Page 4, 5th February 1993

5th February 1993
Page 4
Page 4, 5th February 1993 — mark

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TIME and time again Ronald Rolheiser has with unerring accuracy highlighted the trends in society.

One of the major outcomes of the haemorrhaging in chaos (Catholic Herald, 15 January) is the advent of Lucifer, for his reign leads to the subjugation of hope.

Could it now be said that we are fast approaching, if not already there, the "last days"? Long may Fr Rolheiser reach us through your columns and continue to stir our minds and hearts in what can only be described as momentous times! MD Sexton Maidstone, Kent RONALD Rolheiser correctly and powerfully argues that God is a unity of whom we can use male and female language.

But it is a pity that he suggests that there is something new about this insight: "for centuries the common unreflective notion was that God was masculine-.

It was in the early fourth century that Arnobius wrote "the Deity is not male, but his name is of the masculine gender-.

This was in answer to those who "raised a false accusation against us, as though we believe God whom we worship to be male simply because, when we speak of him, we use a masculine word. It is not sex which is expressed, but his name..."

I am always disappointed when people who talk sense, as Rolheiser invariably does, make it sound as if this were a modern discovery, an innovation. There is far more in our past and tradition than people give it credit for.

Pat McCann Edinburgh

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