Page 9, 5th September 2008

5th September 2008
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Page 9, 5th September 2008 — How to order Magnificat

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How to order Magnificat



undreds of thousands of Catholics across the world have already discovered Magnificat. But until now this brilliant aid to devotion has been difficult to obtain in Britain.

We are proud to announce that The Catholic Herald has entered into partnership with Magnificat so that British Catholics will no longer have any difficulty finding this beautifully produced daily prayer book.

Over the next few days we will be delivering 80,000 free copies of Magnificat to Catholics throughout Britain.

Readers are encouraged to use this free 400-page book for daily prayer throughout November. Each monthly edition includes all the liturgical and scriptural texts for daily Mass for every day of the month, as well as shortened forms of daily Morning, Evening, and Night Prayer, texts for Eucharistic Adoration, engaging lives of the saints, hymns, and meditations on the day's scripture texts and saints. Each copy also features a beautiful religious image on its cover (see examples left and right).

George Weigel, the leading American Catholic theologian, has described Magnificat in these words: "Without being in any way vulgar, it's one-stop-shopping for busy modems who nonetheless want to live a full and rich life of daily prayer and praise."

If, like so many other Catholics, readers find Magnificat an invaluable support for their daily prayer lives, they can obtain an annual subscription from The Catholic Herald. For only £29 they will receive Magnificat every month, as well as a special supplement for both Lent and Advent.

Magnificat was launched in France in 1992 and has become one of the most successful publications of its kind with nearly half a million subscribers worldwide.

The edition we are distributing is produced in the United States, but Magnificat will issue a British English edition as soon as it is well established here.

For more information call or e-mail The Catholic Herald or visit

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