Page 8, 5th November 1971

5th November 1971
Page 8
Page 8, 5th November 1971 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Cardinal Heenan of WestminsterMonday-Wednesday; Presides at Bishops' Conference, Archbishop's House. Thursbay: PreSides at meeting Cr) Future of Catholic Hospitals. Archbishop's House. 3.

Bishop Butler, Auxiliary of Westminster-Friday: Administration meeting. St. Edmund's College, 10. Attends Fr. Hubert Richards lecture. Westminster Religious Education Centre. 2.30. Monday: Religious Commission meeting. Harewood Aventie. 11.30, MondaYThursday! Hierarchy meeting. Westminster, 5,30. Friday: BBC CRAC meeting, 10.

Bishop Guar.:ell', Auxiliary of Westminster-Sunday: Gives talk, Westminster ReligiouS Education Centre, 3. Monday: Bishops' Conference, Archbishop's House, 5. Presents Pagel Awards. CorouS Domlni Convent. 7.30. Tuesday-Wednesday: Bishops' Conference, Archbishop's House. Thursday: St George's Chapel meeting, London Airport. St. Mary Abbots, 4. Mass and Conhrmation, Holy Ghost and St Stephen. Shepherds Bush. b.

Bishop Mahon, Auxiliary of Westminster Friday! Westminster Religious

Education Centro, 2.30. Conn rrnation, SS. Michael and Martin, Hounslow, 6,1S. Monday-Tuesday: Mission COmrn ISSiOn.

10. Bishops' Conference, Wednesday:

Brshops' Conference, Confirmation, St. Albans. N. Finchley, 7. Thursday: Meeting, Hospital Review Commission Report, A. Friday: Concerrates church St. Lawrence's, Feltham, b.

Archbishop Dwyer of BirminghamSunday: Confirmation. Our Lady's Church, Worrester, 3. Monday-Thursday: Hierarchy meeting, WestminSter.

Bishop Cleary. Auxiliary of Birmintiham-sunday: Confirmation and Benediction, St. Augustine's, Handsworth, 6.30. Monday-Thursday: Hierarchy meeting, Westminster. Friday: Finance Committee meeting, London.

Bishop Emery, Auxiliary of Birmingham-Sunday: Mass and Confirmation, St. AlOySius, Oxford. 11. Monday-Thursday: Hierarchy meeting, Westminster.

Archbishop Beck cit Liverpool-Saturday: Ordination, Christ's College. Liverpool. 12 Sunday: University MethOdist Society meeting. 8.15. Monday-Wednesday: Hierarchy meeting. London. Thursday: Governors meeting, Notre Dame College at Education, Mt Pleasant. 2.30.

Bishop Harris, Auxiliary ot Liverpool -Sunday: Visitation, St. Cyril's, Netherly. Monday-Wednesday: National Episcopal conference meeting. Friday: Visitation of schools and sick, St. Francis Of Assisi. Garston. Confirmation, St. Francis of Assisi, Garston.

Bishop Gray, Auxiliary of .LIverpoolSunday; Mass. English Martyrs, Haydock, 11. Monday-Wednesday: Bishops' Conference. London.

Archbishop towderoy of SouthwarkSunday: Mass and Adult Confirmation. Cathedral, 3.30. Monday-WedneSdayt Hierarchy meeting, Westminster. Thursday, Mass, Visitation and Confirmation. Charlton, 7.30.

Bishop Warlock of Portsmouth Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Romsey. Monday-Thursday: Hierarchy rpeetino, Westminster.

Bishop Grant of Northampton-Saturday•Sunday: KSC Board 01 Directors meeting. Monday-Tuesday: Hierarchy meeting. Thursday: PriaegivIng, St. Mary's School, Northampton, 7.30.

Bishop Clark, Auxiliary of Northampton Saturday: DioCesan Ecumenical Commission. Poringland. Sunday: VisiteVon, Church of the Most Holy Trinity. Monday-Wednesday: Hierarchy meeting. Thursday: Reception, Society of St. John Chrysostom, London, 6.30. Friday: Finance Advisory Commission meeting.

Bishop Ellis of Nottingham-Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. Mother al God. Leicester. Monday: Hierarchy meeting, London. Thursday: Visitation and Confirmation. Melbourne. 6.30. Friday: Diocesan Schools Commission meetInn, Nottingham, 11.

Bishop McClean of MiAdtesbroughSaturday' Does-ins of New Church. St John of God. Croft, 3. Monday-Wednes day: Hieraicily meeting, Westminster. Thursday: Presentation of Awards, Sacred Heart. Reacar.

Bishop Holland of Salford-MondayWednesday: Bishops' Conference, West. minster.

B ishop Burke, Auxiliary of SalfordFriday; Visits sChools and sick. Sacred Heart, Accrington, 2.30. Sunday: VisiteLion, 11. Confil rnation, 3. St. Mary, Bolton. Monday: Religious Commission, St. Edward's, Marylebone, 11. Bishops' Conference, Westminster. 5. Thursday: R .C. I Met hodi st Steering Committee, Central Halt. Westminster, 2.15 Friday: Visits school and sick. St. Mama, Bolton, 2.

Bishop Rudderham of Ehtton-Saturday: Annual Mass, Amos Vale Cemetery, Bristol, 10. Sunday: Visitation, St. Alehege's, Bath. Confirmation. 10.30. Monday-Friday: Bishops' Cnnfrrence Westminster.

Bishop Restteaux of PlymouthMonday-Wednesday: Hierarchy meeting, Westminster. Thursday: Priests' meeting, St. Mary's Convent. Branksome.

Bishop Casey of Brentwood-Friday:

Visitation, Immaculate COnCePtiOn,

Chelmsford. Saturday: Concelebrates Muss and blesses Crusade oi RPM, homes, Basildon, 3. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St. Luke's, Harlow.

Monclay-Wednesday• Bishops' Conference, Westminster. Thursday: Clergy study day. Dagenham. 10.30. Concelebrates Mass. St Cedd's School, Tilbury, 2.30.

Bishop Cunningham of Hexham and Newcastle-Sunday: Visit and Confirmation. Sacred Heart, Byermoor, 3.30. Monday-Thursday: Bishops' Conference, Westm inster.

B ishop Foley of Lancaster-Sunday: visitation and Confirmation. St. Augus tine's, Preston_ Mass, 11. Confirmation and ,Benediction, S.

Bishop Grasar of Shrewsbury-SundayMonday: Visitation and Confirmation, Our Lady Of Lourdes, Wallasey. Monday: Hierarchy meeting, London.

B ishop Lindsay, Auxiliary Of Healiam and Nywcastre-Satuiday: Opens and ST"-Ce ul;bhrbdetr7S,MCutrOirt,"3s . InSuNndeawy:ChMaapsesl. visit and Confirmation. Corpus Christi, Gateshead, 3.30. MOndav-Thursdav: Bishops' Conference. Westminster.

B ishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury-Sunday: Call to the North. Preaches in Nantwich. Monday: Hierarchy meeting, London.

Bishop Bowen of Arundel and Brighton Monday-Thursday: Hierarchy meeting. Westminster.

B ishop Wheeler of Leeds-Saturday: C.M.S. meeting. Wood Hall, 10.30_ Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. St. Urban's, Leeds, 3.30. Monday-Thursday: Hierarchy meeting, London.


The following appointments in the Plymouth diocese are announced: Assistant Priests: Frs. Bernard Jaffa from Kevharn to Catechetical Centre,

Dundalk; Patrick Conlon front Newton Abbot to St. Paul's, Plymouth; Michael CHoolley Rf r.Odm. rn5L. Jpolysemoohu'sth, ;Wseeaymmuosutrhiv,tno from Kenya to Dorchester; Pete! Webb from Dorchester to Kenya: Terence Dolan from St, Paul's, Plymouth to St. .oisme Joseph's, to hi


Weymouth: P:ot m Abbot.

Grir fro

Assistant priests: Frs. A. Hunt to Sacred Heart Wigan; B. Crane to St. William's, Ince: J. Murphy to St. Luke's, Whiston: P. Crowther to St, Mary's, Douglas, I.O.M.

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