Page 1, 5th September 1947

5th September 1947
Page 1
Page 1, 5th September 1947 — THE HUNGARIAN

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Locations: Esztergom


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In view of the result of the Hungarian elections this week, in which the Communists, despite gerrymandering, plural voting, even murderous assaults on their opponents, failed to get a complete majority, but split the Christian vote over many small parties, we publish below an interview given to Edward Roberts of British United Press by the Cardinal Primate of Hungary.

In an hour's discussion of political questions with Cardinal Josef Mindszenty, Primate of Hungary, I gained the impression that His Entinence feels it is up to the Western world te free Eastern Europe front Soviet control, writes 4ctward Roberts.

The audience took place in the sunny. chamber of the Cardinal's quarters overlooking the Danube in the ancient town of Esztergom. According to his custom, His Eminence would not permit direct or indirect quotations of his statements.

But views expressed during our conversation convinced me that the Cardinal wished it to be known that It was his opinion that political freedom does notnow exist in Hungary or in neighbouring countries.

I gathered that His Eminence felt strongly that injustice had been done to 1,000,000 people of Hungarian origin who became Czech citizens in the border changes in this part of the country. And that he held the Communist party responsible for this condition received the impression that Cardinal Mindszenty felt that the strength r.f the Communist party in Hungary depended entiret! upon the presence of Russian troops and the suppression of personal liberties; that the gains registered by the Communists in last Sunday's elections were not representative of the true feeling of the Hungarian people; and that he was convinced that had there been international supervision of the elections a Catholic party would have obtained an 80 per cent. majority.

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