Page 3, 5th February 1937

5th February 1937
Page 3
Page 3, 5th February 1937 — THE SOVIET IS EVERYWHERE

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EXHIBITION IN LONDON Ridicule and Force—their Weapons

From a Special Correspondent In the last months, the Anti-Socialist and Anti-Communist Union have been accumulating evidence of the international activity of the Soviet. The result, a mass of crude literature, campaigning posters in noisy colours and photographic studies of looting, starvation and destruction, is the clearest visual proof of the authenticity of verbal reports that Communism is everywhere.

Most telling among all the display hoardings in this exhibition at Dorland Hall is the one which the catalogue has

somehow forgotten to mention. It is covered with a selection (only) of those publications which circulate Communistic ideas in this country, and it included broadsheets addressed to specialised workers in very many organisations.

I noticed that busmen are addressed through one special medium, airmen employed in British aircraft industry through another. A certain film newssheet is there, and so are periodicals to interest women and bring them into the movement_ Including all the typical political daily, weekly and monthlies, I counted between thirty and forty English Communist papers on this stand.

Power of Ridicule

Next to the English publication section are selections of foreign Communist periodicals. Every language is represented by newspapers and posters shouting Red propaganda. The British Empire is particularly well off in Soviet poster art, where all opportunities are taken to ridicule the missioner and his work.

Ridicule appears to be the great weapon of the Soviet in all its forms. It appears unfailingly and monotonously throughout their Anti-God poster cam paign. Religion is not even given a grand hatred, it is treated as a snivelling joke.

in the lowest of taste the Holy Father is shown in many posters a bloated figure, power-grasping, spectacles on nose and weighed down by the papal tiera.

Abortion Poster

Christ and His Mother receive the same treatment. The worst mockery is a poster which was displayed at a Moscow cinema. Under a picture of Our Lady is this legend: " The first scientific artistic film of Soviet manufacture in the U.S.S.R. 'Abortion.' Oh, why didn't I know that


With a curious twist of their own viewpoint—the Communist after all is the wildest devotee of military force in the world today—Christ is often portrayed as a military menace, synonymous with capitalism in His lure of the quiet worker into the turmoil of profiteering war. Under the title of "The peaceful intentions of our Lord God Jesus Christ " is a representation of Christ driving a tank.

Children Trained

Children are the butt of the worst attacks. Photographs are shown of a line of the small boys (and girls?) shooting at targets which are crucifixes and statues of saints.

On a purely natural plane, the screen displaying the results of the U.S.S.R. regime among the peasants of Russia and its application on the Spanish battlefields, is the most cogent argument in the whole exhibition. It is tragic that the minds of whole nations are being poisoned in the name of material progress—but the greatest adherent of belief in material progress would suspect its existence in Russia after a sight of railway trucks full of the bodies of Russians who starved to death in the streets, or aftef a sight of the material destruction of Spain's architectural treasures,

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