Page 7, 5th July 1963

5th July 1963
Page 7
Page 7, 5th July 1963 — OXFAM DOES A £59,000 SHARE OUT

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Catholic Herald Reporter THE Oxford Committee for Famine Relief last week allocated £59,540 to Catholic relief projects in Korea, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Central Africa, Israel, Poland, Austria and Haiti.

Pope Paul promises help to Press

POPE PAUL VI praised the press for its coverage of Pope John's death and the conclave, and told newsmen he will do all he can to help them cover and understand the coming second session of the ecumenical council.

The Pope greeted more than 500 members of the press as "col

leagues and friends" when he received them on Saturday in the Vatican's Clementine Hall.

The Pope singled out two recent events-the death of Pope John and the conclave-to compliment the journalists for a report to the world "which was on the whole so dignified and reverent".

Pope Paul observed that there is a comparison between "the relations, existing or possible, of Our apostolic ministry and your profession as journalists".


Then he recalled that his father, Giorgio Montini, was a journalist and that made him feel a special affinity to those in the audience, Pope Paul noted that he had another claim to affinity with the journalists by reason of the name Paul, which he had taken.

"It is almos commonplace to see in St. Paul-the author of epistles which through their doctrinal, educational and informative aims have been directed toward the achievement of those certain goals which the press still has today-a forerunner of journalism in the service of thought."

The Pope said that he is confident that the press will once more render a good service in informing the world on the coming second session of the ecumenical council. He stated:

"It will be Our concern to offer to you, as during the first session, every good service. so that your work may be made easier. We will do all that is possible that you may know, at a suitable time and in a suitable form, the things which will satisfy your thirst for news and your need for rapidity of transmission."

The journalists presented Pope Paul with a tape-recorder. £1,060 was allocated for a Chevrolet truck which Secours Cutholique need for distributing school meals and medical supplies among 5,000 children in £1,300 has gone to set up a vocational training centre for shoe-shine boys at Taegu, Korea, under the auspices of the U.S. Catholic Relief Services.

£2,000 goes to provide T.B. medicine at St. Columban's Clinic, Mokpo, Korea.

£5,000 is going to provide extension of accommodation at St. Vincent de Paul Hospice for Waifs and Abnormal Children, Jerusalem.

£5,000 is also going to buy blankets for flood victims in Rwanda where Catholic Relief Services are operating.

£6,000 has been allocated for a third storey at a home for aged Yugoslays in Graz, run by Caritas.

11,000 is going to help Sue Ryder's Forgotten Allies Trust ship a prefabricated home for crippled girls in Poland.

£12,240 is going to cover transport costs of a three-year food distribution programme being operated by Catholic Relief Services in Northern Nigeria.

120,000 is allocated for covering cost of a Catholic Relief Services emigration programme which is being started in Hong Kong to get refugee families out to Brazil.

U.S. aid for Koreans

The U.S. Catholic Relief Services-National Catholic Welfare Conference has sent food and clothing to 2,200 families in the southern part of South Korea which was hit by Typhoon Shirley last month. The typhoon and rains damaged rice fields and the ripening barley crop, and a food crisis is now threatening.

Catholic Relief Services in Korea are also feeding 128 persons left homeless by fires following a series of explosions in a chemical plant at Inchon. An assurance has been given that noodles, powdered milk and oil will be distributed daily by Catholic Relief Services for at least three months. Never had so many people tried to get into the early morning Mass at the little Church of Our Lady of the Forest in Forest Row, Sussex, as last Sunday morning the day when the President of the United States dropped in .. . But all was well, all the local people had tickets. Afterwards, however, it was free for all and President Kennedy cheered the grey Sunday morning by delaying his return to Mr. Macmillan's country home for a few minu tes, got out of his car and having a general hand

shake all round. This is a sure picture for someone's family album.

The Church of Our Lady of the Forest, probably the only one so dedicated in Britain, is a chapel of ease to East Grinstead, and is served by Fr. Charles Dolman, who retired from East Grinstead a few years ago.

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