Page 3, 5th February 1937

5th February 1937
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—1.3y Order of the Government Petition of 31,000 Workers to Re-open Churches


From Our Mexican Correspondent.

In the school calendar prepared by the Ministry of Public Instruction, the date November 7, is mentioned as the celebrabration of the anniversary of the Russian Revolution, it will be marked by a general school holiday.

Red Flag Shall Fly

As further evidence of the Communistic tendencies of the Minister of Public Instruction, he has ordered that the Red Flag shall fly instead of the National one in every Government school building.

1hese facts plainly contradict the statement of Emilie Porter Gil, head of the National Revolutionary Part:v, who emphatically denies that there is COMM1111ism in Mexico.

Two States Without a Single Church

II is now possible to report definitely the religious status of two more states: Tabasco and Oaxaca. Not a single church is open in these two states and the Ordinaries of the dioceses of these two slates are all in exile.

Not a single priest is left in the State of Tabasco.

The situation in Veracruz is unchanged.

Neither the Federal nor the State Government has replied to the petition of 31,000 workers and peasants asking for the re-opening of churches and the registratioe of the 13 priests authorised by law but which so far have not been permitted to register themselves in order that they may be able to officiate. The Bishops of Veracruz, Papantla and Tehuantepec, are all outside of this State.

Plea to the Government ln reply to the petition of the citizens of the town of Orizaba that the churches may he opened to worship, the Governor of Veracruz stated that all the churches in that section has been turned over to the Federal Government and that therefore local authorities had no control over the situation. The citizens have decided to make a plea to the Minister of the Interior.

In the State of Chiapas the situation remains unchanged : that is, no churches have been re-opened, not a single priest is auth

orized to officiate. The Bishop is outside of the State.

Churches Re-opened by People

In Campeche churches which were opened by the people themselves have remained opened, but no priest is allowed to officiate. The petition of Catholics at Ciudad del Carmen, asking the Federal Government to repeal the law in force in the State of Campeche which requests that priests should be married, has been ignored.

In spite of rumours about the re-opening of churches in Ciudad Juarez in the State of Chihuahua which followed the decision of the Federal Judge that three exiled priests be allowed to return to that City, the churches in that State have remained closed and priests have not been authorized to officiate.

To America for Mass

Catholics of Ciudad Juarez cross the border to attend religious services at El Paso, Texas, U.S.A..

Nothing new to report about the States of Sinalea and Hidalgo in which at least no opposition was made by State officials to the re-opening of churches in some towns.

The State of Guerrere is the only one, so far, that has taken definite action towards the alleviation of the persecution. A decree has been issued repealing the law of December, 1932, which allowed

only 8 registered priests in the entire State.

The decree was given by provisional Governor Jose I. Lugo, and it authorises 44 priests, that is one priest for every 15,000 Catholics.

American K.S.C. Protest

In the last pleasure cruise of members of the Knights of Columbus Council No. 65 of San Francisco, California, no stop was made at any Mexican port therefore spurning the visit to several Mexican towns, on their vacation trip to Panama.

According to the Grand Knight all invitations to visit Mexican ports were declined as a protest against the Communistic and anti-religious rule in Mexico.

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