Page 1, 5th September 1958

5th September 1958
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Page 1, 5th September 1958 — Christ the King ' Opening for Liverpool Crypt Chapel

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Locations: London, Rome, Liverpool, Tortona, Leeds


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Christ the King ' Opening for Liverpool Crypt Chapel


Archbishop to continue with Cathedral

From our Liverpool Correspondent

"THANK GOD, the Crypt Chapel will be open next month on the feast of Christ the King. This is the wonderful news I have for you to-day."

This dramatic announcement from Archbishop Heenan was read in all the churches and chapels of the Liverpool archdiocese on Sunday in his letter commending the annual collection for the Lady Chapel.

This news was given exclusively in the CATHOLIC HERALD a month ago, and the archbishop goes on to reaffirm that the intention to build the great Metropolitan Cathedral has by no means been abandoned.

The archbishop says: " Now let me tell you more of what has been happening. Last year I decided to concentrate on the Crypt Chapel. This does not mean that we are going to abandon hope of a great Metropolitan Cathedral.

" It means only that for the past year all the work on the Cathedral site has been directed to one objective. This was to provide, without delay, a spacious chapel, a permanent home for the Blessed Sacrament, where Holy Mass will be offered day by day.

" As I told you last year. it is time that your generosity svas rewarded and that you enjoyed the fruits of the sacrifices you have made. You will be astonished when you see the beauty of the new chapel.

"The workmen grew enthusiastic as the inspired dream of the architect took shape around them. Throughout the war years the crypt was waterlogged and desolate. Now it is alive with the cheerful sounds of busy labour.

" An army of skilled men is at work. You will not see in our Cathedral any mass-production. Every stone has come from the hands of craftsmen who had respect for the granite they fashioned.

But of the hardest work there is no evidence to he seen. Beneath the polished marble of the floor the rock foundation has been hewn for the pipes and wires to he laid for the lighting and heating of the building. This vast operation is now finished.


"So the feast of Christ the King will he the great day of the formal opening. It is obvious that everybody cannot be present on the day itself. I shall therefore arrange for ceremonies to be extended for a whole week.

" Special services will be

arranged for the clergy. the religious, the grown-ups and the school children. Everybody will be given the chance of seeing what the priests and people of Liverpool and their friends from outside have done for the glory of Christ the King and His Blessed Mother,

" After the week-of celebrations it may be necessary to close the crypt for a short time. Much work remains to be done. Above the crypt a magnificent piazza is being laid. • " By the side of the crypt chapel a great cathedral hall is nearing completion. All these things you will see for yourself. For the moment it is enough to say that our task is far from finished.

"For some time to come priority will be given to providing first-class schools of every type throughout the archdiocese, and to the building of churches on new estates. No penny of our diocesan funds will go to the cathedral. That is why I ask you to be especially generous in the offerings YOU make for the Lady Chapel.

" It was originally intended that this should be called the Chapel of the Seven Dolours. I have changed the name to Our Lady of Sorrows, because of that title

is easier to understand. I hope that you agree . . .

" I shall write again to give sou fuller details about the opening ceremony. I ask you. meanwhile, to make greater efforts than ever to help us to complete the first stage of this noble cathedral. I send my blessing to all the priests and people of the archdiocese.

"I pray that Christ the King will reign not only in the Metropolitan Cathedral, but in every home and family. May Our Lady richly bless all who help to provide a chapel worthy of such a Mother. I look forward to meeting you all next month in the chapel of the Crypt."

NEW FARM STREET SUPERIOR Fr. Thomas Corbishley, S.J., has been appointed Superior of Farm Street in succession to Fr. Leo Helton, S.]. He will take up his appointment on September I I. He has hecn succeeded as Master of Campion Hall by Fr. Anthony Doyle, S.J., for some years headmaster of S. Michael's College, Leeds.

Fr. Corbishley, who succeeded Fr. Martin D'Arey, S.L. as Master of Campion Hall. retained the post for some 13 years, a period of steady growth in the work of the Hall, which is at present being enlarged to accommodate more students from Britain and abroad.

Fr Conbishley was one of She three British delegates to the Jesuit General Congregation in Rome last year.

'Our debt to those who died'

" It is a high privilege." states Archbishop Godfrey of Westminster in a message to the R.A.F. Benevolent Fund, "to be entrusted with the care and support of the families and dependants of those gallant men who offered their lives on our behalf."

The message has been sent on the anniversary of the Battle of Britain. The Archbishop adds: "As the years go by and the anniversary of the Battle of Britain comes round once more, we are reminded of that sense of indebtedness which we must feel to those who gave their lives for our country." The rebuilt cathedral a St. Mary and St. Thomas in Northampton harks back to the Middle Ages,

when builders did not destroy

but added to previous work. In our picture the new building is

on the left. Beyond the tower is the 1880 cathedral.

Below that is the original chinch of St. Felix, and just visible between that church and the Cathedral clergy house on the right is the façade of the bishop's chapel.

September 28 was the date originally fixed by Bishop Parker for the inauguration of the new additions to the building: the lantern tower, the transepts, and the chancel. This date may have to be postponed till October, when the sub-contractors will have finished their work.

The solemn opening of the completed building is expected to take place next Easter.

Built in brick, Northampton Cathedral has now an imposing lantern tower at the crossing. and a bell for it was consecrated by the bishop last Easter, The Blessed Sacrament chapel is to occupy one of the transepts, and an electronic organ is being installed on the north side of the chancel. The transepts are 75 feet long.

The town itself has now five other C hurches apart from the cathedral.

Pilgrims from London, led by Fr. Bidone, including Irish. Scottish

and Australians, were among the thousands who gathered last Friday night in Tortona, Italy, fur the unveiling ceremony of Our Lady of Safe-Keeping, the largest in the world, cast in bronze and 38 feet high.

The story of the shrine, the belltower and the statue goes back to the first world war, when Don Orione organised a great procession in honour of Our Lady of Safe-Keeping, and after the war, In thanksgiving, he collected the copper for the projected statue, thus earning himself the name of the "priest of the broken pots."

The Pope operated the flood-lighting of the statue from Castelgandolfo last Friday.

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