Page 10, 5th February 1937

5th February 1937
Page 10
Page 10, 5th February 1937 — Competition No. 14

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Locations: Halifax, London


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Competition No. 14

One often hears Catholics complaining of the apparent principles at work in the compiling of a Catholic reference book like the Catholic: Who's Who. Thus rich and titled men and women are included at the expense of many priests, parish workers, and, probably, hundreds of "saints " as they seem to those who know them.

A prize of a recent book, to be selected by the Catholic Herald for the best list of qualifications, for inclusion, together with short explanatory comment. Maximum LSO words.

Entries should be marked " Competition No. It " and addressed to the Cotholir Herald, 110, Fleet Street, London, E.C.4. They must reach this office by the first post on the Friday following the date of issue. The report will be published in the next issue but one.


• This competition was for the names of the best six easily obtainable books to be suggested as reading for the averagely well-educated man of the middle-class enquiring about the Church. It has proved highly popular, and, I think, the results may prove of permanent help to many priests.

There are two ways of judging a competition like this: to decide on general grounds according to the taste of the judge, or to give the prize to the competitor listing the books which proved most popular to all the competitors. In view of the difficulty of judging on general grounds, 1 have chosen the second way.

The most popular book, mentioned in 38 lists, was The Spirit of Catholicism, by Karl Adam. Next came Fr. Martindale's What Are Saints? (26 votes). Arnold Lunn's Now I See had 20. After these came a group of four with 16 each: One Lord, One Faith, by Fr. Vernon Johnson; A Map of Life, by F. Shecd; Within That City, by Arnold Lunn, and Everlasting Man, by G. K. Chesterton. Good runners-up were the Penny Catechism, the Question Box, Canon Bagshawe's The Credentials of the Catholic. Church. C. C. M.'s The Faith of the Roman Church, Noyes' The Unknown Gad, Belloc's How The Reformation Happened, Oliver's Tadpoles and God, Fr. D'Arcy'a The Nature of Belief.

I was glad to see four votes for Mgr. Benson's brilliant Christ and the Church and I applaud the competitor who added Dean Inge's Protestantism.

Some competitors gave reasons for their choice, and the following from Miss Montserrat, of Bramcotc, is typical and good: 1. Caliban in Grub Street (R. Knox): For clearing the average Englishman's mind of all the vague religious clutter with its tinge of anti-Catholicism.

2. Belief of Catholics (R. Knox): The outline scaffolding of the Faith built on foundation cleared by Book I.

3. Spirit of Catholicism (Karl Adam): The filling-in of the scaffolding and an introduction to the spiritual riches of the Church.

4. What Are Saints? (Fr. Martindale): To bring home the fact that the Catholic saints are really of a different vintage from Protestant " good men."

5. Within That City (Arnold Lunn): The answer to the question, Is it really worth while joining the Church? from the average man's point of view.

6. Words of the Missal (Fr. Martindale): For guiding the possible convert on to the right liturgical lines.

No competitor chose the first six, but Brian Richardson, of " Rutherglen," Rochdale Road, Halifax, though he did not mention the most popular, The Spirit of Catholicism, chose five out of the first seven, and wins the prize with: 1. The Faith of the Roman Church (C. C. Martindale, S.J.).

2. Now I See (Arnold Lunn).

3. A Map of Life (F. J. Shee.d).

4. One Lord, One Faith (Vernon Johnson).

5. Within That City (Arnold Lunn). O. What Are Saints? (C. C. Martindale).


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