Page 3, 5th February 1937

5th February 1937
Page 3
Page 3, 5th February 1937 — AMERICAN CATHOLICS AND PEACE

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Organisations: United States Senate, Pax


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Pax is Dangerous

The Christian Front. an American national magazine of social reconstruction, is supporting Senate Joint Resolution No. 10, introduced in the United States Senate on January 6, 1937, by Senator Gerald P. Nye.

"Let us be realistic about this problem of war," said Mr. Richard LG. Deverall, Editor of the magazine. "This resolution proposes that the Constitution of the United States be amended so as to make it possible for the Government to declare war immediately, if the United States is invaded; but it makes it impossible for the Government to declare war without holding a national referendum in all other cases.

" There has been too much nonsense about conscientious objection recently. Catholics are bound to fight in a just war of defence. But the important point is that most wars during modern times have been unjust wars of offence. To safeguard the consciences of individuals, it is imperative That all Christians support this salutary amendment to the Constitution, for it is a clear recognition that, after all, individuals must be consulted before being asked to fight an offensive war in foreign fields."

Commenting on the recent " pacifist" organisation, Pax, Mr. Deverall said: " This organisation is dangerous in that it tends to be hysterical. A just war might occur. By supporting this proposed amendment, we can achieve the ends of Pax and yet retain that balance so characteristic of the Catholic mind."

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