Page 16, 5th May 1939

5th May 1939
Page 16
Page 16, 5th May 1939 — FOREIGN ADIO FCM YOU

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Keywords: Anglo-catholicism


CRACOW: 2 p.m„ May fiyrons from One Lady's Church,

KAUNAS: 7.30 p.m., May Devotions.

LILLE: 8,15 pan.. " The First Legion "-Flay (Emmet Lavery).

PARIS (Poste ransten): 6,25 p.m., Review by Fr. Roguet O.P,


BEROMUNSTER: 9.35 a.m., Sacred Mule. 9.55 a.m., Address. 6.30 p.m., Reading from Diebold's' Play, " Judas Iscariot."

BORDEAUX-Sull-OLLEST: 11.45 a.m., Studio Service.

BRUSSELS (1): 2,30 p.m., Concert by the Roland de Lussus Society's Orchestra and Choir; Magnintat (Hach); Redemption (Franck). 7 p.m., Address by the Rev. Fr. stingthamber, S.J.: The message of

Easter-The Heart of Lydia. 8 " La

Traviata (Verdi), from the Theatre Royal

de la lvfannale.

14LICHAMSST: 10.15 a.m., " The Creation "Oratorio (Haydn), from the Romanian Atheneum.

BUDAPEST (1): 11 a.m., High Mass. CRACOW: 2.55 p.m., May Hymns from the Church of Our Lady.

}ILVF.RSUM (1) : 9.1(1 a.m., Religious Trans. mis:3100 conducted by the Rev. Fr. Oscar Huf, S.J. 12,65 p.m., Talk on Missions by Fr. Lefeber. 2 p.m., St. Cecilia Catholic Chair. 4.40 p.m., Service for the Sick. 11.20 p.m., Choral Epilogue. 11..40 p.m., Talk in Esperanto by the Rev. Fr. van Hoogstraten: Katolika KrIstanismo.

LUXEMBOURG: 8A5 a.m., Address by the Rev. Fr. Deanlannues: The Offertory.

LYONS (PTT): 11.15 a.m., Choral Concert from Clermont-Ferranti Cathedral.

LYONS (Radio-Lyons): 8 a.m., Mass for the Sick from the Church of St. Jeanne d'Arc. 12 noon, Address by Abbe Chauve: St. Joan.

MILAN, NAPLES & ROME GROUPS: 11 a.m., Missa Cantata from the Basilica of the. Annunciation, Florence. 12 noon, Address.

MONTE CENERI: 11.30 a.m., Organ Records. 11.40 a.m., Address by the Rev. Dr. Alberti: Mate for Special Feast Days.

PARIS (Paste Parisien): 5.40 a.m., St. Bernard, by Fr. Roguet, O.P.

Pants (Radio-Paris): sae a.m., Sacred Music (Records). 11.55 a.m., Address by the Rev. Fr. Parvilies: The Assault of Invisible Forces -a Conquering Power. 12.10 p.m., Organ Recital by Jean Langlais.

PRAGUE (1): 10.30 a.m., Mass.

'RADIO EIREANN: 7 p.m., Talk by the Very Rev. Dr. E J. Malone: Modern Research and the Bible.

RADIO MEDITERRANEE: 7.30 p.m., Catholic Half -Hour.

RADIO MONTPELLIER: 12 noon, Studio Service.

RADIO NORMANDY: 12.50 p.mAddress. SCHENECTADY: 12 midnight, Catholic Hour, STRASBOURG: 11.30 a.m., service from the Convent of the Good Shepherd.

TOULOUSE (Radio-Toulouse): S a.m., mesa Cantata.11.45 a.m.. Rev. Fr. Schaffer.

VIENNA: HI a.m., High Mass from St. Stephen's Cathedral; Mass, Salve Regina 4Jochum); Sermon by the Rev. Fr. Schabasser.

WARSAW (1): 9.15 a.m. (for all Foliate Stations), mass from Bialystok.

ZAGREB: 11 a.m., Mass from St. Mary's. 12 noon, Service.


CRACOW: 2 p.m., May Hymns from the Church of Our Lady,

KAUNAS: 7.30 p.m., May Devotions.

LUXEMBOURG: 8.50 a.m., The Procession of

the Holy Blood in Bruges-Report (Recorded). MONTH CENERI: 6 p.m. " Verdi "-Bio

graphical Sketch.

PARIS (PTT) ; 5.35 p.m., Organ Recital by Pierre Revel, from the Schola cantoruni.

PARIS (Radio-Paris): 6.15 p.m., The History of Choral Music: The Conquest of Counterpoint-i)unetabie and the English MusiciansTalk by Rene Dumesnil, with Choral Illustrations,

RADIO EIREANN: 0.25 p.m., Organ and Choral Recital from St. Mary's, Pope's Quay, Cork. STOCKHOLM: 0.30 p.m.. Concert by Regensburg Cathedral Chair, relayed from Munich.


BEROMUNSTER: 6.81 p.m., Reading from Diehold's Pity, " Judas Iscariot."

BRNO: 9.10 min., Part II, " St. Ludmilla "Oratorio (Dvorak).

BRUSSELS (1): 5 p.m., Organ Recital by Raymond Merckacrt. 9.I5 p.m., Homage to the Poet 0, V. de L. Milosz--Orchestra and Readings. 7 r.m., Review by Mgr. Picard. 7.15 p.m., " Oxford " (Pierre MacOrlan), with Byrd and Eiger Music.

CRACOW; 2 p.m., May Hymns from the Church of Our Lady.

HiLvEnstuu (I): 12.10 p.m., Fr. Dito, O.P. 7.55 p.m., Fr. Borromeaus de Greeve, O.F.M. 8.30 p.m., Fr. Linuebank, O.P.

KAUNAS: 7.30 p.m., May Devotions.

NAPLES GROW': 4 p.m., " Fra. Gherardo "Opera (Pizzetti).

SAARBRI1CKEN: 8.15 p.m., Roger Concert. (The programme begins with a Requiem Mass, followed by Organ Chorals.) STRASBOURG: 5.45 p.m., Talk: Strasbourg Cathedral as depicted by Victor Hugo.


BRATISLAVA: 9 p.m., Concert from St.: Martin's Cathedral.

CRACOW: 2 p.m., May Hymns from the Church of Our Lady,

KAUNAS; 7.30 pan., May Devotions.

LILLE: 4.25 p.m., Organ Recital from Notre Dame, Roubaix. 5 p.m., Talk: The Religion of Gaul during the Roman Epoch.

MONTPELLIER (FTT): 2.35 p.m., Recital of Bach Motets with Commentary.

PRAGUE (1): 5.5 p.m., Catholic Action Talks. RADIO EIREANN: 1.30 p.m., Choir from St.

Patrick's Convent, Sligo. 9.5 p.m., Prof.

John Howley: Aerial Essays.


BRUSSELS (2): 6.45 pm.. Talk for the Sick by Abbe Van Mechelen. 8.45 p.m., Talk by Abbe Andries, 0.P.: The Child. 9.50 p.m., Ave verum (Mozart), Strasbourg Cathedral Records.

CRACOW: 2 p.m., May Hymns from the Church of Our Lady.

HILVERSUM (1): 9.40 a.m.. High Mass from St. Willibrorthis', Utrecht (The Mass Is being sting for the Vorltas Catholic' Students' Association. 12.10 p.m., Fr. Dito, O.Y. KAUNAS: 7.30 p.m., May Devotions.

LUXEMBOURG: 11.11 a.m., Mass for the Sick from Clervaux Benedictine Abbey. Feast of St. Mayeul. Mass, Os justi. Kyrie XIII, PARIS (Poste Parisien) : 6.10 p.m., Fr. Roguet.

PARIS (PTT): 8.30 p.m., Organ Recital by Marcel Dupre from St. Suipice.

PARIS (Radio-Cite): 8.55 p.m., Lee Petits Chanteurs a in Croix de Bois.

SOTTENS: 9.20 p.m., Berlioz Lecture-Recital. STRASBOURG: 5.30 p.m. See Parts (PTT).

8.15 p.m., " La Vision d' Erwin " or " L'Artisan, la Mort et is Vie "-Play about Strasbourg Cathedral (Claus Relsibolt).


BEROMUN'STER: 0.40 p.m., Reading from Diebold's Play, " Judas Iscariot." 8.15 p.m. (for all Swiss Stations, Lille sod Limoges), " Jeanne d'Are an lyncher "-Music by Arthur Honegger; Text by Paul Claudel.

BRUSSELS (2): 5.30 p.m., Organ Recital by Gunther Ramln.

CRACOW: 2 p.m.. hay Hymns from the Church of Our Lady HILVERSUM (1): 12.10 p.m.. Fr. Dito,Dito,0.P. 2.40 p.m. Organ. Recital by Evert Husk. 8.55 p.m.. Concert by Aachen Cathedral Choir from the Church of St. Petrus CanIsius, Nirnegen. 9.55 p.m., Programme for the Catholic Metallurgical Workers' Union Congress.

KAUNAS 7.30 p.m., May Devotions.

PARIS (Radio-Paris): 11 p.m., Faure Concert (Programme .includes the Requiem).

WARSAW (I): 9.45 a.m. (for all Polish Stations), Requiem Mass for the Anniversary of Marshal PlIsudskl's death. 6.20 p.m., Concert (Programme includes Mon hiszko'a Ostra Brame Litany No. 3). 7.15 p.m., Sacred Concert. 9 p.m.. Requiem (Kozlowski). WARSAW (2): 1.0 p.m., Requiem (Verdi),

Published by the NEW CATHOLIC HERALD, LTD., at 67, Fleet Street, London, E.C.4, and printed in Great Britain by the BRIGHTON HERALD, LTD., at Pavilion Buildings, Brighton. Friday,

May 5, 1939.

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