Page 2, 5th June 1942

5th June 1942
Page 2
Page 2, 5th June 1942 — C.T.S. AND PACIFISM

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Organisations: Catholic Truth Society
People: Henry Davis


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Keywords: Religion / Belief

Stk.—The considerable number of readers Of THE CATHOLIC HERALD who

have written to me arising from earlier correspondence provide evidence of the extent of the disquietude and bewilder ment that is felt among Catholics in

regard to the problem of war. Now the Rev. G. J. MacGillivray has also

written on this issue in his pamphlet

Peace and War (also published by the Catholic Truth Society) and I am won dering if he has a greater readiness to discuss his own contentions than has Fr. Henry Davis.

Let me say at once that I find in this pamphlet a much more austere concern to avoid the bringing of undue pressure to bear on men to violate what they regard as deep conscientious convictions than is to be found in the other pam phlet about which I sought discussion. Indeed, the Rev. G. J. MacGillivray is careful to say that : " If anyone is convinced that war is manifestly unjust on his country's part he must refuse to take part in it, whatever the consequences to himself may be."

There is here a scrupulous and explicit recognition that the final judge

in this matter must be a man's con science; and, similarly, there is not in this pamphlet any attempt to make the pronouncements of Pope Pius XII and Cardinal Hinsley say more than there is any reason to believe that they themselves would be willing to concede that they had said.

I am not seeking, therefore, to confront the writer of Peace and War with the dilemma that Fr. Davis has not answered. I should like him, however, to let your readers have his mind on the more general but equally fundamental consideration that pamphlets like his are in all probability to be found in the pamphlet boxes in the churches of Germany and Italy.

When the writer of this pamphlet says " it would seem impossible, therefore, for any Catholic, or indeed any Christian, to fail to support our Government to the utmost of his power," he does not mean that he cannot conceive that all Catholics, including German and Italian Catholics, will do anything other than support the

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