Page 1, 5th September 1947

5th September 1947
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Page 1, 5th September 1947 — Back From Germany, Dick Stokes Says

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Organisations: Control Commission
Locations: London


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Back From Germany, Dick Stokes Says

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Crazy Lunacy Is In Charge


Back in London, ahead of schedule after the latest of his periodical trips to Germany, Mr. Richard R. Stokes, M.P., was in mettlesome mood when I called on him. "If I had a free hand in policy over there, my first step towards relieving administrative chaos In the British Zone would be to curtail both the functions and nambers of the Control Commission drastically,"

"Why ? " I asked.

"Because, even though Control Commission officials, top-ranking ones included, may be earnest and conscientious men, their incompetence is monumental—it is far too big for them. It is not their fault that they are being asked to do a job which would defeat supermen.

" And what would you put in their place?" I sallied,

Give Germans Control

" Germans," he replied, seemingly nettled at my slowness.

" I'd draw up a five-year plan for German industry, regulating the flow of credit and raw material and leave them to work it out for themselves. My Planners would be men who knew their business, with no need to hide their ineptness behind a mass of paper and empty formalities. They might be ruthless, but they'd certainly get results. I should back them up with a few British or American advisers in key positions and have a small corps of inspectors on Mr. Stokes set down his impression of " a people condemned to enforced idleness amidst material and administrative chaos. The food position seems to be no worse than it was, but it assuredly isn't any

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