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5th October 2001
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Page 10, 5th October 2001 — 13ishops' diaries

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Keywords: Religion / Belief

October 7 to October 13

:Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor (Westminster): Sun: Synod of Bps. Rome unfit 27th Oct 2001

'Archbishop Nichols (Binningham): Tue: V. Si Joseph's Sch. Hedncsford. 9.30am.M., *Cardinal Griffin Sch. Cannock, 10.45am. Flu: St Mary's Hospice, AGM. 1230pm. M : or Stoke Schs, St Gregory's, Longton. 7pm. ri: Wham Church Leaders' Mm, Sat: Zit eopening Irish Club, Digheth. 6.30pm 'Archbishop P Kelly (Liverpool): Sun: V. 141, St Mary, Wigan, 8um. Mont 4.30pm. .Mon-Fri: L' Rad Clergy in Service Course. ,iSat: V M: St Aidan. Winstanley. Wigan,

• rdtihishop M Bowen (Southwark): Sun:C.

Edenbridgc. 10.30am. Mon: Finance C'nee :Mtg. am. M for UCM. Cathedral. 7.30pm.

. Thu: C, Hythe. 7.30pm. Fri: Area Bps'

• Mtgh. Archbp's Hse, 5.30pm.

silishop Kieran Conry (Annidel & ffirightort): Mon: Meets with licadteachers sfDahtxv). I turn. Mtg. Pound Hill, limo

' Wed: Bp's Conference (-nee Mtg, London ' Noon. Fri: Mtgs All Day. St Joseph's Hall. ,IStorrington. I I am. M for I 25th Anniversary'. "Sutton Park. 7.30pm. Sat: Meets with ;Diocesan E Commission, 10.30am. M for !Foundation Governors Worth. 3pm.

'Bishop P Pargeter (B' ham auxin: Sun: 'KSC M. Tue: M, Solihull, 7pm. Wed: *Lourdes C'ttee Mtg. Cathedral, 7.30pm. :Thu: V. St Joseph's Sch. Malvern. 2pm, C, ale. 7.30pin. Fri: CCU Mtg,

l't m oehampton, Sat: CCU Mtg.

ishop T McMahon (Brentwood): Sun: V A C. Rayleigh. The: MtgAnterviews, karhedtal Hue. Brentwood. Wed: Mtg of 4'11mill Trustees, Cathedral Hse, 5.10pm. 'Pontifical Vespers & Induction of Cathedral Dean, Cathedral, 7.30pm. Thu: Mtgs. Cathedral Hse. Brentwood.Launch of Fr ,,Adrian Graffy's Book, Trustworthy and

,True", Cathedral Hse, 7.30ptn. Sat: Catholic -.Record Society Conference, Ingatestone slial I . II tam

• Bisti(Ji) I) I.ang iClifton): Sun: V. Holy Rood. Swindon. Wed: C. St Dominic s Dm sley. 731)pm. Thu: West Somerset Circle Cutcnians Ladies & Clergy Night, North Petherion, 7pm. Sat: Diocesan Pastoral cpuncil Mtg, Bristol, 9am.

haw J Rawsthorne 1.1-iallam): Sun: M, NW/field University Chaplaincy, I I .30uni. E Se-Manor LEP. 4pm. Tue-Thu: Clergy Conference. Scarborough. Sat: Diocesan J&P Commission, St Bernard's Sch, Rotherham, 10.30am. V. Holy Family, rhekterfield. 6.311pm.

PI,Ishop A Griffiths( Ilesham & Newcastle): L ,Tue: Vicar Generals Mtg. Bp's Hse, it 'I (1.30am. Consultors Mts, Hp's Hie. Noon. .'Sen ice of Thanksgiving. St Aloysisis. ' Hebbum, 7pm. Wed: Cttee for Community :'Relations Mtg. Fccleston Sy. London.


11 Noon-5pm. Thu: Diocesan Conference for .1 Headteachers & Chairs of Governors. riots Pk Hotel. Gosforth. Newca.stle. Sum. Fri: All Dm V. SS Peter & Paul. , Lonsbenton. Sal: 9.30. I I .45am. North ", aVoeside Churches Conference. White Swan : Centre. Killingworth 9.30am-I I.45am.Vigil

"IA, SS Peter & Paul. Lormbenton, 6pm II

a Bishop Cr'Donoghue i Lancaster): Sun:M of

I 'Dedication of ('athedral. Lancaster,

01).30arn. Open inhint block. Si Joseph's I. Sch, Lancaster. !Dam. Meet Secondary Sch

■ ,. Heads, Lancaster. 1.30pm. Tue-Thu: Barrow '.Deithery V. Fri: Bp's Council Mtg. 10.30am. It. Ptwrpanent Deacortate Mtg, 3pm, Sat: irCAFOD pilgrimage to Femyhalgh. I pm. :SKFiskion Vigil. Cathedral. 8pm. 1 Bishop V Malone (L:pool auxin: Sun: V. • Sacred Henn, ilindley Green. Mon-Fri: ) Clergy in Service Course. Fri: 'Old ,Navpran's Dinner, L'pool, 8pm, Sat: 'National Board of Catholic Women, Loodon.

Bishop .1 Crowley (Middlesbrough): Sun 3(1 day Ignation Retreat (1-3 I Oct)

.'Bishop K McDonald (Northampton): Tue: 4 Mtgmf C'ttee for Other Faiths, Archbishop's Bac Westminster I lam. Wed: C, OL, ir„Chesham Bois, 7.30pm. Thu: Diocesan a■Lilorgical Commission Resource Day. ,11 Coffee Hall. Milton Keynes, ending with M. 1 daiOam. Diocesan Pastoral Council 6 Steering (-nee, COffee Hall. Milton Keynes, I

I. 4pm. Fri: Mtg Deputy Heads. Coffee Hall,

a .1s41lion Keynes. pm. C, St Mary's Dunstable. a 7.30pm.

a Bishop C Hollis (Portsmouth): Sun: V. St D.avid's, East Cowes. Mon: Catholic Media

• -•

Trust Mm. 11.3(hun. London. Tue: Bp's Council Mtg. Si John's Convent. Kiln Green. pm. Wed: Mtg contd/. am. Lord Mayor's Dinner. Guildhall, Portsmouth, 7.30pm. Fri: Diocesan Pastoral Council Mtg, Park Place Pastoral Centre. pm. Sat: Mtg Contd/.. am.

Bishop 1' Brain (Salford): Sun:V. Sacred Heart, Colne. M with Catholic Fellowship for Handicapped, 01..'s Langley, 3pm. Mon Fri: Retreat at. Amplefonh Abbey, Sat: M with UCM & CNVL. Cathedral, 3pm.

Bishop B Noble (Shrewsbury): Stin:V. St Luke's. Frodsham. Tue: Diocesan Trustees, Curial Offices, Yam. Mtg of Churches Together in Cheshire Forum, St Joseph's, Winsfurd. 730pm. Wed: V Family Support Conference. Leasowe Castle Hotel, 9ant. Deans' Mtg, Curial Offices, t tam. V L'pool Clergy Inservice, Condon Wood. pm. Thu: Telford Christian Council Ads isory ('tire. Telford 10.15am. Shropshire E Council. Telford. 2pm. Fri: Cheshire Church Leaders, Durham Town. am. 50th anniversary M for the re-opening of OL's Birkenhead. 7.30pm. Sat: Afternoon Children's Liturgy Teams, St Thomas More High Sch, CfeWC. 1.30pm. Bishop C Hendenum (S'wark): Mon: Mtg For Catholic/Muslim Reations, Westminster. I lam. Tue: Mtg for Other Faiths. Westminster, I Sam, Thu: CC) Exec Mtg. Camelford Hse, Noon. C(',1 Board Mtg, 2pm. SW Area Unity Commission. Marie Reparatrice. 7.30pm. Fri: Diocesan Bps' mtg. SRI 5.30pm. Sat: Day of Recollection for Proclaimers of the World and Lay Ministers of Holy Communion, Hp Thomas Grant Sch, S.W.16 I lam-4.30pm.

Bishop J Hine (S'wark Auxin: Sun:C, SS Augustine & Gregory, Margate, I 1.30am. Mon: Bps' Conference Mtg. Marriage & Fenny Lifc. Archbp's Hse. Westminster, 2pm. Tue: Mtg of Diocesan Schs Exec Group, Archbp's Ilse, Southwark. 10.30am. C, 01 Star of the Sea, Broadstairs, 7.30prn. Fri: Mtg of Heads of RE, West Malting, 10um. Diocesan Child Protection Mtg. London 2.30pm. Southwark Bps' Mtg.. 5.30pm

Bishop H Tripp (S'wark Auxin: Sun: C, Putney. I I.15am. Tuc: Chairs Discussion tip. Kairos Centre. OL of Victories Primary Sch, Putney. Wed: Putney. V. Fri: On-Going Formation, Christian EA Centre. Tooting Bee, 10.30im.

Bishop J O'Brien (N"minster. Ecumenical and Interfaith relations 1: Sun: Civic S for new. Mator of Hertsmerc. Good Shepherd Church. Shenley. 2.30pm. Mon: Concluding Hens Area Team Mtg. The Gate Hse, 6pm. Tue: Concluding Herts Area Clergy Day. All Saints Pastoral Centre, 2pm. Wed: AGM Hens Community Foundation, Newgate Street, 6.30pm. Fri: Archbishop's Tea. Archhp's Hse, lOans, C. Holy Trinity, Baldock, 7.30pm. Sat: Hens Area E C'ttee General Mtg. St Anne's Flse, 1 I am Bkhop A Roche (W'minster, Pastoral Affairs): Mon/Tar: Interviews & Engagements. Wed: Day for priests and diocesan pastoral workers and agencies, Westminster Cathedral Hall. Thu: Mips & interviews all day. Fri: Mtg of Archbp's Council 10am. Sat: C. The Transfiguration. Kensal Rise, 6pm.

Bishop F Walmsley (Forces): Sun:Dedication of Windows, Si Bernard, Church, ( iibraliar, 10am, WALKS

Bishop M (Coadjutor: Menevia): Sun:(', Milford Haven I lam. Fri: Golden Jubilee Celebration Aberystwyth M. 7.30pm Bishop E Regan (Wrexham): Sun: V. Connah's Quay. Congress Continuity tip. Rhyl 2.30pm. Mott: Venerable FAIWnid Morgan Primary Sch, Shotton. Tue: Regional Cytun mtg. TCC Sponsoring tip mtg, 6pm. Wed: Diocesan Sch' C'ttee. Buckley. 10am. Mtg with Cenacolo members. 3.30pm. C, Menai Bridge. 7prn. Thu: Cardiff Trustees Mtg. Fri: St Richard Gwyn High Sch. Flint. Sat: Scouts' National AGM.

Key: M-Muss. C-Confirmation. VVisitation. 0-Ordination. Mtg-Meeting. Sch-School. ES-Ecumenical Service.

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