Page 4, 5th July 1946

5th July 1946
Page 4
Page 4, 5th July 1946 — IN A FEW WORDS

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Jewish Tribute I WOULD like to reproduce a Jewish tribute to truth and to the Church. It appeared in the shape of a. letter to the Irish Press, answering Mrs. Chesterton's denial in a Dublin lecture that Cardinal Griffin was correct in stating that there was not freedom of worship in Poland. The writer, Lieut.-Col. David L. Cormen, of the U.S.A. 21st Bomber Command, said : " In to-day's press I see that one Mrs. C. Chesterton says. in so many words, that there is religious freedom in Poland to-day. Alas—has she been there recently? I left Warsaw on January 3 this year and 1 saw three churches open in all that big Catholic city. I say there is persecution in Poland to-day. I have seen Polish S.S. (thugs, armed, trained, fed and paid by Russia) make raids on private property every day of the week. The hammer and sickle is marked on every church door of all sects.

"As I am a non-Catholic—I am a Jew —I would like to thank the Catholic Church in the person of Pope Pius XII and the rte• of Dachau who did so much to help persecuted Jews. and now hoping that I may do some good for persecuted Catholics."

A Great Success !

I AT least felt that we had reached the heights of the craziness of the modern world trying to listen LO the broadcast of the exploding of the Bikini atom bomb. The atmospherics sounded like a chorus of lunatics drowning and distorting the excited American accents of the atom sports commentator. There was nothing for listeners to do but to make idiotic comments about the end of the world and whether it was worth laying next morning's breakfast table. And finally we heard nothing until Monday's paper offered the prize comment that seemed to sum up the whole thing, namely, the extleriment was a great success! As the world seems to he tunable to jerk itself out of this madness by terror or pity or love, the last hope seems to be laughing at itself. 1 see load has suggested that the only answer to the atom bomb is to work up a kind of Fascist or Communist propaganda scare about an attack on the world from Mars. Then the world would at last unite and look at itself. For my part, I can never understand why we are not all running away From these hideous images of ourselves and throwing ourselves on our knees in a church to ask God to restore our sanity.

Episcopal Direction

THE belief that Catholic papers arc the mouthpieces of the Hietatshy was again illustrated when the London

Ei.ening Slumlord stated simultaneous appearances of the comments (On the Winchelsea-Conroy marriage) indicates directions front the Hierarchy." 1 should have thought that commonsense would have suggested much more obvious reasons. Of course, there was no

direction whatever. In point of fact the Catholic journalist's usual difficulty is to obtain any official information. and in this particular case we were reluctant to /tress too hard in case we were asked riot to comment—an awkward " direction " in view of the puzzled letters we had received.

" Boys' Town" Founder Approves FROM at friend in Ireland who has recently met Mgr, E. J. Flanagan, the founder of the famous " Boys' Town," I hear of the latter's very great interest in this paper. Mgr. Flanagan, whose experience is wide, is very conscious of the danger of Communism and of the need of sound and intelligent methods of combating it—note his Own record in organising positive and concrete Christian works which must prove at far muse valuable counter-bid

than mere destructive criticism. He was particularly interested in our initiative in sending a representative to Poland, for any effective journalistic exposure of Communism must be based on timely facts and an international outlook.

Top Secret I HAVE just finished reeding an American copy of Ralph Ingersoll's now notorious book, Top Secret. 1 he most interesting thing in it, to my way of thinking, doesn't lie in the attacks on Montgomery and the writingup of Omar Bradley--General Eisenhower's official report should he compared with this highly-coloured account—but in the frank avower that the Americans deliberately fought the European part of the war with the completest unconcern about the postwar state of Europe. Ingersoll says that the Americans fought war like a game of foothall: something to rush and win, the ultimate state of field, players and spectators being a matter of supreme indifference to them. lie finds nothing to disapprove in this, but rather much to praise, and he strongly criticises the British for preferring the Mediterranean-Balkan route to achieve Germany's destruction and for being furious at the deal with Russia by which we halted west of Berlin. Ac cording to him, Churchill and Roosevelt fell out over this. Ingersoll's moral is that the Americans must never let themselves be involved in a future war between Britain and Russia, but he quite fails to sec that to tight one war without bothering how you leave the map is the best way to ensure another, even if you are in the convenient position of having your home an ocean's breadth away. The book is fascinating reading owing to the amount it reveals about the preparations for D-day and the subsequent campaigns. It is strongly biased. but full of fairly accurate information, I should say. I wander if it will be published over here. The American military responsibility for the present 'salience of power, if true, is worth publicising, "Tabor" A NEW Catholic review is expected to appear in Rome in the autumn, to be called Tabor. It will be concerned with spiritual culture and retie gious life, among non-Catholics as well as Catholics, and movements of collaboratioa between the various Christian bodies. The director of Tabor is Professor Gedda, President of Catholic Action in Italy; and among his collaborators will be Mgr, Joseph del Tor, of the Papal Secretariat of State. Mgr. Garofano, Professor Breisi, of the University of Rome, Dom Placid do Meester, 0.S.B., Fr. Sergey Obolensky, Count Lovers, and Professor Loth. formerly Chief Rabbi of Rome..

Pioneer in a New Fashion I HAVE been sent the first number of a very enterprising publication, Hurnatiltas, published from the Uni versity Union, Manchester It costs half-a-crown, but there is a special rate for undergraduate subscribers. Humanitas will, I hope, prove a pioneer University publication in the growing leaction against materialism and techno cracy. " Christians and Humanists," it states, " have a common treasure to defend : the values of the Hellenic and Judaeo-Christian civilisations in which our own has its roots." It aims to defend them, and for this deserves a wide support. It is clear from the contents of the first number that some at least of the editors recognise how closely this cause is linked with an understanding and promagatiun of Catholic philosophy. Week-end Reading ARECENT post brought me Papist Pie, by Fr. Clement Tiger, S.J. (2s. 6d., Campion House, Osterley) and New Statesman Competitions (Faber, 6s.). At first sight they are strangely alike, light broken-up books with many pen drawings tin the N.S. book by Nicolas Bentley). And there is something competition-like both in the questions which non-Catholics can seriously ask • about the Church and in Fr,. Tiger's varied and shrewd answers. I wonder how many non-Catholics guessing the answer to " Is Bad Language a Sin?" would get it right! This is Fr. Tiger's answer : '' Ordinary 'eussing ' is not in itself a sin; the words used don't mean anything in themselves, but are just used fur emphasis. Bad language is sinful if it is obscene or blasphemous, or both. Obscene language means talking about sexual things in such a way as to stir up the sexual passions either in oneself or in those listening. Blasphemous language means using the name of God or of Our Lord in an irreverent way." And the first two words to the question whether cinemas should open og Sundays are, " Why not?" The N.S. book provides an amazingly high standard of fun, clerihews, famous last words, cautionary tales, etc. The new proverb, "When theology goes out by the dour, ideology flies in at the window," might have been transferred to Papist Pie.

Conversation in a Bus CONDUCT RE.YS: '' We're less busy le' now on this route than we Were during the war." Passenger: " I expect you'll be busy again when the next war comes."

C.: "Oh, do you really think there'll be another war?"

P.: " Well. things aren't looking too good, are they?"

C.: " No, I suppose not. You can't oust the Spaniards, can you?"


Wise and Otherwise

" Even Stalin and his followers now realise that the Vatican and the Vailcan-supported partira are the worst enemies of democracy in Europe today." — Protestant Action speaker in Edinburgh.

" The artist's only service to the disintegrated society of to-day is to create little systems of order of his own. I foresee in the Dark Age opening that the scribes may play the part of the monks after the first barbarian victories."—Evelyn Waugh.

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