Page 2, 5th May 1950

5th May 1950
Page 2
Page 2, 5th May 1950 — --w1 W 111 /P' . ANK w ir RS 111111L, j Where can I offer my services to tend the sick at Lourdes ?

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--w1 W 111 /P' . ANK w ir RS 111111L, j Where can I offer my services to tend the sick at Lourdes ?

To the Secretary. Society of Our Lady of Lourdes, 110, Horseferry Road,' Landon, S.W.I. Tel. ABBey 2286.

How can 1 defend the " Tyrone Power wedding " to a non-Catholic ?

You don't have to. If the critic cannot or will not admit that Christ gave authority to the Church, it is futile to argue as to whether Authority gave a right decision in a particular case. But you might remind your critic that, even from a human standpoint, it is unlikely that the Church would make concessions-even to a film star -which would, in the long run, undermine her authority. In this case " the previous tie" Was evidently riot a Knot.K

here an English version of the Liturgy of the Lithuanian-Slav Rite?

We do not know. Would some reader oblige?

Does the Sacrament of Baptism take away all sin-or does a convert have to go to Confession ?

If the convert has never been baptised he does not " have to go to confession " as the Sacrament of Baptism

remits all sin. When there is any doubt about the validity of a previous Baptism, he is " conditionally " baptised, and, after confession, " conditionally " absolved.

Can you recommend a book which deals thoroughly and dispassionotely with ethical and moral arguments against contraceptives?

You might consult The Practice ol Set and Marriage (Messenger, Sands), but we think that the presentation of a high positive ideal might be more helpful. In French, Le Manage Sacrtnneni l'Arnour. by Paul Evdokimbff, awaits translation.

May a Catholic act as Godparent at " C. of E." Baptism of a child of a lapsed Catholic in the hope of bring tog 7

mother child " back to church

e No. We may never do wrong in the hope that good will come of it.

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