Page 10, 5th December 1986

5th December 1986
Page 10
Page 10, 5th December 1986 — BISHOPS ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: St Themes More School, Archbishop Council, Finance Committee, Queen Mary College, Archbishop's Council, Irish Centre, Council of Clergy, St Thomas More RC School, SI Stephen's Pastoral Centre, Bishop's Council, Catecumertate Service, Statuary Lancaster University Court, Ministry of Reader, Salvatorian College, Art and Architecture Committee, Church of the Immaculate Conception, Feder Thanksgiving Service for WELCARE, St Peter's School, John Paut Centre, Civic Service, Catholic High School, Parise Council, Carol Service, New Church, SVP, John Paul Centre, St Nicholas School, Society of St Augustine, Notre Dame College, Ministry of Acolyte, Essex Churches Consultative Council, SI Joseph's School, Lady's School, St Mary's College, JM Centre, Trinity Church, SI Bernadette's School, Diocesan Primary School's Carol Service, SLIM Council, St Edmund's College, Memorial Service, St Boniface Primary School, Fatima High School, St Albane Preparatory School, Upholland College, Senior Citizens party, St Augustine's Secondary School, St George's College, Wedneader Committee, Christ Church, College of Consultors


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Bishops ' Diaries

Page 8 from 4th August 1995


Keywords: Religion / Belief

M= Mess, v= visitation. C Confirmation. 0 Ordination, Cardinal Hume, Archeathop of Westminster Sunder M al Farm Street. I tarn. Monday: 0 of Monsignor John Crowley as Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster (Central London), at Westminster Cathedra', 2.30pm. Tuesday: IN, SI Joseph's School, Waltham Cross, )tar. Wednesday: M, St Albane Preparatory School, 2pm. Friday: Society of St Augustine's Reception. Archbishop's House, Sprit Saturday: M. 70th Anniversary of Cubs and Scouts. Westminster Cathedral, 3pm

Archbishop Bowen of Southwark Mender Concelebrates M at Consecration of Bishop-Elect John Crowley as Auxiliary Bishop In Westminster, Westminster Cathedral, Meetings. Archbishop's House, 230pna Tuesday. South London Church Leaders• Meeting, production of 'Holy BOY (St Thomas More RC School) Fairfield Halls, Croydon, 11,30pm. Thursday: meeting, Catholic National Mutual Limited, Guernsey

Archbishop Corns de Mond' of Birminehern M, Feast ca the immaculate Conception, SI Chad's Cathedral 1245pm. Tuesday: Presentation: St Themes More School. Longton, 3pm. C. Immaculate Conception a St Dominic. Slone, 7pm. Wednesday: M, St Peter's School, Solihull, 11am. Thursday: West Midlands Ellsohps' meeting, Bishop's Croft, Birmingham. lOarn Opening of new Churen, Sacred Heart, Sutton Coldliela 7 30pm. Saturday: V and C. St Vincent's, Vauxhall.

Archbishop Ward of Cardiff Sunday: M. Pencoed, 9.15am 1),4 & Commissioning of Eucharistic Ministers, St Mary, Bridgend, 10.30am. Monday: Pontifical M. SI Davies Cathedral, 12.30pm. Tuesday. Meeting of Deans, Archbishop's House. 4pe1. Wednesday: C, SI John, Rhymney. 7,300m. Frisky: School Play, Belmont Abbey, Bpm

Archbisimp WorMck of Unreel:a Sunder V. Our Lady's Bryn. Monday: Episcopal 0 of Mgr Crowley Westminster Cathedral, 230prn 20th Anniv. celebrations, Holy Name. Sazakertey, 6pm Tuesday: Archbishop Council Meeting Curie Offices. 10am Church Leaders Group. Archbishop's House. 6pm Wednesday: Private meetings. London. pm. Thursdar Michaelmass Group, JM Centre, Barn V. primary schools. Bryn, 11 thaw, r, nonce Meeting, lipholland. 2.30pm. Friday: Finance Meeting. Christ & Notre Dame College, 230pm. Golden Jubilee Celebration, SI Bernadette's School, 7.30pm illehop Alexander of Clifton Tuesday: Meetings of Art and Architecture Committee Wednesday: le at St Augustine's Secondary School, Trowbridge. 11 am Friday Confers the Ministry of Acolyte on Mr Dowd McDonald during the celebration of the M at St Gregory's, Ceellenharn, 7.30pm. Saturday. M al the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Clevedon on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of the Sisters of Mercy at Clevedon. 11 30am V. St Dunstan's. Keynsham, Preaches at M. 6pm.

Bishop Brewer of Lancaster Sunday: V Newhouse. Preaches for centenary of St John's,

Silverdale, 6.30Prn. Monday: Episcopal D of Bishop John Crowley, Westminster Cathedral. 2.30pm, Tuesday: C, SS Peter 6 Paul, Preston, 7.30pm, Wednesday: V, Pilling Friday: Meeting of College of Consultors, Bishop's Hovse. am. V. St Ignatius' School. Preston, 2.30pm. Statuary Lancaster University Court, 10am.

Bishop Budd of Plymouth Sunday: V and C. Sacred Heart, Exeter, induction Of Parish Priest, 11 am. Monday: St Nicholas School, Exeter, teeming. Marian celebration with Jul. Cathedral, 7.30pm. Tuesday. Chnstmas Play of St Boniface Primary School, Cathedral, 6.30pm Thursday: fia with Plymouth Family and Social Action Group. Dervanport, 7.3Cpm. Friday V Chapels of Ease, Bodrnln and Pat, induction of Parish Priest. SI Austell, 10am.

Bishop Burke. Auxiliary for Salford Sunder UCM Benediction, St John's Cathedral, 8.30pre Mender Episcopal D of Mgr John Crowley as Auxiliary Bishop. In Westminster, Westminster Cathedral. 2.30pm. Tuesday: Deanery Conference. Cathedral Hauser, Salford, loam

Bishop Clare of Ent *netts Sunday: Pastoral V of Diss Perish. Tuesday Interviews for Diocesan Financial Administrator, Diocesan Offices, Poringlaed. Friday: Disciples for Christ Dinner, St Edmund's College. Cambridge. 7pm Blehop Chary. Auxiliary for Birmingham Mender. Chapter Meeting, SI Chad's Catnedne, 11 45am, Chapter M. Feafit Of the Immaculate Conception, St Chad's Cathedral. 12.45pm. Wednesday: Attends St Anne's, Birmingham, Senior Citizens party, 8pm. Thursday: West Midland's Bishops' meeting: Bishop's Croft, Sirtelnahaln, lOarn.Frklar induction of Parish' Priest. St Joseph's, Detesters 7.30om :amender 0 of Rev Gerard Breen, Sacred Heart, Aston, 2.30pm.

Bishop Emery of Portsmouth Monday: Annual Christmas concert for age concern Guildhall Portsmouth. 1.i5pm. M at Douai Abbey for the bicentenary ol the parish, 8pm. Wednesday-. Christmas CaroliM. Catholic Chaplaincy, 6.15pm Thursday: V. Si Finian's School, Thatcher, 11am. Confers the Ministry of Reader on those training for the Permanent Diaconate. Bishop's HOuee, 630Pm, Bishop Grey ol Shrewsbury Sunday: V and C. St Peter. Wythenshawe Tuesday: Governors' Meeting, Heronbrook House, Solihull!, 2,15prn Thursday, Meeting of Midland Church Leaders. Bishopscrols Harborne. Friday: Bishop's Council Meeting, )tam Bishop Gusimell, Auxiliary for Viemminater Sunday: Youth M, Irish Centre. 6pm Mondey: Consecration of Mgr John Crowley, 2.30pm. C at Wapping, 7pm Thursday, St Dominica'. Haverslock Hill. 9.30am. Queen Mary College, 7.30pm_ Wedneeder Kirigsmead, 2pm.

Bishop Hannigan of WeedsSunday: Beaming Of New Church at Caernarfon, 3pm. Monday: Episcopal 0 of Rt Rev J Crowley, Westminster Cathedral, 2pm. Tuesday Trinity and All Saints Leeds. Trustees

Meeting, 2pm. Wederatidar Induction of Rev Fr Richard Cullen, Newtown, 7.30pm. Thursday: CAFOD Meeting, Wrexham, 2pm V to St Sauna's, pm Bishop Harris of Middlesbrough Sunday: C. SI Andrew's. Teesville, M, 11am. Caring Professions. John Paul Centre, Middlesbrough, 2.30pm. Mender C. Convent of the Assumption, Richmond. 2.300m. Tuesday-. Meets with 6th Form College Groups. Celebrates M, John Paut Centre with Eduction Group & presentation of Religious Certificates. 7pm. Thursday, Meets with 6th Form College Groups. Friday: Bishop's Council Meeting. Bishop's House, 11am

Blahop Harvey, Auxillery foe Westminster Sunday: M, SI Paul. Wood Green, 10.30am, Mender FInehley Catholic High School, Founders Day, tram, Episcopal 0 of Bishop Crowley, Cathedral, 2.30pm' Salvatorian College. Wealdstone (60th Anniversary). 7.30pm. Thurclay: Meeting, London Churches Group. 10am. Feder Thanksgiving Service for WELCARE, Trinity Church. Enfield_ 8pm Bishop Henderson, Auxitiery for Southwark Sunday Continuation of V. Dulwich. Monday. Consecration of new Bishop in Central London. Westminster Cathedral, 2pm. "Top of the Pew" Final, Bromley, 8pm. Tuesday; Attends memorial M for Canon Corbiehley, Westminster Cathedral. 1pm. Wednesday: Diocesan Primary School's Carol Service, Cathedral. 2pm. al to celebrate Papal Award, Christ Church. Eitharn, 8pm.

Bishop Kitchen, Auxiliary for Liverpool Sunday: V, St William's, Ince. M and reunion of former pnests of the parish of Our Lady's, Formby, 6.30pm Mender Episcopal 0 of Mgr John Crowley, Westminster. Tuesday, Archbishop's Council Meeting, Curial Offices, 10am. "Shared ReSeOnsibliitY" Meeting, Cathedral House, 3.30pm. Church Leaders' Meeting. Archbishop's House, eifen. Wednesday: Meeting. Upholland College. Chnstmas Carols, Metropolitan Cathedral, 2.30pm Thunder V ol Schools. St William's, Ince, 10am. Meeting of MARGE*, Friends Meeting House, 2pm. Friday. CAFOD, London.

Bisbee Jukes, Auxiliary for Southwark Sunder, V 10 Maidstone parish Monday: Concelebrates M. Westminster Cathedral. consecration of Bishop Crowley. 230pM Wednesday: Finance Meeting, House of Hospitality. Holy Cross, Heathfield, 11.15em, SLIM Council Meeting, Christ Church, 6pm FrIdaylSeturder V lo Dover. 01 Paul's). Bishop Kelly at Salford Sunder M in St John's Cathedral, Salford. 10.30am. Tuesday: Deanery Conference. IU, Malley Hall, 10.30w5. C, St Mays, Radcliffe. 7pm. Wednesday: Hopwood Governors' Meeting, 11amC, SI Mary's, Radcliffe, 7pm. Thursday: Junior Clergy Meeting. 10.30am. C, SI Mary's, Radcliffe. 7pm {Please note three C al St Mary's, Radcliffe) Friday: Dedication of Church, St Winifred's. Heaton Mersey. 7 30pm Saturday Day for Readers al Blackburn Advent Talk to Sisters of Drywood Convent, Worsiey, 7om Bishop Kr:instant of Leads Sunder St Patrick's.

Selby, 9am. SI Mary's, Selby, liana Monday: Our Lady of Lourdes, Huddersfield, 7-30Pm. Wednesday: Lunch, High Sheriff or Yorkshire, Leeds, 12.30prn. Thursday: Christmas Caroleade. Leeds Town Hall, 6.30pm. Friday: SI Cuthbert's & First Martyrs School, Bradford, 1/am. Children's Play, St John'S, Beaton Spa. 7.30pm. Saturday: SI Paul, Cleckheaton, 6.30pm.

Bishop Lindsay of Hexham & Newcastle Sunder V & C, St Bede's. Jarrow Monday: Episcopal 0 of Monsignor John Crowley. Westminster Cathedral, 2.30pm. Wednesday: Finance Committee, Bishop's House. Newcastle. 2.30pm Friday: Official Opening of Hogarth Coin, Darlington, 2.30pm.

Bishop McGuinness of Nottingham Sunday: VIC, SI Joseph's. Cakham, 3pm Monday Episcopal 0 Bishop J Crowley, Westminster, 2.30pm. Wednesder Meeting of College ol Con suitors. Cathedral, 2.30pm. Friday: V. Housebound. Market Harborough parish.

Bishop McMahon of Bremwood Sunder Pastoral V and C. St John Fisher, Prittirnvell Mender Concelebrates M at Episcopal 0, Westminster Cathedral, 2.30prn, Tuesday Chars meeting of Parise Council, Stock, 8pm. Wednesday: Chairs meeting of Essex Churches Consultative Council, Chelmsford. IC 30am. Setteday: Celebrates M. SI Mary Immaculate and the Holy Archangels, Kelvedon. 3pm.

Bishop Mahon, Auxiliary for Westminster Sunder Pastoral V, Fehharn parish. Monday: Attends elliecODal 0. Bishop Crowley, Westminster Cathedral. 2.30pm MencMy/Tuestar Area Workers Retreat, London Coiney Wednesday: Governors Meeting, St Mary's College. 10 15am. Friday: C, Hanwell parish, 7.30pm Saturday, Commissions Special Ministers. Non ell Parish. 6.30pm.

Bishop aleverley of Hallam Sunder V & C at Our Lady of Mount Carrel. Mender Scrota:pi M at Bentley, 10.30am Tuesday: Trinity & All Saints. Governors' meeting, lOarn. Wednesday: Council of Clergy, 10.45am Thursday Finance Committee, 1e.45am Friday: Lord Mayor's Parlour to meet the Ocean. 3.45prn.

Slake, Means, Area Sishop in Swansea Mender Ecumenical Meeting. Swansea Dinner, Mansion House, Swansea, 7.30pm Tuesday: Meeting of Deans, Archbishop's House. (torn Thursday: Counfield, 12 noon.

Bishop Merphy-CYCmunce of Arundel & Brighton Sunday M at Civic Service, SS Francis & Anthony, Crowley, lOarn, Attend!' Luncheon with Mayor of Crowley. Monday: M and blesses Foundation Slone of new Church, Redhill. Episcopal 0 of Fal Rev John Crowley, Westminster Cathedral, 2.30prn. Tuesday: Meeting of The Clergy Review board, 2.30pm. Wofhwatiler Speaks at Woburn Conference, St George's College, Weybridge, 8pm. Thursday: Meeting of College of Consultors, Stordnglon. sm. Presents Certificates, St Peter's School, Marrow, pm. Friday: Meeting of Church Leaders' Committee. Guilt:Ilona Warder Opens New Building and presents prizes. Our Lady's Convent Eastbourne, Babes, J O'Brien, Auxiliary for Westminster Sunder Golden Jubilee M at Whealhampatead, loam SVP Festlyal M at Sacred Heart, Bushey, 3pm. Monday: Episcopal 0 of Mgr John Crowley, 2.30pm. Tuesday: Welwyn and Hadielo Priest's deanery, 11arn Wednesday: Catholic Scnooi's production of 'Holy Boy' at the Pavilion. Hemel Hempstead. 7.30pm. Thursday: Meeting on South Africa. St Martin's in the Fields, 1 larra Catecumertate Service at SS Alban & Stephen 8pm. Fraley: Commissions Special Ministers at St Saviour's. Abbots Langley. 7.30pm. Saturday: M with the Deal at St Michael's House. All Saints Pastoral Ceelre, 12 noon, Bishop K O'Brien. Auxiliary for Middlesbrough Sunday IA at Bransholme. 10.45arn. Requiem M for the deceased members of the SVP, 2 30pre, Mender 0 of Bishop Crowley' at Westminster. 2.30pm. Tuesday: C at nice Convent. 1l am. Wednesday: Senior Citizens Party at SI Stephen's Pastoral Centre, Hull. Speak at Hull and District Catholic Woman's Luncheon Club Dinner at the Guildhall, Middlesbrough.

Council at BishOp'S House,

id Bishop Revertherne, Auxiliary for Liverpool Sunder Formby Deanery Youth Day, Skeirnersdale Ecumenical Conveni, 6.30pm. Monday: Episcopal 0, Westminster. Tuesday: Archbishop's Council Meeting, Curial Offices, bum Carol Service, Metropolitan Cathedral, 2 3Com Merseyside Church Leaders' Meeting. Arcnbishop's House, 6pm. Wedneader Committee Meeting, Upholland. 10.30am. FrA M, Our Lady of Fatima High School. 7 30pm. Fritter Day of Recollection, ICiam. Our Lady's School, Widnes, 3.30pm Saturday: L'Arche Meeting, 2.30pm. Liverpool; 4.30pm

Bishop SwIndlehurst, Auxiliary for Hexharn 4 Newcastle Sunder C. M, St Leonard's, Stlkworth. 3pm Mender Episcopal 0 of Monsignor John Crowley. Westminster Cached rat, 2.30pm Wednesday: Finance Committee. Bishop's House, Newcastle, 2.30pm. Thuraday Consecration 01 a new alias St Mary's, Blackhllt, 7pm.

Bishop Thomas of Northampton Sunday, V end C. Chesharn B013. Monday: 0 01 Bishop Crowley, 2.30pm. 0, All Saints, Bietchiey. 7.30pm_ Tuesday: Memorial Service, Canon Corbishley, 1pm. Post 0 Course, The Grail, pm. Wednesday: C, Toweester, 7pm. Thursday: Area interdenominational Committee, Bishop's House. 2.30pm. C, Leighton Buzzard, pm. Saturday: V. Little Chalfont.

Bishop Tripp, Aualliery for Southmark Sunder V at Mellor Street. Mender Episcopal 0 01 Bishop John Crowley. 2,30pn. Tuesday: Performance of "HON Boy" at Fairfield Hall, Croydon, 7.30pm. Saturday; PA roarlitgioWLno 2pm. Renewal at Poundehaw, w

Bishop Waterer/ PM Fermate-Sunder Celebrates M. RAF Abingdon. 10.30am. Attends Carol Concert. RNC Greenwich 7pm Monday: Episcopal 0, Westminster Cathedral, 2.30pm

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