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5th May 2006
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Page 14, 5th May 2006 — BISHOPS' DIARIES

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13ishops' Diaries

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Keywords: Religion / Belief

May 7 to May 13

Cardinal C' Murphy-O'Connor (Westminster): Tue.: Attends dinner and speaks at Thirty Club. Guardian Media Cirp,f bridges. %xi: inthrview s and engagements. Thu: Interviews and engagements. Fri: Meets with Archbishop's Council, Arelibishtp's Home 930am, Sal: Attends launch of Cafod's Earth Justice teuripagii I him, Emmanuel (lime; M and C, Ow Lady of Vick Hies, Kensington 630pm. Archbishop V Nichols (Bimiingham): Sun: Bishop t Illathrone bicentenary. admiral I lam. Wed: Council of priests, ()scrim I lam; Faith I radars mtg, Carry Lane church centre 730pm.lhu, M Our lady of the Angels Ninny sehrai, NO11011011 I l trod; Birmingham Churches 'Together C'etharnissiorting Service, cathedral 730prn. Fri: Archbishop's ('maned mtg 930. Sal: ( %Henley an Thames 6pm. Archbishop P Kelly (Liverpool): Sun' I lam 0:1ChrilICS M for the Fourth Sunday of Basler, Metroploitan cathedral, Liverpool. Wed: 9.30am clergy interviews , Archbishop's House.Thu; taint, Historic churches committee annual othrerence, Liverpool Arehdioetsen f'entm for Evangelisation; 2pm clergy interviews, Archbishop's liaise. Fri: 10am, V the Academy of St Francis of Assisi, Liverpool. Sat: I pm Lied National President's M. Metropolitan cathedral, Liverpool.

Archbishop K McDonald (Southwark): Sun: C Upper NCIIV.I.OLI 3pm. Mon: Ongoing immation main committee mtg Archbishop's House 2.15pm, Tose Archbishop's Council ,Archbishops House Rken. Wed: Council of priests nag, Amigo Hal111.31}am, "ollege of COMUIDJIS Mtg, A rchhisticm's House 2pm.Tha: (', Brixton Hill 7.30pm. 1-ri: Laity Commission Mig Archbishop's House 7pni.Sat: M for married couples. St George's Cathedral 3pm.

Bishop K Corey (Arundel & Brighton): Sun: Cathedral Ikanery (...onlionatIons • eathecind. ue: Appointments at DAB( '1,.('; Mts with Chaptaincy Committee Assoc; Talk on Euirtracie tit Evunienical Christian Mission, Addlestone. Thu, M for deceased Knights or St Columhi Pnwince 35, Milford. Fri: Appointments at 1/ABC.BC; College of Consultors Mtg; Redhill IXamery Confirmationsaathediam.Sat Epsom DCADLly Confirmations. F.psoni.

Bishop D MeGough Whit in Sun: Bishop I ikuhrrne bitimtenary , cathedral 11 am; livening Pinyer,()tamti college 7pen. 'I'm: Area mtg for C'an.-efiesis.Clm ton 731mm.

( of priests. I lscou M with Father Hudsorrsatandy,Salercsa's,trent Vale 7pm. Fri: Archbishop Council Mtg 930. Sut:Welsinghuni pilgrimage.

Bishop P Pargeter I ii'fami auxin: S tin ,Bishop Illai home bicentenary. Dubedrat I lam; 6pm Evening Prayer, Oseott.Tue: Aston Ilall management committee mtg 1130am; Lourdes Coruna al% mtg 730pm. Wed Coutni I of priests. (Elect[ 1 lain. Fri: Archbishop's Council nits 9.30am. Bishop T McMahon (Brentwood): Sun: V and C Custom House. El 6. Sat: I lam Janice and Pi= Cotnmission annual general meeting; 530 Vigil M Rockford, Ess:x, Bishop Tr Lung tCliftuin: Wed:I0,30 wu Bristol East lamnery meeting, Bristol; 730 pm Continuation , Holy Rivet, Swindon '(Thu: I Oarn, Somerset Churches-Together meeting, Bristol: 7.30 pm ( 'ontimenion, Christ the King, Inombury. Fri Sun: l'hun:hes Together E.ngland Forum. Swanwiek. Bishop M Evans (East Anglia': Sun V to Cromer. Mon: Age Concern Service of Thanksgiving in Norwich Cathedral 2.3f)pm; Talk on Cambodia at North Waltham 7pm. Tue-Wed: British Methodist/ Catholic ("enmities: ruin-Abu: Annual mtg of Fairish prieda at Poringland I l ant; Chaplaincy dam. logical society lecture at Rechampton University 6pin. Fri: C at St Mary Magda

lene, 7.30pm. Sat: Annual nag of deacons and wives at Poringland I lam. Bishop J Itawsthonte (Hallam): Sun: Blue. bell Wood Hospice Charity Walk Mum; Two Counties Ecumenical SETS ice Hueknall 630pm. Mon: Derbyshire Dial NOUS Church Leaders mtg, No Blom; Raiithow Trustees mtg, pastoral centre 4pm, Diocesan Finance Board wig, pastoral comic 10.4.Sam: Sheffield liallarn University chaplaincy nag Rpm. Wed: (iced Shepherd Pn.sentation, Mount St Mary 's College I lam; C Annunciation. Chesterfield 7pm. Tim interfaith Working Group nag, Bishop's Meese lOam: Coders feast, c'xillers Flail, Shellield 630pm. En: 50th anniversary M Si Wilfrid's Catholic primary school 2pm; C, A anunieatieln, f'hesterfield 7pm. Sat: t 'Acid .1.(mdon I230pm.

Bishop K Dunn (Hexham & Newcastle). foe: V Apwtleship of the Sea.Tyneside 930, DiocesAn Finance Committee Kg 4pm; Diocesan Pastoral l'ouncil 7pm. Wed: Deanery Visitation MT 1 lam. Thu: ('open mtg, Newcastle 12pm. Hi: Presentation of awards. St Robert's School, Washington 9.30u: Episcopal Council and Trusters Mtg. Bishop's House 2pm.

Bishop PO'lloneghoe (lane:lorr): Sun: ('callers Candidacy, St Mary's, (lemon, 10.30am; prison chaplains' meeting, l2 noon; Marriage Commission meeting, Tanta-Ai:T.7pm I lie school vkuplaincy meeting, l.vncaster, lOwn. Tue Sat: Visitation, Thornton Deanery. Wed: Confirmation, Sacred Hean.Thomtnn.7pm. Thu: Contirmatron. Si Edmund. Eleetweod, 7pm. Bishop A Roche ( Sun: V St Thomas More, Dew sbury Iluam.Tue: 10.30am WY EC mtg. St Luke's, Headingley ; 6.30pin AGM Peru Commission, Hinsley Hall. Welt VGs mtg. Thu: VGs !Mg; 2pm Good Shepherd Presentation, St Austin's, Wakefield; 7pm C' (Bradford East Deanery) Service of the Word, St Mary's, Bradford. Fri: 9am I ligh School RE Teachers' mtg. !Tinsley Hall; 7pm (' (Bradlord North Deanery) Service of the Word. St Cuthbert's, Bradford.

Bishop V Malone (l :pool auxin: Mom -Fri: A rehtliocesan clergy rentiat Ara. Sat 2pm, Ardidixesan pilgrimage to Ladyewc11.1-enryhough; 6.30pm V Mies. St Joseph, Brindle. Bishop T Wdliarrs (I:pool annul): Sun: 9.30am, preaches on Health in the City, 1.iverpool Anglican cathedral, Mon-Fri: Archdiooesan clergy retreat Ars, Sac I 2noon, M for Survive-Miva,Nuprn Centre, Ashton-in-maker1 eld:6,30pni V Mass. St Benet, Netherton.

Bishop J Crowley (Middlesbrough): Sun: Celebrates C Ampleforth I Oum.Tue: Ascent Day of Recollection English Martyrs. York am/pm. Wed: Mtg of diocesan trustee hoard and bishop's council Ampleforth amipm. Thu: Mtg with episcopal i tear, bishop's house am/pm. H: V St Joseph's primary school. Middlesbrough um. Sat: M of Thanksgiving for ('W1. centenary • cathedral 11.30am.

Bishop ?Doyle INoithampion): Suit_ LUDO. Willi NUM!' lkime Associatimi, Nurthumlxon 12pm. 'rue: 93Cham Meetings: bpni Mass

(;onferral of Candidacy to Prie,sthied. 1.L ('allege, Birmingham. Wed: 1130 2pm One treone Meetings with priests. Thu: 12.30rmi Meetings; 7.30pm Confirmation Mass, St Augustine's, Milton Keynes Fri: I 230TIM Visa and Blessing of Our lady's School, l'hesham Bnis; 730pm Confirmation Mass. Holy Family, Langley. Sur I 0.00ant Liturgy Workshop Day. St BernaiSoe's School, Milton Keynes; 6.00pm Confirmation Moss St Aldan's, Northampton.

Bishop M McMahon (Nottingham): Sure I St Hugh's. tincoth Mani; diocesan pilgrim age to Berenale lipm two counties service, St Mary Magdalene, Hockna II 6311pm. More Nous and Derhys Church Leaders Mtg, Bishops Hawse, I Oatn; C Corpus Christi. Clifton 7pmWed: Council of priests. ('hutch of the Assumnien , Weston 1.0am; (" Ail Saints, Hasson 7pm. Thu son youth service trances. mug. The Briars. Crich 11.30ant. Fri; Commissioning of sch,s,1 inspectors, diocesan centre Mackworth 2.30pm; Celebrates M for the centenary of Oa parish ol Ow lady of Mercy and Si Philip Nevi, Melbourne 6.30pm. Sat, C SI I tionxis Kee. Knighton opm.

Bishop C Budd (lip-I-tooth Sun: f.' Holy (lost parish, Exmouth I lam. Wed CWL Buckfust 3pm; liturgy Commission.F'neter 6pm. Thu: Retired clergy M and lunch 12 noon. Sae Mass with Cell ( irnup, SI Austell 2.30pm; (' Our Lady et the Portal Intro 7prit Bishup T Bruin (Satforti): Sun: Mass to celebrate the Centenary or St. Mary's Church. Honvieh 11 .0ham. Tee! Diocesan Catholic Welfare Services Meeting,fierald Road 11 .takim; Diocesan Board of Adrninis noon Meeting, Gerald Road 2.00prn; (:ele Nation of the Sacrament of Confirmation St Mary'S.SWilltOIS 7.00pm. Wed: Clergy Study Day, St_ Bernadette's, WhitefieTd 10_1(kim; Celebration of the Sacrament or Confirmation, ST A n n's. Stretford 7eXfprti. Thu:Installation or Vice-ChaneelMr of Manchester Metropolitan lint 413Sily LiKkit11; Utlebfali011 of the Suerement Confirmation. SI Ann's, Ashlon-under-l_yne 7.00pm. Fri; Caritas Social Action Meeting, London 2.00prii. Sal: Annual contemner: of the Catenian Assoc. Eusthourne.

Bishop B Noble (Shmwshury)1 Noengapements.

Bishop P Hendricks (S'wark Auxin: Sun: C Tharnesmead South 10.30am. Mon: Diousail Finance Mtg, Hortithe Office 1 lam; On going formation mtg Archbishop's I louse 2.15 pm. 'Tue: Archbishop's Council, Archbishop's House I Pam; Mtg to Marriage and family Life Archbishop's House 2pm. Wed: Council of priests Mg Archbishop's House 1130am; College of Consultors Mtg. Archbishop's House 2pm. Thu: C Stockwell 7_10pm. Fri: Deans Mtg, Wimbledon I 0.3flam. Sat: Filet Quinn Day -AylesMni l lam; C Vauxhall 6,30pm.

Bishop .1 Hine i'S'wark Auxin: Sun: V Fever: hum. Mon: Attends marriage and Fatuity life day conference for priests at the Hermitage, West Mailing 1 lam-Fpm: Attends Edith Dominion mernotial lecture at the Royal Society 645pm. user Archbishop's Council Mtg.:if:Ft:thwart Itlani, Wed: Attends Church Lenders' Breakfast Mig Sam; Mtg of Council of priests, Amigo Hall I lum; Mks of Consultors of the diocese, Awhbishop's House, Southwark 2_30prit. SC Diocesan Celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage at Southwark cathedral 3pert Bishop P Lynch (S-wark Auxin: Sun: o 5: Matthew's, West Hummel l Lan Mtg parishioners of SS Philip and James, Het tie Hill 4pru. Toe; Archbishop's Council, Arch bishop's House I Oani; ( Fltham Well Hall 730pm. Wed: Council of priests nog 10am College of Consultors mug 2pm. HI CW1, M. Nottingham I lam. Sae C Hayes 6pm, Bishop A Hopes W' [Muster Auxin: Sun: /pm, Moss' Our Lady Queen of Hein en _ Queensway; 3pm. Confirmation Alan, Church of St Benedict, Ealing Mon Engagements Archbishop's i !cruse. ae: Engagements Archbishop's House.Thu: urn Engagements Anithishop's House; 6pm, Celebrates Mass for the Good Counsel Network. I-n: Archbishop's Council meeting; pm Engagements Archbishop's House: 6.1(1 HI C. St 'Theodore of Canto bury, Hampton on Thames. Sal: 11 am C, St Matthew. Northwood; 6.3(1 pm C. St John Fisher, Pcrivale.

Bishop B Langley (W'minsterAusil): Sun: Cat St Thomas. Fulham 12noun; C' a: Our Truly or the Rosary, Marylebone 7prnTar Islington Deanery mtg, Sacred Heart. Hen Grove 1pm; Cardinal thane hoard mtg, Arneway Street 3.30pm: Westminster deanery mtg, St Mary Moornelds 6.45pso. Wed: Hackney deanery mug al Claplon Park t lam, tinder is nag at London Colney 4pm. Thu: tinder S's nog cont.; C at St Bede's, Crostey Green 7.30pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council mtg 9.30am; M for 50th anniversary of St George's School. Maids Vale. QUO. Road 2.30prit; C' at out Lady of Lourdes, New Southgate 730pni Sat C, St James, Spanish Place 6pm.

WA1 Archbishop P Smith (Cardiff): Sun: C' at Si Patrick's church, tirangetrnvn, Cardiff l Ism Mon: Fahuemion eonterence at St Fkiv College. Caudill gam: Luc: Cat St Maly church. liridgend 7pm. Wed: at St Mary, the Angels, Canton, Cardiff 7.30pm. Thu: Council of priests mug at the pastoral centre. Cardiff I I lanr, C' in Our Lady Star of the Sea, Portheawl 7pm.

Bishop E Regan (Wrexham): Mon-Fri: Diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes. Sat Cafod family day, Pantasaph V Flint

Key: M-Mass C.-Confirmation. V-Visita. Lion. 04hdination. Mtg,Meeting. Sch. School, ES-Ecumenical Service.

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