is in our diocese no lack of opportunity for exer

rising this apostolate since we have societies to suit every taste and disposition.

" If everyone who could possibly do so would take,up membership of one at least of our societies their effectiveness would be strengthened enormously. We appeal, therefore, for more active support of these Catholic organizations whose benefits to the diocese, to the Church and therefore to the nation, would be increased a hundredfold, and we make this appeal especially to our youth."

Henry Vincent, Bishop of Salford.


" The Communists' reply to the warning of Leo is the old worn-out, thread-hare one, of suggesting that the Catholic Church is against the poor and on the side of big business. Our own experience and the testimony of history give the lie to this calumny. Let us look around in this country to-day. Where do we find the majority of our Catholic churches? Are they not in the midst of the'poor? Who built them? Who

maintain 'them? Is it not the poor? In proportion to our members we expend more upon education than any other voluntary body. Who pays for this education? Who

benefit by it? Is it not the poor? The most flourishing societies connected with the Catholic Church in this country to-day, the most extensive establishments, whom do they serve but the poor?

" Is there any person who will deny that, in proportion to our members, the Catholic Church maintains more poor people than any other charitable body in the country? Our nuns who have given their lives to the service of God may he seen every day going from house to house—what are they doing? Are they not begging for the poor? Men in those days listened to her voice. with the result that the workers of the Middle Ages— although the social order was by no means perfect in every respect—were relatively much better off than the workers of the present day. It was the Church which first taught the principle of the Just Wage and the Just Price."

Ambrose, Bishop of Shrewsbury.


" Are we sure that the last stronghold of the enemy is in his tanks and machines of

destruction? These of course are terrible, but there may be and is a further evil thing than these of which they are but the evidences. If we arc to seek out the enemy's real stronghold we should seek out the real evil from which these spring. Otherwise we may succeed in one war and yet the stronghold of evil may be left untouched and so we shall have been beating the air.

" All evil comes from the source of evil and it is at its source that it should be attacked—not indeed that any slackening should be allowed in our efforts to provide material weapons in giving our last ounce of strength and treasure and life if needs be to crush this evil thing that is threatening us, but that we should seek out the real .evil and hold it in check. This however means that we should be convinced what is the evil and where it abides.

" As a nation we are credited and not without reason with the habit of undervalueing our enemy and so have fallen into many reverses. We answer quite complacently that we always muddle through ' and it is the last victory which wipes out the first defeats.

" That is a dangerous policy even in earthly war, but in our warfare with Satan it is not merely dangerous, it is disaster. There will be no last victory and we cannot trust to muddling through' when we are fighting with an archangel.

" To fight a purely spiritual enemy no human material weapons are of any use. Our only hope of victory is in the help of God's grace on the one hand and on the other constant watchfulness against the hidden craft of Satan."

Querying the Brains Trust

LEEDS C.E.G. ENTER THE ARENA Leeds C.E.G. have introduced a new feature into their programme of lectures in an attempt to correct any misconceptions which have arisen from the weekly broadcast talks of the Brains Trust.

A monthly feature, " Querying the Brains Trust," is to be inaugurated, and on December 8 one of the Leeds priests will correct any wrong impressions on suicide, the question of children and families. and evolution.

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