Page 5, 5th June 1942

5th June 1942
Page 5
Page 5, 5th June 1942 — FROM TOWN AND COUNTRY

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ACCRINGTON Accrington Town Council have been asked to approve proposals to restore the heating system at St. Anne's Catholic School, where it was alleged the children had been given dancing lessons to keep them warm. It was recommended that the managers be authorised to accept a tender for £95, the local authority to pay 50 per cent. of the cost.

BANBURY The Catholic Boys' Club has been revived and re-opened in connection with the Junior C.Y.M.S. recently established in St. John's parish. The Club Leader (Mr. John Wilson) is a member of the local C.Y.M.S. branch, BLACKBURN " Northlands," Great Harwood, a beautiful mansion built by the late Mr. J. Boardman, cotton manufacturer, father-in-law of Councillor Mrs. Boardroan, J.P., the Great Harwood Catholic benefactor, has been placed at the disposal of the Lanes County Council as a war-time nursery. It is officially described as one of the most ideal places of its kind in the country.

Blackburn's second war-time nursery, in St. Alban's Place, open to the public on Saturday, has received 15 children, all residential. Ultimately, the nursery will house nearly SO. The nursery has been provided by the generosity of the Very Rev. Dean MoyIan (Rector of St. Alban's R.C. Church) who placed the premises at the disposal of the authorities.

In the formidable task associated with the issue of the new ration books, several resident pupils at Paddock House Catholic Secondary School rendered useful service during the Whitson vacation—a patriotic gesture which the Food Control Office has greatly appreciated. They helped in the writing-up of 12,000 ration books for the area. RURN1.EY

The Redemptorist Fathers have been holding a war-time mission at Burnley with a series or sermons entitled " Things that really matter."

CARLISLE Dean Fleming, chairman of the Publicity Committee of Navy Week in Carlisle when they raised £750,000, has now been made chairman of Publicity for Carlisle Holiday (stay-at-home) Week.

For the fourth successive year, 13year-old John F. X. Langley, a pupil of Blackfriars School, Laxton, has taken a double-first at the Kettering and District Eisteddfod—carrying off first prize for singing and pianoforte.

The following officers of the Middlesbrough Circle of the Catenian Association have been re-elected: President, Mr. Thomas A. Crawford ; secretary, Mr. Joseph P. Hall; treasurer, Mr. J. Lockey.

EVESHAM St. Mary's, Evesham, has sustained its first casualty of this war, in the death in action in the Middle East, of Scrgt.-Pilot Hugh Christopher Horsfield, R.A.F.

An old boy of Beaumont, Sergt. Horsfield joined the R.A.F. in October, 1940, at the age of 19 years and, after training in Rhodesia, was sent straight to the Middle East. He had never been on leave.

At a Requiem Mass said in St. Mary's on Tuesday morning, the catafalque was draped in the Union Jack, and a contingent of airmen was present.


Religion and Life are holding a week of special services in Leeds, beginning Monday next, and have sought permission from Leeds Education Cornmittee for the attendance of schoolchildren from council schools at special services to be held during the week at various churches and chapels at times corresponding to the hours of religious instruction in the schools. Permission has been refused by the committee.

Explaining the policy of the committee at its last meeting, the chairman, Councillor S. Beevers, stated: " We would be running a grave risk if we arrived at a position where we were attempting to persuade a particular child to attend a particular religious service.

" It is no part of our job to say whether a child shall go to a service of the Church of England, Methodist, Roman Catholic, Baptist, or any other denomination."

He pointed out that a child could only be withdrawn on the application of a parent. " The particular requests in this case were on the lines that children from cettain schools should pe invited en bloc to attend a service and taken to that service under the charge of teachers."

That Catholic parents are fully alive to their rights is exemplified in St. Nicholas' parish, Gipton, a new housing estate. Here a Catholic church was built during the war by the Rev. F. Holdright, hut plans for the erection of a Catholic school are in abeyance owing to war conditions.

While many children from the parish attend Catholic schools in neighbouring parishes, the younger children are obliged to attend council schools. Each morning before proceeding to school they go to St. Nicholas' for religious instruction and return in the evening for further instruction.


Over 2,000 Catholic mothers from all parts of Lancashire were present in the grounds of Bishop Eton monastery, Woolton, on Sunday last, for the inauguration of " Mothers' Day " in the archdiocese of Liverpool.

A monthly " Mothers' Day " is to be held in every parish under the special patronage of Our Lady.

The Redemptorists were proud of the fact that Bishop Eton had been selected for the founding of a work in the archdiocese of Liverpool which, please God, would make history.

The great congregation took part in a procession of the Blessed Sacrament, and solemn Benediction was celebrated by Fr. John Charlton, C.SS.R., assisted by Fathers McCartan and Osborne, C.SS.R.

Fr. Michael J. O'Sullivan, parish priest of the church of St. Aloysius, Roby, accompanied a particularly large contingent of mothers from that parish.


The golden jubilee of the formation of the Catholic Truth Society in Manchester has been marked during the 50th session of the Salford Diocesan branch with a new high record of pamphlet sales. This fact was announced by the Rev. Dr. W. O'Leary (secretary), speaking at the annual meeting at which Bishop Marshall presided, in the Holy Family school, All Saints', on Wednesday.

RETFORD In the first inter-church athletic sports contest held at Retford, the St. Joseph's team, competing in conjunction with Ondsall, were successful in winning the challenge cup on WhitMonday.

On the same day, the football team won the league championship.

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