Page 2, 6th April 1950

6th April 1950
Page 2
Page 2, 6th April 1950 — LEST WE FORGET

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Locations: Moscow


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Statemen's record

SIR.-When our present rulers attitudinise as out-and-out opponents of Red Commu-Fascism never let it be forgotten that they and their party supported it almost to a man-with one or two honourable and courageous exCeptions-in Spain when General Franco was fighting to free his country from the deadliest, most ruthless, uhscrupulous and ferocious enemy Spain and European civilisation have ever known, and by their presence among them gave " comfort and support " thereto. Never let it he forgotten too that there still exists a photograph of one of the most prominent of them in Spain at that time giving the Communist clenched-fist salute.

What, Sir, would be the position of Western Europe today had the Caudillo not saved his country from the Kremlin Red Fascist Quislings ? Plainly not worth a moment's pur chase. Will nothing get into the heads of our pinkishly infatuated dolts just what General Franco saved his country, and incidentally Western Europe from as disclosure after disclosure from the inside, Kravchenko, Louis Budenz, Douglas Hyde, Charlotte Haldane, Arthur Koestler, Andre Gide, Ignazio Silone shows the world what Kremlin Red Fascism is, namely of the Pit ?

As for the accusations against Catholic Dignitaries in Czechoslovakia at the present time. even if " true " . as the mis-Government of that unhappy country understands truth, all that this means is that these brave men are " guilty " as the courageous clergy of the Resistance in France and Italy are " guilty," i.e., of actively opposing the enemy invaders and tyrants of their country, in other words that they are true patriots as the word has been understood from time immemorial. not as it is sometimes used today, i.e. synonymous with traitor. And indeed, in the terminology of that " New Civilisation " to quote the egregious Webbs, a traitor is, in point of fact one who opposes the subjection of his country to Moscow tyranny. as countless examples prove.


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