Page 3, 5th May 1939

5th May 1939
Page 3
Page 3, 5th May 1939 — HITLER'S SPEECH

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People: Herr Hitler
Locations: Milan, Berlin, ROME


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Italian Reactions

From Our Own Correspondent ROME.

Herr Hitler's speech was regarded here as a protest and warning to the democracies against trying to encircle Germany, and, with Germany, Italy was involved.

" Unable," wrote Gayda in the Giornale D'Italia, " to destroy the realised unity of Germany the big democracies arc to-day trying to crush Germany's vital interests by setting up in opposition a new reactionary policy such as is being forged in the system of encirclement, political, military, economic and moral, and by reason of the sound Rome-Berlin axis this encirclement must extend to Italy."

Moreover the breaking of the AngloGerman naval pact was England's fault, insomuch that "by changing the system and numbers of the British forces the Prime Minister changed and broke the proportion set down in the AngloGerman agreement with regard to armed forces." The other newspapers spoke in similar terms.

NOTHING ABOUT FRANCE Meanwhile for the last few weeks nothing has been appearing in the Italian Press concerning Italy's territorial claims on France. The probable reason for this is that the time is not yet ripe for working the people's passion to a climax.

Even apart from the Duce's deprecation of people who get the "jitters " over a possibility of war, the Italian people as a whole are remarkably calm, and the topic of conversations in the caf├ęs and bars is not predominantly war.


One of the reasons must be the comparatively small circulation of the Italian Press (the largest circulation is that of the Corriere Della Sera, of Milan, with 500,000 copies), and the Press itself consistently tries to present to its readers a picture of a calm and resolute Italy which is not seeking war.

The readers know that Italy will hardly be made an object of military aggression.

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